Cameron McInnes of the Rabbitohs offloads the ball in a tackle during the round 14 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on June 12, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

The St George Illawarra Dragons have announced that Cameron McInnes has agreed to terms on a two-year contract that will see him join the Club immediately until at least the end of 2018.

McInnes, who can play in the hooking role, had previously been under contract to the South Sydney Rabbitohs and has played 39 NRL games to date.

The Botany Rams junior made his first-grade during the 2014 season against the Dragons at the Sydney Cricket Ground (Round 5) and captained the Junior Kangaroos later that year.

McInnes, 22, will commence training with the Dragons pre-season train-on squad in November.

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St George Illawarra Dragons 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Levi Dodd (2017), Jacob Hind (2017), Josh Kerr (Melbourne Storm, 2019), Blake Lawrie (2019), Chris Lewis (2017), Nene Macdonald (Gold Coast Titans, 2021), Cameron McInnes (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Jordan Pereira (2020), Tristan Sailor (2019), Tariq Sims (Mid Season: Newcastle Knights, 2019), Paul Vaughan (Canberra Raiders, 2021)
2017 Losses
Tom Carr (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Mike Cooper (Warrington Wolves), Ben Creagh (retired), Dylan Farrell (retired), Sebastine Ikahihifo (Huddersfield Giants), Dunamis Lui (Canberra Raiders), Benji Marshall (Brisbane Broncos), Peter Mata'utia (Newcastle Knights), Adam Quinlan (Hull Kingston Rovers), Mitch Rein (Penrith Panthers)
Jai Field (2019), Tyson Frizell (2020), Reuben Garrick (2018), Patrick Herbert (2018), Luciano Leilua (2020), Jake Marketo (2017), Reece Robson (2019), Hame Sele (2018), Joel Thompson (2019)
Off Contract 2018
Mitchell Allgood
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      • Agreed. My post on the Farah story:

        “If Cook leaves because of this it will be the dumbest move Souths have made for a while. Just when we had a spine that was a real threat, if Farah goes to hooker they will never see the ball.”

        • I think farrah has alot to prove, hopefully works his ass off this pre season, cant see him standing over his team mates at the bunnies like he did at tigers, burgess, inglis reynolds, even sutton will put him in his place quicksmart. may turn out to be a great buy. Im a qlder and as much as i dislike farrah, cant say hes isnt talented

        • +1
          Just read this now… You’re right.

          Farah has 2 years left to play at best while Cook has 6 – 7. Souths need to think long term. It all depends on Farah’s attitude whether he will succeed and win over Souths fans. To do this he may have to be prepared to play a different role other than one he has been used to. Will he be prepared to do that? Only time will tell.

    • He is a definite improvement on Rein or Lichaa for a start. He had a high work rate this year for Souths, made a lot of tackles etc. Unfortunately, like Peats, when he is near the line he will rarely pass the ball but try to go himself… white line fever.

        • Well he had it at Souths and I remember he had it at the Eels. As he has swapped between lock and hooker at the Titans it’s not as easy to tell. That said as a player I’m not knocking him (it’s his main failing that’s all). He is great defensively especially one on one and tackling low and would make a better hooker for the Blues at SOO instead of Farah.

  1. It might not make sense now, but he’s only 22 and has captained junior kangaroos, and drew Hutchison is around the same age and was captain of junior NSW side, combine that with Matt dufty who also madeu20s Blues and u20s team of the year and all of a sudden dragons present might look bleak, but their future spine is looking bright. Dragons fans might just need to be patient!

  2. r20 at LU would be sipping champagne and dancing under the moonlight right now that the dud cameron turtle no legs mcinnes has signed with stmerge oi r20 cook is staying you know i get the good oil from within souths, P.S i think i need a glass or two of champagne now that dud mcinnes is gone glory glory to south sydney south sydney marches on and another big P.S its great to see cisco leading the footy tipping comp and miagi coming 2nd at LU well done gentleman at least your the real and true dinki di souths fans at LU unlike bensville rabbit whom is an unsouth sydney fan whom tips other teams than his supposed team souths oi bensville get your dad to dunk your head under water in the bath and stay there. your a disgrace with curns13 whom is also an unsouth sydney fan your both a disgrace to all the genuine souths fans but there are many on the LU souths forum whom are unsouth sydney fans sadly there are too many to name but you all know who you are dont you!!!Shame on you r20 you have some serious explaining to do when i return mate im saddened that you stooped so low and joined the other unsouth sydney fans on LU!!!i feel like throwing up my champagne in disgust!!!””foreverinourshadow”” truth hurts!!!

    • Sounds like you’ve already had enough champagne for one night.

      It might be just that I am new here but it is hard to decipher your point. If you are a Souths fan you would realise there is no “glory glory to South Sydney” by pissing on our juniors.

      I never had a lot of time for McInnes, always preferred Cook from before the season kicked off, but McInnes had a go, I will give him that. There were times during the year when our biggest forwards just held out an arm and pretended to make a tackle and McInnes put his body on the line for charge after charge against guys that dwarfed him. It takes more guts to pull that off than to hide behind anonymity in a forum.

      Or are you just joking with some mates and I missed the point?

  3. Looking at the big picture, I don’t think McInnes is too bad a signing. He’ll do the same job as Rein but at a cheaper price, freeing up valuable salary cap money to spend later.

    McInnes has now been given a shot at a week in week out starting spot, so it’s really up to him to make something of it. Who knows, he might surprise us all.

    I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and not bagging him straight off the bat.

    • Trust me, he will do far better than Rein. But the Dragons forwards need to make it over the advantage line to give him a chance. If the Dragons forwards follow Frizell’s lead they should do OK.

  4. Never seen him play so wouldn’t have a clue if he’s any good. All I know is before the bald headed b@stard took over Rein was looking good for State of Origin, and now he’s playing crap, but so is the whole team other than Frizzel , Milne, Mann and Aitken. The problem is not Rein but the coach.

    • Frizzel has been a LEGEND this year (particularly for the Blues!), Aitken is very good also. I am really impressed with Milne (had him in super coach and he never let me down), great rookie season. Nothing that others might say made him a stand out but he shows a lot of promise (would love to see him at Souths). The Dragons need to hang on to all 3 for sure.

      Mann I’m not so sure about but for his size he shows plenty of ticker (just like Jamie Simpson many years ago for Souths).

  5. 2017:

    1. Dugan (co-captain) 2.Dufty 3. Aitken 4. Milne 5. MacDonald 6. Mann 7. Widdop (gk) 8. Ah Mau 9. McInnes 10. Packer 11. Frizell (co-captain) 12. Thompson 13. JDB 14. Sims 15. Matthews 16. Masoe 17. Leilua

    Reserves – Hutchinson, Host, McCrone, Kiti Glymin, McCarthy, Sele, Havili, Marketo

    • Works for me StAdam, good line-up to get 2017 underway. They have to make the tough decision to drop Florence, but he’s just not that competitive any more; too small, too slow, unable to break tackles, out jumped and frankly hardly scores tries any more. He was an awesome player for us up until about 2 years ago., but has been slowly getting weaker.

      • Always gives his best – but sadly I agree mate. A true champion of the club and should always be respected, but all valid points listed above (especially when compared to the modern day winger). We need to start blooding all these talented youngsters or else it will be the same old story – they will simply go to our rivals and become superstars. Big wraps on a lot of our juniors but we have just resigned 3 – Dufty, Garrick, Herbert who are all specialist wingers. Time to start prepping for the future.

  6. i actually cracked open another champagne bottle tonight knowing that dud turtle no legs mcinnes is gone that to so many souths fans is glory glory in itself,boy oh boy will the stmerge fans get a shock when they see turtle legs mcinnes play he will be playing for the cutters sooner than you think.””HE IS A DUD””how did souths pull that off??best news in a long time by taking dud mcinnes it just goes to show you that stmerge are clueless…

  7. I’m willing to bet right now McInnes will be a far bigger success than Rein (has been at the Dragons/or will be anywhere else), Lichaa (Dogs), De Gois (Eels) or Baptiste at Canberra (if Hodgson is unavailable). He may even “possibly” out shine Mullen (Knights).

    Sorry in advance to supporters of these teams but I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise.

    Anyone else out there agree and want to take that bet against itsonlyagame? McInnes to out play the above next year? Careful itsonlyagame you might end up losing your drinking money, may not be a bad thing though. 😉

  8. sstid_1970 your sounding like that unsouth sydney fan bensville rabbit from LU!!!!dudmcinnes is a dud and i bet robbie farah out shines turtle legs mcclueless mcinnes in 2017 there””s a good stern bet if ever there was one and robbie has had less games than dudmcinnes in 2016….any takers??

    • itsonlyagame

      – I’m not an “unsouth sydney fan”
      – I am not/do not know bensville rabbit
      – I have never been to bensville
      – I am not a member of your LU secret society
      – Of coarse Farah is a better player than McInnes (but I still believe Cook is a far better option)
      – As long as Farah comes with the right attitude, works hard and doesn’t call a press conference if he doesn’t play hooker, I am sure he probably will play more games than McInnes
      – At the end of the day McInnes was a Souths junior and that is a title Farah will NEVER be able to own
      – For South Sydney’s sake I hope Farah works out (but NOT at the expense of Damien Cook)

      Fair enough?

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