NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 28: David Klemmer of the Newcastle Knights during the round 7 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and Parramatta Eels at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 28, 2019 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Newcastle's David Klemmer has been accused of calling an NRL official a “f***ing idiot” in his side's 54-10 loss to the Panthers on Sunday, according to The Daily Telegraph.

It was a fiery contest late in the Panthers Stadium clash, with claims that Klemmer swore at a member of the NRL staff while leaving for the interchange.

The NRL is currently investigating the incident, which could result in a hefty fine and even put Klemmer's Kangaroos jersey in doubt.

In what was a dark day for Newcastle, caretaker coach Kristian Woolf admitted it had been a tough period in recent times.

“When you’ve got disruption in a footy club, then if affects performance,” Woolf told reporters post-match.

“There’s no doubt about that.

“We’ve obviously been very affected by a lot of things over the last couple of weeks. When footy clubs are unsettled, you don’t perform.

“That’s been proven plenty of times over a number of years.

“But that still doesn’t give us any reason for what we tossed out (on Sunday). We just weren’t committed for a game of footy unfortunately.”



  1. sadly, 6 out of 10 he’s spot on..
    The NRL should have a serious look at themselves …. the game is being stuffed up by experts.

  2. In all fairness the NRL officials are a bunch of idiots. They have ruined so many good games this year.

    In fairness they have gotten a lot better and consistent regarding catching the ball outside lead runners and having dummy runners stop in the defensive line causing obstruction.

    But they can’t decide what the clear rules are for trying to run players off the ball. They haven’t decided what a good quick play ball looks like and what a flopping one. If you try do a quick play and ball and fall over it’s a genuine 50:50 call on a penalty. There is still on average about 10 forward passes from dummy half that go unnoticed in every game. Especially from Cam Smith and Josh Hodgson. There has been inconsistent calls regarding players dropping and regathering the ball when scoring try’s. If you lose control for me you need to get 2 hands on the ball again to regain control.

    The number 1 thing that annoys me tho is what is holding in the tackle to long? I swear they use this call just to punish certain players or to even out the count or whatever. There should be more consistency, surrender calls should mean 5-7 seconds, everything else is bellow 5. And held calls, sometimes refs don’t call held for years and then there is an offload and other times a player get tackled by 5 guys and gets carried back and they call held after they drag him back 10 metres cause they feel bad. Either held means the tackle has stopped moving or held means he has had a tackler hold him for 5 seconds.

    Once they have the game clearer and officiate it better then there won’t be a problems. Cause as you can see the fans are annoyed, the coaches get annoyed and the players do as well.

  3. Who appointed the NRL as the thought police ? Since when do you get in trouble for speaking the truth? The fish rotts from the head down. Get rid of this rotten stench known as the NRL starting with todd green burglar

  4. Frankie that is way too slow. We need the hamburgler gone tomorrow not in 40 years. Maybe Ronald McDonald can help? Give him a laced cheeseburger

  5. Do you need a tissue for all that repeated Dribbling WoodRot?
    Did the the NRL cause 20 points of those scored against Newcastle on the weekend or something?
    With a whole team plus of players bought this year, Newcastle should of been Winning many more games .
    Don’t blame the NRL for lack of effort. Ponga looked like he couldn’t be bothered.

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