Newly appointed Dragons coach Anthony Griffin has his sights set on Cowboys enforcer Josh McGuire for next season.

In less than a week since taking over from Paul McGregor, Griffin has wasted no time in his endeavours to rebuild the club.

Griffin revealed to Nine’s chief rugby reporter, Danny Weidler, he had been eyeing off McGuire to “strengthen the middle of the park”.

NRL guru Phil Gould said he thinks the move is a “likely scenario” because the pair know each other well and are both from Rockhampton.

Weidler also said Griffin has started getting rid of coaching staff and with Dean Young on the move.

“Shane Flanagan isn’t there anymore. It’s very likely that [Dean Young] wanted to look around, it might be good for his career,” Gould said.


  1. Just what the Dragons need! A half blind, ill disciplined, Queenslander (all so successful for us). Fair dinkum, surely there is better than Maguire for forward options?

    It’s time to build from within.

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