SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 08: Corey Oates of the Broncos watches on during the round one NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Brisbane Broncos at UOW Jubilee Oval on March 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos have begun life after Wayne Bennett by announcing the re-signing of winger Corey Oates.

But in a surprising move, the 24-year-old has only signed a one-year contract extension.

“The best thing to do was to get the one-year deal sorted – I don’t want to go anywhere else,” said Oates on the club website.

“I did a one-year deal last season to prove that I deserve a bigger contract, not money-wise, but because I want to stay here for a long time and do whatever I can for this club.

“There’s been a lot going on in the back end of the season behind the scenes – and the best option was to clear my head, sign the one-year deal and back myself once again.”

Oates scored 18 tries in 23 matches for the Broncos in 2018 and will be looking to impress new coach Anthony Seibold in 2019.


  1. As I suspected. Next the Broncos will confirm TPJ has re-signed so Souths get nothing and then we will hear about Seibold enticing Rabbitohs to Brisbane.

    It just goes to prove Souths got screwed!

    • Maybe not.
      Maybe, just maybe, Siebold heard you don’t want McCullough to replace Cook, so he’s offering Nikorima, or maybe he just wants a straight swap, a Kodi for a Cody.

      • The nod is Cook wont go to Briz because of his other half and the travel the Broncs have to do, The Tigs have made contact with Cook’s manager for a deal with an extension in his favour which makes sense as Madge’s contract and Cooks age line up together- i dont know the value. . . Mcullough will only get this year to prove himself or he is done.
        I back Oates to be on the GC or at the Cowz in 2020 as a 2nd rower.

        • And just for Reg, given he accused me of being an “Eagles” supporter, I think that’s only fair.
          The Bunnies stole Farah from the Tigers, so the the Tigers should seek some form of compensation.

        • I’ll give you 50c cause that’s about the going rate for a “Farah” homous and lamb chop aie 😂 another year of reminiscing

        • OK mighty. You aren’t an Eagles supporter if it will put a smile back on your little “punim”. Even if I KNOW for a fact that you have a liking for chips and live in the neighbourhood of the West Coast Eagles. Coincidence? 😂😂😂

      • Brisbane players were leaving and threatening to leave while Bennett was there. Now Oates has signed on since Bennett pinged off.😂😂😂🤣🤣😁

    • Well the thing is Reg, if Seibold manages to entice some Rabbitoh players to the Broncos, then the Broncs will have to release some of their players to fit within the salary cap. Without Wayne here anymore, I doubt players would be prepared to play for less………although now Souths will get that benefit!😀😀😀😀

      • “the Broncs will have to release some of their players… now Souths will get that benefit!”

        The benefit of players like James Roberts and Matt Lodge knowing our luck? Well, no thanks! If I wanted to see animals I would go to the zoo, not a football match.

        Btw dreaglor, “the Eagle has landed”, the REAL one. AngryEagle47. Careful though, he isn’t house trained yet so we have put newspaper down everywhere in case he goes off!

        • Com on mate, how many articles do you need to comment that “the Eagle has landed”?

          Now who is the “groupie” 😉

        • Btw eels47, you clearly don’t understand what a “groupie” is. It’s an unwelcome follower or pest that can’t resist the temptation of following someone from post to post without contributing anything of worth or value either in relevant content or humour.

          In short, it’s an attention seeker with nothing to offer in return, so a parasite really.

          Is that really how you see me mate? Be careful eels47. You are on thin ice when it comes to hinting about things shared offline. You don’t want to end up buried under the ice now do you? An eel can’t survive long in that kind of cold environment. ❄🐉

    • No it doesn’t Reg, why are you going on about this Bennett thing all the time? We don’t need their players and i doubt they need ours, just start being positive about Bennett and Souths, your call about what he did at Newcastle is wrong, very wrong, infact he was quite good for Newcastle, I’ll explain later

      • Poor Reg is getting even more paranoid in his old age I fear. Maybe it was the tree change? All of that fresh air is messing with his brain I think.

        • See my response above.

          Reg Reagan
          December 5, 2018 at 1:30 pm
          Btw eels47, you clearly don’t understand…

          I think opening the vault could result with me messing with your brain so that YOU may end up needing a mobility scooter to get around. 🤯🤪

      • When Bennett came to newcastle his contract was with Nathan Thinkler , not the club, he was there for three seasons and got them to the elimnations semis in his second year, in the last year the team , officials, fans re- Newcastle community, were so devestated by the Alex MacKinnon injury that even Jesus Christ would have struggled for success has a coach, also to this day he is very close to Alex MacKinnon.
        Come the forth year when he left, Tinkler was in all sorts of trouble , oweing money and destroying Newcastles legacy and community and Bennett got out cause his deal, has I said, was with Tinkler, not Newcastle.
        Get on board Reg , if i’m wrong i’ll gladly cop it from you, but me thinks this will be good for Souths.

        • As much as I enjoy seeing Reg squirm over Bennett being at Souths, you are right Penso. He is there now, and will be for the next 3 years. Reg, get on the mobility scooter (can’t use a bus, the Tigers have that one 😉 ) and enjoy the ride.

        • I disagree with the Bennett improving sides, he was handed a premiership side in 2015 which he tore apart from the get go to end up with little more than an almost there contender.
          Bringing in Bird? Why?
          Letting the only recognised half (Hunt) go? Why?
          Dragging the club through mud because he didn’t get his way.
          Shame on Bennett. Souths problem now.
          Hopefully he can maintain the premiership threat and not wreck another team.
          Brisbane can hopefully recover this year to be a threat n 2019.

        • Penso, Bennett got his backside smacked in the Preliminary Final against the Roosters while coaching Newcastle in 2013. So to the old codger’s credit he was like Souths this this season one game short of the grand final. ⚔

        • @ Woody

          ‘the old codger”

          Bennett is 69 yrs old and you “claim” to be 98 yrs old.

          Pot, kettle, black Woody. 😂

        • Yea but I’m an old Fa💥rt getting sponge baths off nurse Ratchet, Papa Smurf thinks he’s young but he’s an old codger who needs to retire. He is that old he has forgotten what defence looks like. Bennett defence strategies resembles a picket fence in France to keep the German tanks out during WW2.

  2. would take TPJ in an instant, not that fussed over Oates.. not sure about the whole Cookie going to Tigs.. Blind Madge couldn’t see how good Cookie was when all Rabbitoh fans (at least the one’s the understand footy) could see that Cookie should have been starting once Bully left..

    Hope as hell Cookie resigns…

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