NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Brett Morris of the Bulldogs runs the ball during the round six NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Canterbury Bulldogs at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 7, 2017 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

With the pressure of maintaining the salary cap, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs will be forced to offer veteran winger Brett Morris to the South Sydney Rabbitohs in a trade deal which will see young centre Hymel Hunt head to Belmore.

Souths coach Anthony Seibold has confirmed that Hymel Hunt has been shopped around to rival clubs. With the inclusion of Dane Gagai and the return of Greg Inglis, Hunt is not apart of the club’s plans. Rather, the Redfern club will swoop on veteran winger Brett Morris, who will add plenty of experience and depth within the Rabbitohs squad.

Hunt, had a premature end to season 2016, playing only 13 games after a horrific injury, and in 2017, Hunt’s luck hadn’t changed. A move to Belmore is a fresh start for the young centre as a full-time spot was hard to come by in his previous stints with Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Souths, where he scored a total of 5 tries from his 29 games.

Brett Morris who this year retired from representative football after the State of Origin series, still has a few years left in him. The winger scored 137 tries for St. George Illawarra Dragons and the Bulldogs.

Although to many the move may come as a shock, the NRL will refuse to register the contracts of highly-anticipated recruits Kieran Foran and Aaron Woods until the club is officially salary cap compliant.

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With Hunt on the cards for Canterbury, the club has many talented backline players to choose from. With the likes of Brenko Lee, Chase Stanley, Josh Morris, and Kerrod Holland, Hunt will need to ensure he has a strong pre-season to impress new coach Dean Pay and earn himself the right to consolidate the centre position.


      • kefe, don’t do that to me brother. I nearly choked on my lunch! Some of your posts need a hazard warning, seriously. 😉

        @ 3hats

        I’ve also heard that Farah might be a potential swap instead. Any truth to that rumour?

        IMO Souths aren’t thinking long term. I think Hunt is improving each year but has missed a lot of football due to injury. If the Dogs were smart they would swap Farah for Morris as they are in dire need of a an experienced hooker.

        Btw, I was wrong about young Braidon Burns (and you were right), he still needs time and isn’t ready yet for first grade. He really needs to work on his defence and defensive reads and he is a centre and not a winger (or a FB unfortunately as he is suspect under the high ball). Thoughts?

        Also, any idea when Mawene Hiroti or Tyrone Taukamo will get a run in first grade? Or if Souths are close to re-signing Angus “Gus” Crichton?

        • The vultures are definitely circling for ‘Gus’ and yes get rid of Farah – what a dud buy that was.

        • We got Farah cheap with the Tigers covering most of his salary. I think it would be better for Souths and for Farah if he was traded for BMoz. The trouble is if the Dogs have to pay full price for a player who just isn’t worth those $$’s anymore.

        • That didn’t exactly answer my questions. I’ll take it that you are still looking up the answers on Wikipedia and the Souths website. Cheers.

        • Comment is towards kefe.

          You see SSTID_1970, MW47, you are both idiots.
          That is the pathetic CRAP you blokes continue to write.
          That is why I never ever help you out with your queries.
          If you showed some respect, I might just help you out.
          But Fark you both.

        • Yes, I have the answer but I will keep it to myself
          P.S. there is another Souths player who may be swapped out for Morris, it just came up right now.
          You blokes just don’t deserve to be told who it is!

        • “You blokes just don’t deserve to be told who it is!”

          But no doubt when it gets announced you will swoop onto the the article with the first post again declaring you told us weeks ago! Remember, if you don’t post it on ZT FIRST then you can’t claim the kudos later on. Your choice.

          It would be good for a change 3hats if you could actually articulate a real and original opinion on the game rather than post stories off the internet. When I scooped you to CONFIRM (not SPECULATE) that Cook was staying at Souths I read it off a FOX story just before hand I didn’t pretend I was having lunch with Russell Crowe or a drink with Madge. Like kefe said your strike rate is questionable at best. Can’t you bring more to this site other than team sheets, junior rosters and transfer gossip? Can you talk about the actual game of RL in any depth I wonder or have a crack at showing ZT you actually have a sense of humour. Lighten up mate, it’s the “silly season” and there we are all here to have a bit of fun.

          Btw, you didn’t confirm about Crichton. Is he staying or going? And why?

          What’s that 3hats?

          3hats: Yes, I have the answer but I will keep it to myself

          OK, fair enough. Glory, Glory to Souths Sydney.

  1. Somebody help me – how does this work?

    Lets say Morris is on $700k and Hunt is on $150k (only for this exercise). The Bulldogs swap Morris and pay $400k to Souths and gain Hunt and pay him $150k giving them a saving of $150k. Souths get an ex-international winger for $300k and save Hunt’s $150k salary. If this is correct (estimated salaries) then it seems like a lot of work for little gain for the Bulldogs.

    I can’t see Hunt making the top side at the Bulldogs for a while.

    • The Dogs are over the cap, they don’t have much of a choice. They are paying Graham to play for the Dragons next year for much more money than anyone else would agree to, simply because they have to, to be under the cap

  2. Suppose with Goodwin moving on might not be a totally bad idea – although I must say, not exactly jumping with excitement.

  3. If true, perhaps Josh Morris will also join the Rabbitohs so he can finish his career alongside his twin bro’ — which was Brett’s stated reason for leaving the Dragons for the Dogs. Brett was always a much better player than Josh, but his move to Belmore has been an unsuccessful one.

    • In the past Souths had become a retirement home for the has-beens, let’s hope that is not the case now. With so much talent on the way up we only need a sprinkling of older experience to help them along the way.

    • Dealing with one set of twins is trouble enough, two would be too much. I think BMoz could make a positive impact to the team (and he can cover FB). At the very least (if Inglis stays at FB as the coach has stated) Souths would have two wingers who are comfortable under the high ball. At present Souths only have one. JMoz would also be competing for a centre spot with Gaigai and potentially Inglis who IMO can’t cover FB with dodgy knees. Robert Jennings shows promise in attack but his poor defensive reads and tackling technique need a lot of improvement before he is ready for a regular first grade spot. I would like to see Souths persist with Campbell Graham who at 197cm (6’6″) would be unstoppable with a bomb to the corner near the try line, and when he fills out will take some stopping one on one.

      • Who told you about Campbell Graham, in the offseason that he would become a good player?
        That is right, I did!

        • Can’t remember that mate. Can you jog my memory post the URL and date and time of your comment?

          “You see SSTID_1970, MW47, you are both idiots.”

          Btw MW47 and I are having an in depth discussion and debate on the current defensive techniques and structures on todays game compared with days past. As we are both a couple of idiots we have problem mucked it up so happy to hear you articulate YOUR argument and share YOUR opinion in DEPTH with REASONS. Up for the challenge? If so read our comments on the “Canberra Raiders set to sign Brad Abbey” story and post THERE not HERE.

          And don’t hide behind the “Yes, I have the answer but I will keep it to myself… You blokes just don’t deserve to be told” BS. Put your stats sheets and roster lineups down for once and talk about the actual game!

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