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Clubs are rallying for changes to be made to the rostering system so it is easier for development platers to transition into the first-grade.

The new top 30 system, which was introduced this year, is set to come under review on Tuesday by head office and the Rugby League Players’ Association.

But clubs are pushing for development players to be a part of their squads which would effectively give them 36 players to choose from.

Canterbury playmaker Lachlan Lewis was held back from making his NRL debut until the club underwent several mid-season changes to their list.

And the 22-year old believes it was a hard scenario to come into where he was not eligible to be selected in the first-grade.

“It’s tough because one year into my two-and-a-half year contract they said ‘you’re actually not in the top 30 and you actually won’t be able to play NRL’, they tap you on the shoulder and say if you want to go somewhere else you can,” Lewis told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“So going into pre-season knowing that you’re most likely not going to be able to play because of the whole [top] 30 saga and no matter what happens it all comes down to how many dollars you’re on – it was a bit of a blessing when they started to say ‘we might be able to get you in the comp because you trained hard enough and you work hard’.

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“That’s all I wanted, that opportunity.”

Lewis added that the union meetings with the RLPA were tricky negotiations.

“Because they’re trying to look after the developed NRL players and make sure that everyone has their job security. And also there’s the up-and-comer who’s on the extended playing [squad], training every day but still got NRL blessing.

“I wouldn’t say it’s flawed, but it’s a bit of life I guess.”

One idea for a the potential new system being floated is having six development players be eligible for first-grade after June 30. Another suggestion is having a second-tier salary cap.

Comparatively, others are arguing that most teams don’t use all 30 players, therefore should be subjected to their originally chosen squads.

“It’s a great initiative to bring everyone together to reflect on their experiences to date on the new contracting model,” RLPA chief operating officer Tim Lythe told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s a great initiative for the NRL and the RLPA to bring everyone together and we will be interested in their views and open to ways to improving it.”


  1. Well poor Sean O’Sullivan gets called into the Roosters 30. But our stupid coach has created an unwanted NRL RECORD. O’Sullivan owns it thanks to the ridiculous decision by Robinson to pick a player on the bench for three games and not play him for one second. The record stands at 240mins straight on the bench without playing a game. It cost the Roosters victory today against the Raiders huge pack where a tired Roosters forward pack was unable to have the petrol to make metres. They were totally tired. Young players bust their guts to get into the NRL. Only for arrogant idiots like Robinson to torture his forwards and leave the kid suffering on the bench. Robinson needs a talking to Uncle Nick!!!!!. Give Cleary a ring and his son🎱🎱🎱

  2. It also cost the Wyong Roos victory by being selfish and not letting him play for three weeks in that comp. Wake up Robinson your so called master stroke calls are causing havoc.🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  3. Playing Matterson at 5/8th looks like the biggest problem there. He looks more like a forward shoved into 5/8th , than an actual 5/8th.
    With Cronk to slow now with his age, to get through those gaps . It’s only a winning combination against teams who don’t want to work hard in defence. Or teams also playing with depleted line ups.
    Dream on about the Cleary’s. Roosters wouldn’t buy a coach with barely a 50% winning record this year & under 50% for all other years. Nathan will go to Wests , or stay at Penrith.
    Roosters only buy already successful coaches, star first graders or star juniors from other clubs.
    If Cleary doesn’t go to the Roosters , as is expected that he won’t . O’Sullivan signs with the Broncos & Lam decided to stay in England? It would be pretty funny. The Roosters would be desperate to find another half. Brooks would suddenly be worth a million to them.

    • The Roosters certainly miss our ex Rabbit Keary. As much as I hate the Roosters they have got an excellent development program for all the young talent that comes through that club. Players like Radley, Mitchell, Manu, Cordner, Aubuson, Butcher, Collins, Friend, all were developed from young kids at the Roosters. I think just because they purchase some big names like Tedesco, Cronk, etc that they unfairly get labeled as not developing any players at all when it is clearly not so. However my Rabbits will kick their feathered butts during this years semis.

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