I never thought I was type these words but I feel bad for Dragons fans.

Well, maybe not, but for the first time in a long-time I found myself sympathising with our former big brothers from across the Tom Uglys Bridge.

It seems as though it has now become a weekly tradition for someone within the club do something that leads to fans banging their heads against a wall in frustration.

Last week, following a downright embarrassing loss to the Dolphins, such tradition continued via a ridiculous and ill timed comment from club captain Ben Hunt.

The million dollar halfback spoke with News Corp and confirmed that star outside back Zac Lomax wanted to leave the club.

Yeah read that correctly, the captain of the club favoured to "win" the wooden spoon, just days after being beaten 38-0 stood and said that he was "aware that he (Lomax) does want to leave".

The very same Ben Hunt who used a post match interview last season to almost beg for his release from the Dragons. Before his newly signed contract had even kicked in no less.

I saw people rush to Hunt's defence claiming that he's "honest to a tee", but it is not a good look, particularly when the same club then bottle an 18-4 lead to lose their next game 46-24 against the North Queensland Cowboys at home.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 28: Ben Hunt of the Dragons runs with the ball during the round 24 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the St George Illawarra Dragons at CommBank Stadium, on August 28, 2022, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Hunt should have deflected, suggesting it wasn't his place to speak about it as he was more focused on bringing some pride back into the once great Red V jersey.

For the record, I can fully understand the frustration held by Lomax.

All the talk was he would be given first crack at fullback in 2024, only to be shifted to the wing.

Lomax, once thought of as a future NSW centre option, obviously sees the move as a relegation. I get it, and I don't even disagree.

I do though completely disagree with the situation playing out in public. I certainly can't agree with Ben Hunt confirming it as if it isn't completely insulting to the fan base.

Shane Flanagan, despite all his errors (and as a Sharks fan, trust me I know ...) is a good operator. Matthew Elliott said as much to me in the pre-season in stating Luke Lewis once said "Flanno is a good coach and an exceptional leader".

There is no world in which Flanagan heard those thoughts and didn't immediately start grinding his teeth in frustration.

Talking a host of Dragons fans, they unanimously agree that they would forgive Shane Flanagan if he were to allow Lomax to walk away tomorrow.

For the record I totally agree. I'd ring the Eels tomorrow and ask for the paperwork.

I'd tell Ben Hunt to find another club as soon as possible also.

The Dragons need to draw a hard nose line in the sand right away or risk further embarrassment - both on and off the field.

The obvious reason Flanagan doesn't want to let them go is that the Dragons can't afford to lose two of their best players leave the club.

I'd argue they're not worth keeping on current form. Especially when they supposedly combine for almost two million dollars worth of salary cap space.

Throw in the fact that both have used the media to try and force moves away from the club, and the Dragons have an obvious answer to a not so difficult situation.

Move them both on. Cop whatever backlash comes from frustrated fans and rebuild a side who wants - and more important deserves - to wear the famous jersey.

The Dragons should be very clear though in speaking to the Eels and Titans, who Hunt looked set to join last season before the Dragons denied his request.

Their message should be that they're not contributing a single cent to any move and that those clubs would have to find a way to make it work.

Make outrageous demands for players swaps. You want Lomax now? Awesome, we'll take Junior Paulo in return.

WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 23: Zac Lomax of the Dragons watches on during the NRL trail match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Newcastle Knights at WIN Stadium on February 23, 2019 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Do something! Show some backbone!

If the clubs can't make it work, then turn to Lomax and Hunt and truthfully tell them you tried and now they both need to get back to work.

Not for a second am I suggesting that either player isn't giving 100%. In fact I thought Lomax was brilliant in Round 1. He was probably the worst of a bad bunch in Round 2 also.

Hunt always gives 100% effort. I'd guarantee if he lost a leg in a tackle he'd still try to make it to marker.

That said, they are two players who very obviously do not want to be there and in Hunt's case doesn't even feel he needs to deny it.

Yes, the team will suffer if they both leave. Even if one leaves.

You'd be shocked how many players suddenly want to talk to their agent about potentially joining the Dragons if over a million dollars of cap space and two First Grade positions opened up ...

Even if the Dragons were to say to the Eels that Lomax is available next year but he must fulfil his 2024 duties, at least it's something.

Waiting around for Lomax and Hunt, who I am still not convinced isn't pushing for a move himself, to suddenly wake up and re-discover his love for the club is genuine "pie in the sky" thinking.

All is not well at the Dragons. Lomax and/or Hunt aren't going to drag them to a Finals appearance in 2024.

Let Lomax go to Parra, at full freight and use the money and spot to dedicate to a player who wants to be there.

It was once a club players use to want to sign for.

The Dragons need to not only cop, but embrace the short term pain in an effort to rebuild their club.