PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 17: Nathan Brown of the Eels is assisted from the field with an injury during the round one NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Parramatta Eels at Panthers Stadium on March 17, 2019 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Parramatta lock Nathan Brown is expected to miss the next three months after suffering a pectoral injury during the Eels’ 20-12 win over Penrith on Sunday.

Brown sustained the injury during the 17th minute, after a tackle on Panthers lock James Fisher-Harris went wrong.

The 26-year-old was helped from the field cradling his arm, with coach Brad Arthur delivering the news post-game.

“He’s not good. I think it’s his pec and that’s three months,” Arthur told the media after the win.

“It’s tough but we lost a couple at the start of the week when we thought they might play. But Kane Evans and David Gower came in and got an opportunity and didn’t let us down.”


  1. No how’s Sele ? How about how’s Yeo , after copping a deliberate swinging stiff arm hit to the head from Jennings.
    This is as bias to Parramatta as the refereeing .

  2. You must be referring to Dylan Edwards being penalised for shoulder charging Gutherson off the ball? Or Maloney being penalised for numerous shots around the head? Oh wait a minute, they didn’t happen did they?

    As for the Jennings shot, Yeo was on the way down, if he was still upright Jennings hits him in the chest. Was it worthy of a penalty? Yes as contact was made with the head. Was it worthy of a sin bin? Under the rules of the game it was, so long as the rule is consistently enforced. But it was careless, he did not intentionally attack Yeo’s head, or his arm would have been higher.

    Parra were just the better team yesterday. But as I stated in the other article, it is only round 1. Penrith probably won’t play like that again for a while, at least when it comes to ball handling.

  3. Get a grip.
    Yeo was falling in the tackle. Sending Jennings to the bin was one of the worst refereeing decisions ever and showed total bias in favour of the Riff.
    It was only because of that that you got back in the game.
    Maloney did three intentional head shots and got away with it.
    Moses was hit late after he kicked and that one was an intentional high shot and was the dog Riff player sent to the bin….NO.
    The refs did everything they could to get you back in The game but you were just outplayed in every position. Even our 2nd rate forward pack smashed your rep quality forward pack. Lol
    Suck it up princess and admit you were beaten fairly by a much better team on the day.

  4. I think Parramatta was the better team.
    Still got by far the best of the refereeing. Just as they did in the trial. When they had all the penalties.
    Still, your dreaming if you think Jennings hit wasn’t a deliberate , swinging stiff arm hit. Which is just a send off, not ten minutes.
    Do you really want to go through the decisions?
    What about Moses going out of his way to shoulder Edwards, so he couldn’t get to the ball to score. No penalty.
    Moses shoving the marker Blake to the right , then falling on the ground when Blake retaliated by pushing him, falling like he was shot. Penalty to Parramatta.
    Gutherson kicking Luai in the knee , deliberately . Parramatta keep the ball?
    Mansour square at marker , getting to the dummy half before he got the ball away. Penalty to Parramatta? For what?
    Parramatta moving forward in the play the ball to play it on the player who’s on the ground . Then losing the ball. Penalty to Parramatta?
    Maloney was penalised for high shots. So what were you watching? Also all the fifth tackle penalties to Parramatta.
    Not to mention. Is Parramata ever on side?
    Penrith, as much as they showed so little attack in that game & looked slow. Still, were never going to win that game, no matter what.
    Before you go in with the crap about not doing the right things on the field? They don’t do anything worse than any other team. It’s all just at the whim of the referees.
    If they lose & all is even? So be it.. That’s the way it is.
    When’s that going to happen? Penrith , the most penalised team last year. Nothing’s changed!

  5. Yes Jennings had a swinging stiff arm, my point was that his intention was neverto make contact with the head of Yeo, but the body. Pay close attention watching games this weekend and you will see that the body aimed stiff arm is much more common now that the shoulder charge has been outlawed.
    The Moses shoulder happens every single game and is very very rarely penalised unless there is a massive change in the line the player is taking. I do agree that it probably should have been penalised though, so I will give you that one.
    Pushing and shoving also happens every game in the ruck, there were instances of both teams doing that yesterday, the difference is that Blake lost his cool and gave away a penalty by pushing Moses in the back, that is just very poor play by Blake, nothing else.
    And if you seriously think Gutherson intentionally kicked Luai in the knee you are even more biased than I thought. He was trying to free himself for a quick play the ball. It was completely accidental, anyone could see that.
    And Maloney was penalised once for a high shot for memory, but I can remember 3 on Lane alone where he had to leave his feet to make the tackle.
    As for the onside, yes Parra were offside at times, but so were Penrith a number of times when Parra were attacking the line and the Panthers didn’t retreat back to the tryline. But, again, that is common in the game so it didn’t concern me.
    And if you are going to complain about Moses pushing, what about RCG going on with the tackle well after Dylan Brown had gotten rid of the ball? No penalty there?
    Maybe there is a reason Penrith were the most penalised team last year, you can’t blame that entirely on the referees.

  6. It’s amazing how every team is a victim of biased referring, with the variable being, who, and to a lesser extent, when you ask.
    That said, I’m sure you’re right, and I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why the refs are so biased against Penrith. Of course, I don’t know what it is.
    It must be tough supporting a team that is victimised by the refs, so hats off to you EOD.

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