The Canberra Raiders have dropped out of the chase for Canterbury Bulldogs prop Aaron Woods, with his high price tag being a deterring factor.

The Bulldogs are reportedly shopping Woods and exploring offers from other teams just six months after he signed a deal with the club.

This has come as salary cap issues have come to the attention of Canterbury and the Raiders have reportedly found issue with taking on Woods' contract as well and that his contract outweighs their need for a prop, according to The Canberra Times.

The Newcastle Knights have instead presented themselves as potential suitors for Woods' hefty contract and Raiders recruitment manager Peter Mulholland stressed that it isn't Woods' fault they won't pursue him.

"We can’t find a million dollars," Mulholland told The Canberra Times.

"He hasn’t lived up to the price tag and it’s not his fault, it’s the idiots that paid him.

"I looked at his stats the other day, him and [David] Klemmer on stats are that far ahead of the prop they’ve selected [for NSW] it’s not funny. Everyone is bagging them and I think they’re doing great.

"Woods is certainly not on our target list."

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