CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 25: Jack Wighton of the Raiders in action during the round 12 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Manly Sea Eagles at GIO Stadium on May 25, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Canberra fullback Jack Wighton has been sentenced to a two-month suspended sentence and fined $3500 for a series of drunken assaults back in February in Civic.

Wighton pleaded guilty to two charges of assault occasioning bodily harm, three counts of assault and one charge of urinating in a public place.

The Raiders fullback goes on a 20-minute rampage early one February morning, and assualts five men in three separate incidents.

The 25-year-old at one stage assaults a man who was seen to have been asking for nothing more than a handshake from the Canberra star.

Wighton then attacks a group of three men who seemingly recognise the Raider, before punching one of them in the stomach and headbutting him.

Another man then punches Wighton in the face, before the fullback retaliates and shoves a man into a glass shopfront.

Following the incident, Wighton allegedly told police he didn’t remember a single things from the night out.


  1. What a quality human being this pig of a human is. NOT
    Canberra Raiders have a habit of getting rid of these players. But I don’t think it will happen.
    As for a suspended sentence of 2 months for what he did it doesn’t say much for the legal system. An other person would have gone to goal. A few deals done on side one thinks.
    The Raiders have made great pains to make it a family club and if they keep this muppet I for one will be handing in my membership back.

    • Carney got sacked Monaghan for that mad Monday ….yet this guy is violence and gets what 6 weeks increased to 10 by the nrl wow …., great message ….. if a player plays up on the piss etc what ever we have all done that but violence is a different story footage will be interesting

      • What did “Jimmy the Jet” get for assaulting 2 different women in 6 months? A zero week suspension and a zero dollar fine.

        Carney, Monaghan and Pearce all did something in poor taste and reprehensible but NOT illegal. Nothing worth the disproportionate punishment they received.

        Like you have said, Wighton’s actions (along with Roberts and Lodge) are illegal and criminal and deserve at least double the punishment (if not more) than what Carney, Monaghan and Pearce received.

        • The best punishment for this rotten ๐Ÿฅœbehavior is do what the English did to us, send him overseas as a convict never to ๐Ÿ‘ขreturn. Most Aussies have heritage of a pommie who stole a cake or a loaf of bread and sent to Australia as a convict. This is our chance to turn the tables. Ship โ›ต๐Ÿšค๐Ÿšข๐Ÿ›ถthe convict pommy back to England. ๐ŸŽฑ

        • Funny mate, great idea!

          Since we are going all “old school” what should be the punishment for a team stealing half of another clubs territory while the Tigers took the other half? If you ask me an 86 year sentence to follow the Roosters is a bit too harsh. I would rather receive transportation to England myself!

          But seriously though Woody, sorry to hear that history mate but Glebe and Balmain, aren’t they practically the same thing and how does Souths fit into that region?

          86 years plus following the game you deserve a reward and our respect. Well done champ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป ๐ŸŽ– ๐Ÿ†

        • You got me there eels47. I only have Woody’s word that he has been following the game for over 86 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          As for “Jimmy the Jet” I posted the links confirming this a few years ago in “another life”. Do YOU want to do the research for that since I already did the work once. ๐Ÿ˜

          If memory serves it was actually 3 separate offences but just the 2 in 6 months. “Jimmy” was pacing himself.

        • @ eels47

          OK, it seems that researching this was not that difficult. Apparently if you google “James Roberts assault” there is a string of articles and references. Who knew, right? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

          Firstly, I was WRONG! Roberts didn’t assault 2 women within 6 months… Roberts assaulted 2 women in LESS THAN 5 months!! BOTH were hushed up though because of the power and influence of the Broncos north of the NSW border.

          I will post each reference separately (and there are others). But if you are looking for a conviction, you won’t find one because the pressure to proceed with a formal complaint is too great within “North Korea” who put great value in their “bread and circuses” program and filtered and managed news services.

        • Brisbane Broncos star James Roberts’ NRL career in jeopardy after a ‘drunken attack on a female barmaid ends in a bouncer choking him unconscious’

          PUBLISHED: 19:27 AEDT, 17 August 2016

          – Broncos centre James Roberts is accused of abusing a Brisbane barmaid
          – Roberts, 23, was allegedly drinking at the Normandy Hotel on Sunday
          – Witnesses say he became angry when he was denied service
          – Security guards placed him in a choke hold until he passed out
          – The Broncos said they are investigating a ‘rumour involving a player’

          By a Staff Writer Jan 17 2017 9:34AM

          “Broncos star James Roberts allegedly pulled a young woman by her hair at a Gold Coast nightclub following a day at the races at the weekend.”

          “He has been accused of grabbing the woman from behind and causing pain to her neck and was subsequently removed from premises by security.”

          The woman told The Courier Mail the pull was โ€œforcefulโ€.

          โ€œHe came up from behind me and pulled my hair quite hard and yanked my head back,โ€ she said.

          โ€œI had a sore neck all day yesterday.โ€

          “The 23-year-old woman is reluctant to make an official complaint. ”

          The 23-year-old woman is reluctant to make an official complaint.

          WHY? Because Brisbane is literally a 1 horse town and EVERYONE is on the Broncos. The Gold Coast is just 1 hour drive south of Brisbane and much of the patronage to these establishments come from people driving in from Broncos territory. No wonder the Gold Coast nightclub didn’t want to get involved and the young woman was “reluctant to make an official complaint”. The pressure on them would have been enormous had they allowed this to escalate and you can only imagine the private backlash.

    • The problem there is they (the players) just get picked up by other clubs and the Raiders lose out for doing the right thing…

      • Spot on. The NRL needs to not register players sacked for gross misconduct for a set period. Clubs have no incentive to enforce discipline.
        Iโ€™d go a step further, should a club register a contract for a player previously terminated, any further serious offences should result in hefty amounts coming off their salary cap for the following year- itโ€™s a disincentive to sign losers

      • That IS the problem which is why the NRL have to show some leadership and make a call that grubs like this will not have any contract registered by the NRL for a specified period. Depending on the severity of the offence it can even be a life ban.

        Also if clubs approach them before this period the amount of that players previous contract will be taken off their salary cap for the following year AND the contract will not be registered by the NRL in any case.

        That should get the clubs attention and result in the offending grub being persona non grata for the entire NRL. It would also help if the English SL competition could reach a mutual agreement with the NRL on this and if Rugby Union want them they can have them.

        I just saw the video. It takes real guts to go after someone half your size and strength. Strange I never saw Wighton this brave on the football field.

        How many months would a player get for 2 headbutts and 6 punches on the field? How much worse for this to occur off the field with civilians? I like Woody’s solution, deport him to England for life!

  2. Unfortunately the Raiders were aware of everything and thought 6 weeks was appropriate, the NRL knew everything and had seen the footage and upped it to 10 weeks. It just shows the NRL sets the bar nice and low. You have to wonder how Wighton would have been judged if he was an Olympic athlete, or a Socceroo.

  3. As a Raiders supporter that is disgraceful. Put him on a drinking ban or have the nrl ban him from playing…

    • He’s revealed himself to be exactly what he is. Thinks he’s a big tough guy picking fights with people who have done nothing to him. I’m glad he copped one back from that bloke who was defending himself. What happened to the loser that was with him? Good mate he must be. He needs a longer ban and a bigger fine.

  4. After seeing the footage he should sit this season out. Stuff like this is the seed of drunken one punch deaths that have occurred.

  5. Lets take a look at the NRL precedent:

    – Mitchell Pearce: $125,000 fine and 8 week suspension for taking a photo of poor taste (not illegal).
    – Ben Barba: Contract torn up and 12 week suspension for having some coke after a GF win.
    – Todd Carney: Banned for life for pissing in his own mouth (not illegal).

    Then on the other end:
    – Jack Wighton: $30,000 fine and 10 week ban for assaulting 4 people (ILLEGAL).
    – Greg Inglis: No punishment for domestic violence (ILLEGAL).
    – Greg Inglis: Two game suspension for drink driving & speeding (ILLEGAL).
    – Greg Bird: Released for his contract only to be back in the NRL one year later with NO punishment for glassing & assaulting his partner (ILLEGAL).
    – James Roberts: No punishment for assaulting a woman (ILLEGAL).

    So according to the NRL, hitting innocent people, domestic violence and drink driving are less offensive than getting abit too rowdy.

    • “Todd Carney: Banned for life for pissing in his own mouth”

      Ah, “the bubbler” incident. Talk about poor taste! ๐Ÿคฎ

    • Scott, I’m not defending Wighton by any stretch, but you need context too.

      Wighton broke the law, and was dealt with accordingly, the same as anyone else.
      The NRL / club penalty is in addition, to the punishment imposed by law, and is more about the effect a player’s actions have on the sport / club / role model.

      Again, but with context, was GI and/or Roberts found guilty in a court of law on these assault charges, was Carney actually banned for life because of that 1 incident alone etc?

      • Whether Wighton was punished by the law or not is irrelevant. Sporting bodies, including the NRL, often impose additional punishments to players whose actions have brought the game into disrepute. In my opinion, the sentence handed down to Wighton is not proportionate to his actions as I believe they constituted a more severe punishment. Assaulting 4 people brings the game into a greater level of disrepute than Ben Barba doing a line (which all of the players do, he was just the one to gt caught). My comment was to highlight the inconsistency in the NRL’s punishment process.

        Context is definitely important. GI was found guilty of both charges, Roberts was not but that was because he was being protected by the night club owner who refused to give footage of the incident. Carney was a repeat offender, I agree and deserved a severe punishment. But I ask you; by that merit doesn’t GI deserve a severe punishment for repeat offences? Domestic violence and drink driving hurt and kill more Australians every year than pissing in your own mouth: FACT.

  6. What a GRUB!!!! Has he even come out and apologised or shown any remorse for his actions????? Glad he doesnโ€™t play for my team!! He should be out doing community service – maybe that might sort out his attitude.

  7. NRL continues to lower the bar. This is Lodge all over again. He should have received a criminal conviction – what happened to the victims by the way? Very strange that they haven’t sued – sought compensation? This guy will do something stupid again in the near future – sure bet.

  8. Maybe Uncle Wayne will sign Wighton for the rabbits next year to go with his other thugs Lodge and Jimmy the Jet and Russell Packer who he tried to sign for the Knights years ago. They can all get together and compare trial notes .
    On the subject of Greg Bird he was found not guilty because his girlfriend was a lying junkie who self harmed to get Bird locked up. Not saying he is a fine upstanding citizen or anything but on that occasion he was guilty of stupidity only. NOT ILLEGAL

  9. I wonder how Mitchell Pearce feels right now. Pearce was fined $125,000 by the NRL, suspended for 8-matches and lost his co-captaincy for the Roosters. For nothing!

    Where’s Karyn Murphy????

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