SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Connor Watson of the Knights receives treatment during the round three NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Newcastle Knights at Allianz Stadium on March 25, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

There is some good news for the Newcastle Knights with Connor Watson expected to only miss around six weeks of football due to his shoulder injury.

Watson dislocated the shoulder in Sunday’s match at Allianz Stadium against the Sydney Roosters.

Initially, there were concerns that Watson would require surgery which would have required three to five months of recovery.

Scans have since revealed Watson has a capsular injury to his left shoulder.

The club’s medical staff has consulted with an orthopaedic surgeon and believe managing his shoulder conservatively is his best option.

Watson will now undergo an intensive rehabilitation program.


  1. Looks like Connor Watson got off light. Ask Craig Wing what the Roosters did to him after he walked away from a club that gave him four grand final appearances. Poor Craig Wing was petrified to play against the Roosters and eventually he went into hiding deep in the land of the rising sun to play the inferior game.

    • What did the roosters do to Watson again? Oh they signed Keary and an overrated fullback to block him from ever getting a shot in the starting side. Classic roosters

      • Prisoner, Watson is a rookie while Keary is a premiership winner and Tedesco is a current NSW x FACTOR PLAYER. There was a position on the interchange bench that the Roosters wanted him for but he wanted to play a full 80 min not off the bench. Newcastle gave him big money and a chance to play 80. He took it. But the Roosters never wanted him to leave and as you can see he was our back up hooker and utilty player who was regarded by the Roosters as very valuable to cover other positions. He was under contract to the Roosters still but they did not stop him from earning big bucks. So Prisoner that is what the Roosters did for Watson. He came through the Roosters NYC team they gave him his start in the NRL he played mainly off the interchange for total appearances of 38 games. Which caught the eye of Newcastle who in turn offered him three times the amount the Roosters could afford for a rookie.

        You ask what did the Roosters do to Watson? They agreed to let him earn a huge pay packet all be it with another club unfortunately. The Roosters have since used Victor Radley as his bench replacement and on top of that have gone out to purchase Baptiste also to cover for Watson’s loss. Had Watson Stayed for less he would of given himself a great opportunity to gain a grand final appearence or even a premiership. Remember he was in the team last year that fell one game short of the grand final. What is better when you are a 21yr old rookie? A chance of a premiership or big bucks? Watson may look back on 2018 and regret the only opportunity he ever had to win a premiership. Of course time will tell.

  2. Are you seriously gloating about one of the grubbiest moments in footy?
    That prowler tackle changed the rules of the game.
    Real classy, Bin Chicken.

  3. I’m not gloating. I write facts exactly as it is. After departing the Roosters and playing in their first game against their old club both got injured. Connor Watson only suffered a 6 week injury while Craig Wing received a 12 week injury. Like I said Connor Watson got off lightly. Craig Wing only played one more season after that injury plagued season and played union in Japan. However it is no secret that when players come up against their old team mates on the field friendship goes out the window. I remember in 1977 screamingseaeagle Bob Fulton who after captaining Manly to the 1976 premiership and left to play for the Roosters did not get a happy reception from his old Manly teammates either. Its not gloating it is just the way it is. They all get rough up from their old team mates.

  4. A rough up from the ol’ team mates and a dog act that created a name for the act, and changed the rules of the game, are two different things.
    For a fan to gloat, brag, boast, whatever about that incident is a bit uncool.

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