The Dolphins assistant coach Kristian Woolf has praised new recruit, Tesi Niu, speaking on his relationship with the former Broncos fullback.

Joining from the Brisbane Broncos after the arrival of Reece Walsh, Tesi Niu is looking to regain confidence as he tries to cement his spot in the starting team of the newly founded club.

Whilst Niu might not have the full backing of Wayne Bennett yet, there is one member of the coaching staff he does. Coaching him at the international level for Tonga, Kristian Woolf knows exactly what the back will provide for The Dolphins.

Kristian Woolf spoke to the AAP regarding his relationship with Tesi Niu.

"I first dealt with him when he was 17 and he played in a Nines tournament for Tonga. A couple of senior players came back raving about him and wanted him on tour so we took him over to New Zealand with the intention of him doing some training with us," Woolf said.

"We did some 13-v-13 one day and he carved our main team up, so we gave him his debut against Great Britain. He was great in that arena and helped us to a win when he hadn't even played first grade."

"I think he is in the right place and we are going to see some good footy from him."

Earlier this week, Niu spoke to the media about his decision to join the Dolphins. He enters the club after three years at the Broncos where he appeared in 32 games.

With the arrival of Reece Walsh from the Warriors this season, Niu would have struggled to remain in the starting line-up. Also, he wouldn't have been able to appear in his secondary position with Herbie Farnworth and Kotoni Staggs not moving out of the centres anytime soon.

"I just wanted a fresh start to my career. I felt I could get the best out of myself with Wayne and Woolfy," Niu said.

"I am really close with Woolfy. He gave me my debut for Tonga. I have worked with him a lot and it is good to be working with him again."

As Hamiso Tabuia-Fidow is looking for a strong lock to start in the fullback role, Niu will most likely feature in the centres this year. Woolf finished his conversation with AAP by discussing where he is most likely to play.

"I think he is in the right place and we are going to see some good footy from him," Woolf said.

"I played him at fullback for Tonga and he did a very good job there. He knows that role well and us training him at centre at the moment just adds to his skills."