Former Canberra Raiders centre Curtis Scott is reportedly considering legal action against the club for unfair dismissal.

It comes after he was cleared of assaulting a man outside of a nightclub on May 30 last year.

He had been accused of the incident but was cleared on the grounds of self-defence in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday.

In the aftermath of that incident, Scott had his contract torn up by the Raiders after fronting a show cause hearing with the club's board.

As a result, Scott - who was on a four-year deal with the Raiders that ran until the end of the 2023 season - was sacked less than two years in by the club.

Scott's lawyer Sam Macedone told The Canberra Times that he was being instructed to look at all options, however highlighted that another issue - his ex-girlfriend making historical claims against him - was of higher importance at this stage.

"I've been asked to give that some concern and look into [unfair dismissal], which I'm currently doing," Macedone said.

"I've got no decision at this stage, but I'm looking at that.

"I'm looking at also making sure we get out of that last tangled mess that he's in with an ex-girlfriend making historical claims against him.

"I'll need to get rid of that, which is in August sometime I think.

"That's my main concentration because once I get rid of that matter then all gates are open as far as I'm concerned and we can get serious about moving on in the right direction.

"I'm certainly looking at that possibility because I think he was a bit unfairly treated."

Scott's off-field history also includes an Australia Day incident in 2020 before he had played a game for the Raiders, which saw him unlawfully arrested by NSW Police after falling asleep underneath a tree in Sydney's Moore Park during 2020.

The NRL had handed him a $15,000 fine and suspended him for three games for that incident, while the Raiders backed him.