BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 30: Andrew McCullough passes the ball during a Brisbane Broncos NRL training session at Red Hill on April 30, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Brisbane hooker and Queensland incumbent Andrew McCullough has gone down at training on Monday morning with what could be a serious knee injury.

According to Seven News Brisbane’s Chris Garry, McCullough was carried off the ground at training with a knee injury, while “looks bad” according to Garry.

With the State of Origin series set to begin in less than a month, Maroons selectors will be waiting on the edge of their seats for official news from the Broncos.

McCullough played all three Origin matches for Queensland in 2018.

In other news from the Broncos’ session on Monday, Nine News Brisbane reporter Adam Jackson believes James Roberts and Jamayne Isaako are set to be dropped to the reserves, with Gehamat Shibasaki and Kotoni Staggs training in their place with the first grade side.


  1. This could be a blessing for Brisbane with Andrew not offering them too much to start the season. Although i agree with dropping the jet i don’t agree with Brisbane’s decision to drop Issako. Like drop Boyd common the bloke has done nothing and has the worst defense i have ever seen from a fullback.

  2. This is why the donkeys are in contention for the spoon.
    Not only is Isaako a good winger he is a good goal kicker.
    They are dropping him yet keeping Dawius in the side.
    Boyd is just about the worst player in the comp at the moment.
    As a Parra supporter who lives in Qld, I have copped a lot of crap from my Bronco supporting mates. Now the shoe is on the other foot I am loving it!

  3. As a QLD fan this is just more bad news. Looks like either Ben Hunt has to play in the halves and have someone like Jake Granville play hooker or have Norman/Milford/Taylor come into the halves and Ben Hunt at hooker if DCE doesn’t return in time.
    As a NRL fan and Warriors fan it’s good news that said players are being dropped and McCullogh is out. He hasn’t exactly offered much that his usual 40+ tackles and no attack. As for Roberts he has been terrible and needs to leave the club and Issako I feel bad for. Yes he’s not in form scoring tries and has dropped a couple high balls but he can’t be feeling fell playing outside Roberts who is trash on defense and doesn’t pass, plus he’s been getting a ear full from Brisbane for a while. Darius is the real issue at the club. Think most people would agree, So what if you’ve played 300 games and your the captain if your form sucks pick it up or bugga off. Atleast show some sort of effort atleast.

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