The Brisbane Broncos have named their trial team for Saturday’s first hit-out of 2018.

Todd Murphy and Shaun Nona will lead the young side around in the match against Intrust Super Cup entity the Central Capras.

The match will be played in the Central Queensland town of Theodore from 6pm on Saturday night.


  1. Jamayne Isaako
  2. Corey Allan
  3. Tom Opacic
  4. Gehamat Shibasaki
  5. Moses Pangai
  6. Todd Murphy
  7. Shaun Nona
  8. George Fai
  9. Jake Turpin
  10. Payne Haas
  11. Salesi Funaki
  12. Andre Savelio
  13. Patrick Mago
  14. Gerome Burns
  15. David Fifita
  16. Thomas Flegler
  17. Patrick Carrigan
  18. Myles Taueli
  19. Keenan Palasia
  20. Eddie Blacker
  21. Kotoni Staggs


  1. @screamingeagle
    Different David Fifita, the one that plays for the broncos is only 17, the other is still out in UK playing for Wakefield

    • The way I read it, they are prepared to / would consider releasing Peachy at the end of this season (a year early) to go to the Titans (I wonder know they want).

      I can understand Peachy wanting to leave though, and no offence to Penrith supporters, because he’s stuck on the bench. I can understand why he is, to a degree, given his versatility and his ability to make an impact, but they are the very reasons most clubs would give him 80 minutes.

      • The way Gus came out a few hours ago and said they are aware the Gold Coast have made a bid and that they will let them go I would think that he has already signed for 2019 onwards and because of the new NRL rules about 10 day cooling off period it won’t be announced for a few days but Gus knows he can’t talk him into backflipping as they don’t have the funds to compete.

  2. 8. Flegler
    10. Haas
    11. Sua
    12. Fifita
    13. Carrigan

    What a future forward pack!!! Look forward to watching these guys play this weekend, Fifita and Haas are the future

    • They didn’t get rid of it they just changed the ruling on it. Instead of signing and having till round 13 to backflip, they sign the player and they aren’t allowed to announce it until 10 or so days after (when the cooling off period has ended) so clubs don’t look foolish

      • From SSTID,

        Good to see you back, Colonel.

        Did you get tired of watching plastic bags dancing in the breeze and looking on from a distance?
        I see you have been able to keep up-to-date with current events from your secluded cave and that you have retired that famous cape of yours. Now (like the Phantom of the opera) we will finally get to see WHO is behind the mask!

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