The Parramatta Eels have suspended forward Tony Williams for the first two rounds of the season following his court appearance today for a drink-driving incident.

Read the statement below:

Parramatta National Rugby League Club Pty Limited player Tony Williams appeared in court today regarding a drink-driving incident. The legal process has been completed and Tony has been fined $1,000 and given a one-year driving suspension.

Following discussions with the NRL Integrity Unit, and taking into consideration that Tony has undertaken a safe driving course, the Club has decided to suspend Tony for rounds 1 and 2 of the 2018 NRL Telstra Premiership.

The Club views drink driving as an extremely serious offence and we have reiterated to Tony that this behaviour is unacceptable.


  1. Greenburge isn’t it about time you show some consistency and suspend this Williams drink driver risking the lives of children whist over the limit in a public place. Greenburge didn’t you dish out a 8 week suspension to a Sydney Roosters player for being drunk in a private dwelling.
    Greenburge if you do not act on this so called role model off his sky rocket in Public and the potential at killing other people on the road besides himself and those children in his car. Then it is time to sack this gutless Greenburge for having no back bone or balls.

    • It’s up to the courts to punish people for braking the law, and they did. Like it or not, the legal system punished him for his crime.

      The clubs / NRL’s role is to punish a player for bringing the club / game into disrepute etc, and to a lesser extent, taking an additional stance against a particular action/s.

      What sort of damage, to the club / sport, was done from the incidents you are trying to compare? That said, if some muppet hadn’t of filmed the “dog whispering” incident and/or if some pathetic tv show didn’t milk it for every cent, it wouldn’t have done anywhere near as much damage to the sport, and his suspension would have been far less / maybe not at all, but you can’t blame Greenberg for it.

      • Its all over the news mate. It has already put the game into disrepute. Which should bring the wrath from idiot Greenberg as he did to Pearce. Mate to me it seems like your defending his actions for the sake of your beloved Parra team. Pearce run amok but was not fined by the cops or the courts. This bloke Williams has brought anger straight from the judges mouth and Greenberg needs to add his wrath to the matter also like he did to Pearce. I’m only calling for consistency. But lets face it Williams act of drunken stupidity is far more dangerous and worse than the actions of Pearce. Greenberg needs to get his bald head out of the sand and smell the roses. Time to act.

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