GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 08: Alex Johnston of the Rabbitohs runs the ball during the round 14 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Cbus Super Stadium on June 8, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Sharks are interested in signing South Sydney fullback Alex Johnston, according to a report byΒ The Australian.

Following the signings of Corey Allan and Greg Inglis, Johnston may be fighting to retain the No.1 jersey and potentially a position in the Rabbitohs’ backline.

Souths head of football Shane Richardson is set to meet incoming coach Wayne Bennett to discuss a host of issues, with Johnston’s future on the agenda.

Cronulla are on the search for outside backs which would become exemplified if Valentine Holmes departs the club to potentially join the North Queensland Cowboys.

Canterbury prop David Klemmer officially joining Newcastle next week is the first domino to fall in the player market which is set to impact the fate of several other players.


  1. Johnstone is a much better winger than he is fullback. Always looks nervous under the high ball. Don’t understand why he thinks he should be fullback – has he missed the video sessions?

  2. There are so many better Fullback options than Alex Johnson. Jarred Hayne is well last it but even he’s a big low option and better. Gutho could be available and would be awesome. Jack Wighton could be available after his latest antics and Canberra’s possible want to move Cotric to the back (think he should stay in wing). If anything Dugan is a last resort for fullback and look for an available good back

      • If they wanted the slowest fullback in the competition, they could put Moylan back there. Didn’t work well in 2018 & won’t again. He’s also found wanting in defence & positional play when at Fullback.

    • Newtown had a good fullback in Will Kennedy , in the ISP.
      Why don’t Cronulla like to promote players from within the club? How about giving some of the youth a go , rather than buying players .

  3. Johnstone exploits as fullback for our beloved Rabbitohs is atrocious. His general positioning during the last semi-final campaign was disastrous and his attack was catastrophically poor.

    His contribution in that preliminary final against Easts gave them victory due to his antics.

    When Tupou scored the opening try in the 16th min our wingers and Johnstone where out on vacation, however on our reply to Easts try in the 22nd minutes, Johnstone throws a forward pass to Jennings and our try and chance, was abundantly forever lost. Johnstone disgraceful attempted effort in defence along with his winger again proved fatal as Ferguson scores a try on the other wing. If you believe this woeful calamitous performance concludes at this point, then think again. While the score is 8-4 against our team Souths, Johnstone strikes again with a try gone begging when a swathe of Roosters manhandle and frogmarch him into touch 1 metre from the try line in the 60th min. Finally to put icing on the cake our other weak link winger Campbell Graham drops a bomb in the 70th min whilst Johnstone again with his inadequate response in arms length of the event, allows the Roosters to pick the ball up and score the match winner while Johnstone looks on as if he is in a Roosters jersey.

    If we are to achieve premiership winning status, then Johnstone needs to play wing. A position defensively we were vulnerable. The Roosters exposed us throughout the preliminary final for all opposition to see in future games.

    We at Souths should hold a collection as to pay Johnstone his expenses to quick march him out of South Sydney and over to the “Shire”.

    • I find it atrocious and disastrous that you should talk about a player at my club this way. It is catastrophically poor on your behalf and your antics make you look like you are out on vacation. It is abundantly poor that you can’t even spell his name correctly, it is disgraceful. I find your comments fatal in defence of your argument and this goes with your calamitous knowledge of South Sydney.

      Did I miss anything?

  4. Real South supporters would know his name is Johnston, Alex Johnston, shows how much you really know russ, also you would know that he has been carrying groin and hamstring injury’s and perhaps should not have played, you would know also that Johnston played for Australia and is a quality winger, not fullback, also to call Campbell Graham a weak link shows that you know nothing about Souths, , it is a pity he maybe released but we seem to have an abundance of outside backs and only cause he is on big money is why Souths are looking to release him, for you to treat him with such disrespect is disgraceful , but that is what you get from an Easts supporter who masquerades has a Souths supporter, your about has good as a Souths supporter has Nick Polites.

  5. Edmund Blackadder: “Johnstone exploits as fullback for our beloved Rabbitohs is atrocious. His general positioning during the last semi-final campaign was disastrous and his attack was catastrophically poor.”

    Baldric: “My family were catastrophically poor sir.”

    Edmund Blackadder: “Your family were turnip farmers Baldric. Being catastrophically poor must have been like winning the lottery by comparison. And then they had you!”

      • Cheers. Don’t let the persona fool you mate. Woody gets me as well as many others here. Banter is key and take all else with a grain of sand (or a laxative for danielle’s posts). πŸ’Š πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • Edmund Blackadder: a grain of salt Baldric. πŸ™„ Your brain is like a grain of sand. Sometimes I think it would have been quicker to train a chimpanzee.

  6. 2014–2018 South Sydney Total Games 104 Tries 79 Points 316 – hand him over Souths, he must be doing something right with an average of 20 tries a season.

    • Quality player Pedro, hate to see him go, but obviously he is on big money and Souths have other prorites i guess, any club who pickes him up will be very happy, he would be better at Saints than Hayne.

        • penso, I spoke to AJ this afternoon and he told me there has been a strange dude hanging around the showers after training. He said he had to make something up just the other day to get rid of him.

        • Reg old mate, was the man hanging around the shower block wearing three Rooster Premier caps commemorating 2002, 2013 and 2018 grand final wins❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔

        • I guess the only thing nutter than talking to the Rabbitoh posters on your bedroom wall…is when they start answering you.

          But then again! You did have the inside scoop on Dylan Walker and James Roberts…..didn’t you?

        • @RR – I’ve got no idea about your pop culture reference – nor do I want to – but, geez, that’s harsh on a fellow fan…all to keep up with the cool kids on the block.

        • Oh danielle my faithful “groupie”, you stayed up until midnight again to post your fan mail message to me and I have kept you waiting all this time for a response. Have you been refreshing your screen all day waiting for a reply? Obsession must be the loneliest of pastimes.

          “to keep up with the cool kids”

          You see, you just gave yourself away there. THAT is what they call a Freudian slip. This is what happens when obsessive personalities project their feelings onto the objects of their obsession and they reveal too much of themselves in the process.

          So, how long have you dreamt of being “one of the cool kids”? It must be so hard to be invisible when you long so much to be in the light. Is that why you continually post to me “my little moth”?

          Unlike you my “groupie” I am not a follower. That much should be clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence and discernment.

          Again, I don’t do autographs or “selfies” so find someone else who does if you need to feel validated or find that kind of affirmation.

    • Saint Peter mate, I think you got your sums muddled up. Johnson has played 5 seasons divide that into 79 tries = a bit over 15 tries per season. Which is still very good. If he plays for another 10 seasons at 15 tries per year then he could end up with 229 tries beating Ken Irvine’s all time record of 212.

      The Roosters aren’t interested in him as we have a grand final try scoring specialist in Tupou who has scored the first try in his two grand finals and the big Englishman when he recovers from a knee reconstruction or Morris who like Bennett packs a walking stick in his bag on match day. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

      • He wouldn’t go there anyway Woody, two much pride, hopefully 3 hats is right and we keep him, if he goes then last time i believe 3 hats

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