St George Illawarra star Mikaele Ravalawa had to be pulled apart from team mate Zane Musgrove after a fiery exchange in Mudgee, however it appears the flyer doesn't remember the scuffle.

The Dragons were on the end of a convincing 42-24 loss to the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the annual Charity Shield clash, reducing fullback Tyrell Sloan to tears at full-time, however it appears emotions were running high with his team mates as well.

After a pre-planned drinking session in Mudgee went late into the night, news broke last night that two Dragons players, Ravalawa and Musgrove, had to be separated at 6am in the hotel the club was staying at.

While St George Illawarra released a statement saying they'd investigate the matter further, WWOS' The Mole reports that they won't be getting a recount of the situation from Ravalawa.

"He has said he honestly doesn't remember what happened because he was too drunk," a source close to Ravalawa told WWOS.

"It was a marathon session and he was pretty wasted by the end of it all."

Teammate Aaron Woods, who is on a self-imposed booze ban, confirmed the story on Listener's new program Footy Talk.

"A couple other boys got a bit rowdy in the hotel," Woods said on the program.

"It was a bit like Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton, no police involvement. It was a bit of an argument with men and then a little bit of a wrestle happened, and then we're best mates again."

Woods also states he was in bed during the altercation, and wasn't drinking that night.

St George Illawarra are yet to announce whether any discipline will be handed down towards Ravalawa or Musgrove, with the Dragons not due to play until the final match of Round 2.