SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 17: Dylan Walker of the Sea Eagles during the warm-up before the round 23 NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Gold Coast Titans at Lottoland on August 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Manly’s Dylan Walker allegedly assaulted his fiancee after a disagreement over a video game, with Walker pulling her hair which saw her fall to the floor.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Walker’s partner Alexandra Ivkovic suffered cuts to her shoulder, leg and feet after being yanked to the ground by her hair on Thursday afternoon.

Walker was then arrested and charged with domestic violence-related common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and has been stood down by the Sea Eagles until the incident is heard in court.

Police understand the pair had a fight over a PlayStation, before Ivkovic ran out of the front door and was chased by Walker.

A source close to The Sunday Telegraph believe Ivkovic managed to cross the road before Walker got to her, with the NRL star pulling her hair and causing her to fall over.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ivkovic was holding their pair’s child when Walker allegedly assaulted her.

Police have also taken out an apprehended violence order against Walker by Ivkovic, with both cases to be heard in Manly Local Court on Tuesday.


  1. Some serious gamers out there. Many of these video games have been shown to lead to aggressive behaviours in kids. Walker being one now.

  2. Love him as a player, but he needs to go. Would free up cash to get another young player in and have some money left over

      • I’m not sure if gutho is the answer, I think we need a specialist centre, with loosing Kelly is only leaves suli and funa as specialist centres, and they can’t be expected to do a whole season there, and whoever it is will probably be playing inside taufau who isn’t known for his defence reading. I feel josh Morris wouldnof been a good pick up if all this happened earlier..

        • I’m happy for you to leave Gutho alone, although you wouldn’t be getting him for 2019 anyway.
          I’d also add I’d run Gutho at centre over anyone Manly currently has available, assuming Walker is gone.
          As for Suli, is he a “specialist” anything, at FG? I doubt he’ll be playing FG NRL beyond 2019.

        • I would run him at centre over who we have also, but I meant it as he will be in big money and we need a specialist centre, so if we are spending 700k or whatever on a centre he needs to be a specialist centre player…

        • I agree bob. I love Gutho, and I think centre is his best position at the Eels, but I don’t necessarily think he is a centre. That said, I don’t know what his position is to be honest. Unfortunately for him, he has been a Mr Fix It type player for us and hasn’t had the opportunity to try and nail down a position. But yeah, if you were looking at spending in the vicinity of $700K, then the preference is obviously for a specialist centre.

    • If this was his first drama counselling for sure, but he finds trouble and drama constantly. He has unbelievable footy ability and is still only 24. He had the world at his feet, could of been commanding massive contracts over next 6/7 years but he is wasting all his talents

    • He assaulted his partner while she held their child. I don’t know about your standards but for me, that is despicable and he should never play in this great game again.
      Assault is awful, but to do it whilst she is holding your child, which could lead you to potentially harm your child as well as your partner? No excuse for that kind of abhorrent behavior.

    • The sad truth Bob is that at Manly Walker is now only a quarter of the player he was at the Rabbitohs. Just like “Gifty” at Souths was only a quarter of the player he was at the Sea Eagles. Same reason. Their heart isn’t in it and they want to play where they started.

    • Considering you don’t even know the difference between too and two, I’m not surprised that that’s your view.

      You’re literally promoting domestic violence. You’re a grub.

  3. What a complete wunker this dude is! He cannot be allowed to play this great game again. But then again, he will probably get less than Mitchell Pearce did…….

    • Amen to that. The game’s been inconsistent in all facets of the judiciary system since then. Then again, it was too much at the time, so at least they’ve since got it right. I think whether she was holding the child or not makes all the difference. If it really is as bad as it’s presented to be, he shouldn’t be in the game anymore. No player, nor fan wants to have a woman beater on their team. The media will constantly be all over him.
      He should be sharing a cell with his mate Jarryd from now on if justice finds its way.

  4. Assaulted his partner while she was holding their baby ? Far kurnell.
    Big thanks to Curtis Scott for breaking his face last season.
    Jarryd in court tomorrow and if found guilty needs the same treatment.

  5. So he attacks his partner while she is holding their baby and all manly supporters can think about is how it will benefit their team.
    I guess that’s about all you could expect from manly supporters.

  6. Also there was uproar when I posted that Walker’s partner was allegedly holding their son, when the alleged assault took place.

  7. How embarrassing. Assaulting your partner whilst holding your child…. all over a video game?? She picked a great guy to settle down with there…. No respect.

  8. Just seen a photo of his partner. Wow what a total mismatch! Shes reasonably stunning. The mind boggles. Must be the fame & fortune for attraction.

    • If guilty, banned for life and jail.
      I know what your saying cookeem, but it shouldn’t matter that she is a gorgeous eastern European uberbabe.
      Crime= time.
      I think I know the photo you are talking about.

  9. Fame and fortune? Haha she’s a model that probably earns more then him,
    he probably has a decent shlong,
    That’s the selling point to the modern day coke wh0r3s.

  10. Russell Fairfax never rang the Police after his hair was pulled 10 times per game, However he was holding onto a football and not a baby.
    I think because its Manly they should sack him and sack the people who signed him💪💩👍

  11. what an upstanding member of the community is dill walker – loses fights against door frames, allegedly beats up his partner while holding their kid, overdoses on pain killers – and that’s just what has been reported.
    But its ok, sign him up long term.

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