SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Boyd Cordner of the Roosters and team mates leave the field following their warm-up during the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the Brisbane Broncos at Allianz Stadium on September 8, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Boyd Cordner has announced he has re-signed with the Sydney Roosters for a further five years.

Speaking on NRL 360 tonight, Roosters captain Cordner confirmed that he had re-signed to the lengthy contract that morning.

“It’s a place where I’ve been since I was a kid and honestly I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else,” Corder said.

“I’ve been blessed with so many memories and opportunities in my time with the Roosters.

“It’s a great club and I love the memories I’ve had so far and can’t wait to make many more.”

The re-signing of Cordner is the latest piece in the puzzle for the Roosters with big-name recruits Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco adding star power to an already stacked side.

The Roosters will also welcome Angus Crichton in 2019, with theSouth Sydney Rabbitohs star joining the Tri-colours on a three-year deal.


  1. What, no chorus of the sombrero song, no “rorters” comments, nothing?

    I don’t believe they’re over the cap this year, unlike some others, but they will need to free up coin next year for Crichton, and from what I can see the only player on coin to come off contract at the end of this season is Fergo, and I don’t see that alone being enough.

    I suspect the Roosters will be shopping somone around towards the end of the season, if not before.

  2. you pretty much said it all eelsalmighty i actually think the same way with such a talented roster even thou
    mr city ford nick the greek polites wont agree he recons the red roosters are still under the cap if they dont @ lest make the grandfinal you would think there coach would be under a lot of pressure

  3. Oh sorry, let me kick it off.
    pfft. What a joke the Rorters have made of the salary cap. They’ve show how pathetically powerless the NRL and its salary cap is. They’ve got the media personalities convinced, but the rest of us can do math. 1+1+1 doesn’t = 2. Sorry it just doesn’t.
    Eelsalmight, the only reason nobodies arked up on this thread so far is because I think EVERYBODY has already said it already.

    • +100 Butters

      An embarrassment to the league.

      Funny thing is that they under perform year in year out with a cap busting roster.

    • Butter fingers the only reason why your math doesn’t add up is because you over estimate the value of all their players. With your estimates could you kindly explain to the League World how the Cowboys can add players to their roster from Melbourne, while your at it please explain Melbourne’s ability to keep all their stars under the cap and add Hoffman and Kasiano. And because the term “please explain” came up could you also inform the League World old Butterfingers how those Queensland Ponies from Brisbane are always under the cap. Once your peanut has come to the conclusion your price tag for players is way out of whack, then you may understand that the Sydney Roosters are no different to those other clubs mentioned. Um Butterfingers you could probably put Parra, & Cronulla into that group also needing your assessment for your over the cap club. How much depth has Parra got this year?

  4. Why is it everytime the Roosters resign a player or sign a new player the public automatically think the contract is a million dollars. Cordner would of signed for no more than 750-800k and Crichton who has played only about 30 NRL games certainly signed on with the Roosters for a lot less than Cordner. Lets face it players come to a successful team to play semi-final footy, win comps and play rep footy. Which boosts their value. A player like Crichton would be happy to sign for 500k at the Roosters than at Souths because he will be guaranteed a crack at a premiership and rep honors. Its been happening at all the big teams for years like Melbourne, Brisbane, Cowboys, Sydney etc, Players are willing to sacrifice a few bucks for the glory of playing in a successful club. Players like Maloney, Tuivasa-Shreck, can chase the money because they have premiership rings and rep honours. Players like Crichton haven’t achieved what every footballer strives for yet. But at a great club he will. There are many players who stick with a club through thick and thin and never win a comp but had they left for great clubs that are always near the top they would of. Thousands of players would regret never winning a comp. In this day and age of no loyalty from the clubs then any player who misses their chance at willing a premiership is an idiot. Bennett has been singing this song since 1988. Players sacrifice a few but not a lot of dollars to fit into the best team.

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