SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 26: Tevita Pangai of the Broncos makes a break during the NRL round eight match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on April 26, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Brisbane enforcers Tevita Pangai Junior and Matt Lodge have officially put pen to paper on new deals that will see them remain Broncos for the foreseeable future.

Pangai has signed a 12-month extension that will see him stay at the Broncos in 2019, while Lodge has agreed to remain at Red Hill until at least the end of the 2020 season.

“I’m a Brisbane Bronco, obviously I want to stay – I’m going to be working hard to get another contract,” Pangai told

“I just feel this was the best place that I can play my best football – I’m happy here so I didn’t want to change too much.

“The exciting group that we have here … there’s a good camaraderie around the boys, we get along really well, and I love living in Brissy – the fans have welcomed me and I really enjoy it.

“I was also really excited when I heard that Anthony Seibold was coming to the club with his staff – I feel like he can really help me, he’s really big on the effort and the defensive areas … it’s going to be a good step forward.

“I’ve worked with (Seibold) before in the Junior Kangaroos and he’s really good at explaining weaknesses in the other team and making sure that we are doing all the little things, the one percenters – that’s his main focus and he’s holding us accountable to that.”

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Lodge was voted as the club’s Best Forward in 2018, and thanked the Brisbane supporters for keeping him at the club.

“Thank you (members and fans) for getting behind me – it was a massive part of why I made the decision to stay in Brisbane,” Lodge told the club’s website.

“We think we owe something to them and we’re working hard to bring back what everyone wants.

“It’s good to have some stability, I’ve made the decision to stay up in Brisbane and I’m happy with that decision and looking to put in some work with the group that we’ve got coming through to achieve what we all want.

“I’ll always respect Wayne (Bennett) for giving me the chance to come back… but we’re moving on now and we’ve got a new coach in Seibs (Anthony Seibold), training has changed and we’ve all on board with that and we’re excited at what the future holds.”


  1. Just as I feared. Souths have been screwed and the “inferred” promise of delivering TPJ and Oates to the Rabbitohs has withered on the vine. Why do I feel that the Bennett signing will be a “lemon tree” that bears only sour fruit while the Broncos will reap all the benefits from this harvest.

    • Souths haven’t been screwed in this mate. The only ones that “inferred” Oates and TPJ were coming with Bennett were Souths fan and the media. Since the swap we have had Cook re-sign with the Rabbits and Oates, TPJ and Lodge re-sign with the Broncs. No players “stolen” on either side.

      Look at it this way, maybe the Rabbitohs can’t afford TPJ in 2019, and he has signed a one year extension with a view to be a Rabbit in 2020……

      • “No players “stolen” on either side”

        Yet! Now Souths have to wait and see if Seibold tries anything. Robert Jennings has not re-signed yet.

        ZT have been telling us for weeks that TPJ and Oates were coming to the Rabbitohs. Was I wrong to believe them eels47? I was deceived I tell you! 😉

    • We all knew they were going to sign short term deals with Brisbane and that never wavered. If you thought otherwise, you’re a moron. Every club will have their shot at those players in 1-2 years. For TPJ, it was not in his best interests to go anywhere right now. His value can skyrocket in the next season.

      • “If you thought otherwise”

        Despite my post above joking with eels47 in reality I am not surprised by anything in the NRL anymore. I was fully prepared for Cook to leave the Rabbitohs, I’m just relieved that he isn’t.

        I think that after a year playing under Seibold the grass won’t look greener in Redfern for any of the Broncos young guns. If they were going to jump ship this was their perfect opportunity.

        • Reg none of them could jump ship this year we had no cap left, pangai jnr may well end up at souths next year, sutton retires and other players moved on, i always thought that 2020 would be when the players would swap.
          Is Eels 47 a Souths supporter?

    • The Rabbitohs just don’t have the cap space this season but in 2020 the Rabbitohs currently only have 13 players signed up so there will be plenty of Roster spots available.

  2. Classic puff piece media release:

    “….I was also really excited when I heard that Anthony Seibold was coming to the club with his staff – I feel like he can really help me, he’s really big on the effort and the defensive areas … it’s going to be a good step forward…..”

    As if those words ever actually came out of his mouth without a script placed in front of him.

    • Given that that isn’t an airtight statement in that he let slip an implication that Seibold is big on defense, which Wayne was awful for the last few years on, I disagree.

      • Sielbold was never big on defence, he played a man at the back that absolutely refused to tackle. Seibold was big on throwing long slow looping cut out passes from one sideline to the other.

        • If the man at the back is making a tackle, you’re already shot.

          You cannot compare the level of poor defence that souths displayed compared to the broncos. The broncos have been absolutely woeful for the last 2 seasons. I shat a brick every time they gave away any penalty, they were so brittle.

        • There you have it WTP, a clear case of “Johnnie Walker on the rocks” once again. Facts don’t matter just an agenda to try to provoke me without an factual argument but just by sheer stupidity.

          Like I posted here recently, the facts show that the Broncos had the 10th worst defence this year even behind the lowly placed Bulldogs. Losing their last game at home by 30 points only emphasises that Bennett has no answer to his dilemma on how to coach a team to defend in the modern game.

          You can’t put brains into statues or tr0lls either it seems.

        • @Reg gRogan

          Would you not agree that Souths more often than not during the second half of the year played sideline to sideline without having first established a go forward game?

          The Damien Cook signing is a good one, Cook will help Souths win more games than they will lose but the issue with signing a hooker to a near million dollar contract and who is not ‘Cam Smith’ will arise come finals time. As the teams and their defence get better, Cook unfortunately will be smothered out of the game.

          What Souths miss most is a quality half, this brings me to Russell and my issue with him. Don’t get me wrong, Russell has been fantastic for Souths and when speaking at Homebush, during the members crisis meeting spoke wonderfully well and from there has implemented a strong platform and procees that ultimately delivered a Premiership.

          Unfortunately one foolish testosterone fuelled arrogant alchole induced clanger by Russell has robbed Souths of this quality half, a half who has recently gone on to win a second Grand Final and his first Clive Churchill medal.

          Until Souths go on to win another premiership this blunder will define Russell’s tenure at Souths.

        • alchole? You mean alcohol I assume? Sounds like someone hit the bottle early “Johnnie Walker” and crashed “on the rocks” AGAIN! 😂😂😂

          But you are right, Rusty overstepped the mark. Still, I’m only skimming over your posts, not reading them thoroughly and there will be no discussion until you nail your colours to the mast and confirm WHICH TEAM YOU SUPPORT.

  3. South’s don’t want Oates, they already offloaded the undisputed king of Knock On’s in Jason Clarke they don’t need another in Oates.


      Don’t tempt me “Slammin Sam”! DON’T tempt me! I think you can guess what I had to fight hard and refrain from posting.

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