SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 19: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs is tackled during the NRL round six match between the Bulldogs and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on April 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Cody Walker appears set to remain a Rabbitoh.

The five-eighth’s camp is confident that he will re-sign with South Sydney on a long-term deal, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Off-contract at the end of next season, it is believed that the 29-year old wants to sign an extension.

It is believed that the Rabbitohs’ current offer of a reported $650,000-a-season is well below what Walker’s management was after, something closer to $850,000-a season.

Walker has been offered a two-year extension for 2021-22, and despite talks not progressing, he remains keen to stay a Rabbitoh.

South Sydney general manager of football Shane Richardson recently said that they were hoping to finalise a new deal.

“We made an offer three weeks ago and we are waiting to hear back from his manager,” Richardson said.

“We haven’t got a deadline on it yet but we’d rather know sooner rather than later.”


  1. Isn’t this dud suppose to be a superstar amongst the one eyed Cadinal Pell red and snot green myrtle fans?

    If so then why is Souths only offering him 650k, if he thinks he is worth 850. Surley Souths must meet him half way, and waste 750k out of their cap for the individual self seeking non passing 5/8.

    Whom I shall had is loved by fellow clowns pansy.penso, and his husband TwentyOne and their part time partner Chalky.

  2. Just as I said, the infiority stricken wombats having another go at anything Souths.
    Btw 850k exaggerated by a fair amount.
    Nowhere near that.

  3. You don’t get $850,000 by being a good player for half of a season. Since he got dropped from the Blues, he’s hasn’t contributed any more to his team than Jack de Belin. And he doesn’t have a single excuse either.

    There aren’t many highly paid players who are worth their money these days, but those that are don’t go missing for no reason. South Sydney would be smart to have him perform consistently before they bring out the big bucks.

  4. Lucas, halves can only weave their magic with a powerful pack of forwasd getting over the top of the other team. Only problem Cody’s Forwards often were dominated by the opposition packs.

    Cody Walker was exposed in front of the entire League world as a pretender Origin player.
    He just is not up to that level and is probably in my opinion a 450k player per season. He would be better suited to the centres. Definiatly a player who is slack, on letting his threequarter backline see much of the footy. Prefers to do it all himself.

  5. For crying out load you jealous Easts supporters and others, Cody wants to stay and will accept unders , cause he knows this is his best chance of winning a comp, plus he loves the club.

    Cody’s form after origin was hard for him , thanks to Fittler , who should never have been made coach of the Blues, Daly should have been there , Walker played great near the end of the season getting many man of the match awards , so you idiots can go f. yourselfs cause all you guys are complete idiots who are afraid of what Souths will do.

  6. Filter should never of been coach?? Good call…
    Nsw couldn’t win anything under Daley then Freddie comes in and wins 2 series in a row. Yes your comment has lots of merit.
    Only thing Freddie done wrong was pick walker to start with as he clearly is not an origin 5/8

  7. Spot on Bob Fittler has back to back victories over Qld, Fittler did rectify his huge error in Origin 1 by replacing the out of his league Cody WalkerFor a large part of the second half. The Blues left edge saw no footy thanks to the non Anthen singer nuber six, who was unduobtedly to busy dreaming about dream tine. It was clearly obvious that Walkers concerntration went, walk-about.

    Penso nobody is jealous of Walker, there are at least half a dozen good pivots in front of him when it comes to a list of Top team player pivots.
    Walker got lucky for his one ever Origin appearence, due to the fact Injurues to Keary and Maloney and nobody was aware how good Wighton was in his new position.

    Also Souths easy draw in the first ten games mainly against under performing teams, gave selectors a false reading on Walker to selectors as they won ten games straight against the majority of easybeats.

  8. So the best judges in league all said Walker was the best 5/8 after keary, he was the form player in that position , but you guys know better, if Fittler had of kept him on I believe the result would have been different, but no use talking to brain dead morons who think they know more than the experts and ex players, and why do you guys care what Souths do with Walker, it’s none of your business, just can’t help yourselves, again jealous of Souths , that is the only reason I can come up with.

  9. Fighting a losing battle Penso, just be glad Walker is staying. Maybe Bennett can fix his glaring faults next year.

  10. I think $650k is overs considering his age and his tapering off in the 2nd half of the year.

    We would regret in a year or twos time if we paid him anymore IMO.

  11. Your correct penso if cutler had if kept him on the result would of been different, nsw would of lost by 40. Same as Nathan merrit good club player but not an origin player.
    So brain dead morons because we don’t believe walker is the best 5/8 for Nsw. Umm yeah good call.. how dare someone not listen to you.
    Sit back and rejoice about rabbits paying 800k a season for a bloke i garuntee is named most overrated player in 2020.
    Yep things looking up in wabbit land.
    No Inglis no surgess no fullback. Overated halves. Yep be pushing for premiership in 2020

  12. Penso, that comment seems pretty out of character for you. I can understand why you’re having a crack at some of the people that post here, so I’ll take that for what it is.
    I’m actually surprised by your comment on Fitler. I don’t fully credit him for NSW’s turnaround, nor bag Daley for the previous years, as I think available players, in both state squads played a big part in the rebalancing of the origin series.
    That said, I no more could blame Fitler for Walker at origin level as I could blame Daley for Pearce’s. Yes, they have to change styles to some degree from club level to origin to fit with the strategy/dynamic but most players can do that, and most probably benefit from it.
    I rate Walker, but at the same time I see him as 1 of those players that can be very inconsistent. If origin dented his confidence I don’t blame Fitler.

  13. With news of the Walker signing Souths current membership at 27,000 will surpass 30,000 next 2 months.
    Roosters sitting on 11000 members right now which includes 5000 free memberships.
    What’s the reason?

  14. Pensi whats wrong mate. Had a bad hair day? Walker’s not even worth $300k. But glad soufs are wasting their cap space on him.

  15. Been informed Luke Keary is under strong recommendation from his specialist to wear a specially custom made head gear in 2020.
    Media will elaborate more on this when becomes public knowledge before season commences.
    Hey isdonisgood, call me “lucky” on this one as well when it happens.

  16. Eels, I don’t include you in my moron catergory, your comments are always balanced and fair, these other guys , not all , just some, give me the sh!ts with their lack of respect for players, somethimes makes me say things I would normally leave alone, having said that, I take on board some of the other comments which are fair in their opinions I don’t understand why people can be nasty about a player who is signing with a club they have no allegence to, I commented on the Jennings signing and gave my opinion but was not nasty in any way, thats all I ask, is that opinions be respectful, I guess it’s only a few on this site, or maybe one guy who wrecks it for everyone, am glad they got rid of shadow, he was not a good look for us souths supporters and 21, I would like to see tone it down a little, I admire his passion but would prefer him to not make it so personel .

  17. TwentyOne December 9, 2019 at 9:36 pm
    Cody is the best 5/8 in the nrl and glad is staying at Souths.

    Really ..??
    chookstir December 9, 2019 at 3:40 pm
    Set to remain at Souffs …. good
    that should cement the position outside of the top 6

  18. Penso, the easiest thing is to scroll past mate. At the end of the day who cares what others think of your team or their players. Stick to footy, and/or civil discussion and there are others on here will comment on your opinion and offer ours, like with the Jennings article. You can’t let it get to you mate, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

  19. Cody and Souths still negotiating as of this morning but wants to stay at Souths.
    Cody, Roberts, Burns, Dean Widders, Johnston, Sutton, Inglis up in Taree for 10 days at Latrell’s invite for some relaxation, fishing etc. (not all in the pics)
    Couple of other brothers from different teams as well but Souths brothers mainly.
    Good to see Latrell in his instagram pics with his true brothers away from wombats like robinson and fittler (mack and myer).
    Looks the happiest he’s been for 6 months.

  20. I notice Penso can not stop posting comments ever since his other login SHADOW copped the same treatment as Souths copped in 2000, got booted out. Unfortunately as Souths crawled their way back, so to has the sly Shadow, under his original name penso. After penso went sulking for three months when he wittnesed the Roosters take the title. Hahahahaha Hahahaha, Shadow ran amok until his booting and straight after his booting penso makes a miraculous comeback

    Nevertheless pansy penso did back his dole cheque on the Roosters to take the title and won some big bickies. A true rabbit turns his back on the choker Souths and gambles his life savings on a Roosters Premiership.

    I have a tip for you penso, put all your money on Souths finishing in the bottom four with no Nicholls, no Sam the Facebook Flasher and his bro Georgie the gouger however the biggest loss is Sutton.

    My tip for 2020…. Souths 12th

  21. Penso, I didn’t think you were having a crack at me, and understand what you’re saying, but it still surprised me.
    I think it’s a real shame that ZT is almost back to a great RL site, and is starting to attract some good people back, but there are still a few (maybe even just 1 with multiple tags) that is still trying to spoil it.

  22. Well done to Latrell for calling out Rooster man Fittler on his racial discrimination within the Blues camp.
    Love the way rooster Fittler is trying to backpedal his way out of this but obvious Latrell is right.
    Should be removed as Blues coach and all media contracts.

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