GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 14: Head Coach Garth Brennan looks on during a Gold Coast Titans NRL training session at Parkwood on March 14, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Titans coach Garth Brennan was left fuming after his side’s 20-12 loss to the Roosters on Sunday at Cbus Super Stadium.

it comes after two contentious referee decisions occurred during the game, the first a controversial try awarded to Roosters debutant Sean O’Sullivan, and secondly a missed forward pass that led to another Sydney score.

Asked what he thought of the game in the post-match press conference, Brennan simply said: “Frustrating.”

“(Because of) a number of areas,” Brennan told NRL Media.

“(NRL) Bunker made the call. They get a few looks don’t they?”

Titans skipper Ryan James also weighed in on the issue, saying “I thought the player was the best judge of what happened.

“He even knew he didn’t score a try but, I haven’t got ten grand,” he told NRL Media.

Brennan was clearly frustrated by both decisions, half sarcastically asking reporters which incident they were referring to when quizzed about the officiating.

I just wanted to clarify which one you were talking about,” Brennan clarified, before throwing it straight back at the media: “What did it look like to you?”

The NRL referees boss Bernard Sutton has since admitted they got the O’Sullivan try wrong, admitting officials should have ruled it a knock-on.

“Once it touched the ground it constituted a knock on and should have been ruled that way,” he told NRL Media.


  1. It is outrageous that anyone could consider this a try. I don’t even know how the onfield referee, who was standing under the goalpost could think it was one. Every person with the exception of these two were in complete bewilderment that a decision like that could be made.

    They spend millions on the Bunker and it is suppose to protect the game from howlers. At the moment, it is the games biggest enemy.

    It isn’t good enough anymore to just say that they got it wrong. There has to be action taken and a certain level of competence reached. Correct me if I am wrong, was it Chiddy in the Bunker last night? If it was, the referee boss has already admitted he got the call wrong between Penrith and the Bulldogs in round three. How many chances??

    It would be terrible to see a grand final won or lost on a decision like last night’s. We’ve had some howlers this year but that decision last night is in a league of it’s own. Even O’Sullivan got up shaking his head.

    It’s time to bring Bill Harrigan back into the fold. Bill isn’t immune to a howler himself (Gasnier @ Kogarah), however, he is the best referee the game has ever had and he is in touch more than any of the people in the system at the present time.

    Please NRL, make this a fair contest. The Titans are bad enough as it is, they don’t need the officials working against them too.

  2. The whole bunker thing is a waste of money and is a tool for the nrl to use to manipulate game results.
    Let’s go back to one referee and live with it.

  3. Unfortunately with the pace of the game and all the rule changers like the ridiculous catch the ball on the inside or outside of the shoulder and all the other silly obstruction rules etc. etc. etc a bunker is required. Sometimes they get it wrong the majority of the time they don’t. However in the old days without a bunker almost every game had some sort of controversy. In the old days Butchers drop ball no try would by the naked eye be awarded a try by a one ref match committee and those two disallowed obstruction tries one each by both teams would of been awarded also. Dose anyone remember the one ref days? They could change the coarse of a game whenever they wanted to.👍 The Bunker this season has improved out of sight from previous years. Nothing is perfect and nobody in human form can reach perfection.✔

  4. Fundamentally I don’t think there is realistically anything wrong with the current system, but it’s certainly not perfect.

    That call, and as wrong as it looked, both live and on review, is a good example. The on field ref called it a try, so it would have been called a try if we didn’t have the bunker. The bunker called it a try, and whilst that was a bad call (as far as I’m concerned at least, and let’s assume it was) they know the rules better than I do, and they had the video and time, and that was there conclusion.

    For those that argue the bunker doesn’t work, well the ref called it a try, so it would have been.
    For those that argue take the ref’s “on field call” out of the equation, when do you practically make that call (other than when it’s convenient) because the on field ref saw that and called it a try, so do you want to do away with them altogether?

    For those that expect the “perfect” decision every time without slowing the game, well that’s the goal, but in reality it’s a long way from reality when no ones perfect.

    That was a howler, and it was (IMO) but who’s got the perfect solution?

  5. The Daniel Tupou response to a reporter was a classic……DT – yeah, I thought it was a try. R – so if the GF was decided by that you’d be happy? DT – um nah, I wouldn’t like to lose a GF that way.

    The solution is the interpretation of the rules. We need one person doing all eight games per week. Look back to earlier in the year when Chiddy allowed a try to the Bulldogs that the referee boss came out the next day and said it was wrong. The very next game that night and a decision in the Broncos / Tigers match went the other way.

    If they want to give me free KFC, I will stay at Moore Park every weekend and watch 8 games of footy. I bet I wouldn’t come up with a stinker like Sunday night.

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