HULL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Wayne Bennett Head Coach of England Rugby League team during a Captain's run at KCOM Stadium on October 26, 2018 in Hull, England. (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)

Wayne Bennett won’t actively raid Brisbane’s roster to enhance the Rabbioths’ squad for the 2020 season, but he hasn’t ruled out Broncos players following him to South Sydney at the end of next year.

Bennett on Thursday was announced as the Rabbitohs’ coach for the 2020 season, with current Rabbits boss Anthony Seibold joining the Broncos after Bennett’s contract runs out in 2019.

The legendary coach has notoriously been joined by players as he has moved clubs over the past seasons (notably Darius Boyd), although Bennett told that won’t be high on his agenda during the 2019 campaign.

“I won’t be looking to [bring players over], no, but again you’ve got to understand the ramifications,” Bennett told while in Hull with the England side.

“There’s a number of players at the Broncos that specifically come to play because I’m the coach.Β And I’m not going to be the coach after ’19. They’re all big boys and have grown up, they’ll have to make their own decisions with what they want to do.”

Bennett believes Boyd will finish his career in Queensland, given he’s in the twilight of his career.

“Darius won’t leave now, he’s at the end of his career,” Bennett said.

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“The other boys are there because I was there, it’s up to them with what they want to do.”

Bennett was close to joining the Wests Tigers as a replacement for the soon-to-depart Ivan Cleary, although the Tigers weren’t able to wait an extra season, allowing the Rabbitohs to swoop in and land the 68-year-old.

“I did [consider the Tigers], I absolutely did, but they wanted a coach in ’19 and I wasn’t available. I’m committed to the Broncos, that hasn’t changed. If they change their position at the Broncos, well, they’ll have to come and have a talk to me about that,” Bennett added.

“I’ve said all along I’ve got a contract for 2019 and Souths recognise that and were happy to take me from 2020.

“It’s my intention to fill that unless I’m told otherwise. It doesn’t change anything for me but that’s my position. If the Broncos have another position they’ll have to address that – I know what my position is.

“It come about because Anthony [Seibold] was in discussion at the Broncos and I was told I wasn’t required. Souths were feeling vulnerable that they were going to lose their coach and that’s how it come about.”


  1. It is logical that when a club moves on a coach so deeply entrenched in the Broncos recruitment and culture some players will follow. However, I am not convinced that this will trigger a mass exodus. Players and their managers are quite switched on now days. Whilst they may be disappointed with the realisation that Bennett is going, the young players will also know that Bennett time in the game is coming to a close. I doubt too many will leave Brisbane knowing that Bennett will only be at Souths for two years anyway.

    If this happened 10 or even 5 years ago things may have been different.

    • Oates unquestionably, will not take the opportunity to reunite with this ancient of ancient coach. Bennett has already outlaid the decree to Oates, that wing, and wing only is unequivocally his position under Bennett’s coaching regime.

      Indications at this point in time are, TJP may be the latest version of a Darius, by signing a Broncos contract for one season only.

      • But I’m betting that IYO Oates will “unquestionably” be joining “our” bitter rivals “your” Roosters, right Russ?

    • No mate, much as I would like to bury the crypt keeper on this one, Tinkler stopped paying the players and when the cheques bounced morale plummeted.

      People don’t work for nothing in the real world, even less when they place themselves in harms way and put their bodies on the line… jus’ sayin’.

  2. Is he going to coach the rabbitohs in 2109 ? We may end up with a Manly vs Souths GF .
    my team has 2 head coaches so we gotta be favourites for the title πŸ˜‰

  3. I think both the Broncos and Bennett needed a change. Broncos should be in the top 4 every year, based on their roster and facilities. Souths have got an ageing roster, I can’t see Bennett having an impact.

    • Ageing Roster? You are a fool if you believe that.
      GI has 2 years and Sam just signed for 4 more.
      Sutton, he will be coaching in 2020.

      The rest of the squad are mainly kids in their prime or about to be.
      33 Players in total
      Average age is 23 years 8 months.
      11 players still qualify for U20s
      Only 2 players older than 30

      Backs: 10
      G Inglis 31
      C Allan 20
      A Johnston 23
      D Gagai 27
      C Graham 19
      R Jennings 22
      R Kennar 23
      J Gagan 25
      B Burns 22
      M Hiroti 19

      Halves 5
      A Reynolds 28
      C Walker 28
      A Doueihi 20
      C Tracey 22
      D Hawkins 19

      HOOKER: 3
      D Cook 27
      M McIlwrick 27
      Josh Cook 19

      EDGE: 4
      J Sutton 34
      D Britt 24
      B Sironen 21
      LK Taavale 20

      MIDDLE: 11
      S Burgess 29
      T Burgess 26
      G Burgess 26
      C Murray 20
      T Tatola 22
      K Dillon 24
      Z Musgrove 22
      K Turner 26
      M Nicholls 28
      S Johnstone 20
      Ky Rodwell 19

  4. Reg Reagan
    October 27, 2018 at 1:59 pm
    …After reading half a dozen or more media reports from both sides of the border with direct quotes from both Richo and Bennett the following seems clear…

    1. Bennett will NOT leave the Broncos voluntarily and will be coaching the Broncos in 2019 UNLESS the Broncos make the decision to move Bennett on and announce Seibold as Broncos head coach for 2019.

    2. The Broncos will not be making an announcement about Seibold until following a Broncos board meeting next Tuesday.

    3. Bennett has signed with Souths from 2020 only and would be concerned about the loss of income for 2019 unless either the Broncos pay him out and/or the Rabbitohs extend his contract to 3 years bringing it forward to 2019.

    4. Richo has confirmed that there has been NO falling out with Seibold and Souths have no concerns about Seibold coaching Souths in 2019 (which is what they expect will happen) but they are open to an early release if Bennett is available sooner.

    5. The Broncos have grudgingly admitted that they β€œcould” get through another season with Bennett at Red Hill although clearly this is not a preferred option.

    6. Bennett confirmed Darius Boyd will NOT be coming to Souths and that TPJ only came to the Broncos to be coached by him but he will have to make up his own mind if he wants to come to Souths (although TPJ only signed a 1 year contract so he could leave his options open to follow Bennett).

    Bottom line, the ball is clearly in the Broncos court and following their board meeting on Tuesday it will only take a phone call to Souths to work out if a swap is on the cards for 2019 but TPJ seems locked in at the Broncos until 2020.

    • I thought I read somewhere TPJ has not actually ”signed” but will when he returns from overseas holidays.

      • Don’t tease me chalky. DON’T tease me!

        I could be wrong but I thought that was in relation to his future beyond 2019. I would be pleased as punch to be proved wrong in this instance though.

        Hopefully TPJ will follow Wayne’s umbilical cord all the way to Redfern (along with Corey Oates and David Fifita). Well, fingers crossed. 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

      • He will be signed in November as he is still currently contracted to his management until the end of October. Once he is off contract with them he will sign so they can’t claim any fees for his contract agreement.

  5. “Bennett won’t raid Broncos to strengthen Souths”… just like he didn’t raid the Broncos to strengthen the Dragons and the Bulldogs and he didn’t raid the Dragons to strengthen the Knights and he didn’t raid the Knights to strengthen the Broncos… At least he left those positions voluntarily, I can only imagine how a bitter and rejected Bennett “won’t raid the Broncos” now.

    Bahahahahahahahahahaha Be afraid Broncos fans, ALL your BEST players are gooooone! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. It’d make sense for him to go after players he works well with from Brisbane, but it’d be extremely unprofessional to limit himself to that. He should have the experience to know that you go after the best man for the job, not your mates from your former club

  7. It’s so funny reading all u’s kissing Bennett’s ass how he’s signed with the rabbits, Brisbane fans r glad to C the other side of his face. The old farts done , ANY PLAYER THAT LEAVE WITH BENNETT ,WE DONT WANT AT THE BRONCOS . No coach or players BIGGER THEN THE GAME. Not that loyally plays apart in our game now, but the Broncos only want a player who cares about the jersey . Anyway ass kissers Bennett’s times up and if Brisbane’s got any luck he gose ASAP. TOMORROW PLEASE

    • If u read all the other posts on this circus – you would clearly know that ALL rabbitohs WANTED Seibs to STAY, but he decided to DOG us.
      So now we (all us rabbtiohs) hopes Clint brings TPJ, Fifita would be handy and throw in Payne Haas as well, oh yeah nearly forgot also Demetriou (no point in him hanging around if he has aspirations to coach at NRL as I dare say Seibs will be signed long term and Clint hasn’t got too many more years in the coaching game). So we r definitely not Bennetts’ ass kissers – just aiming for the best for a (potentially) not so great situation – hope this helps….

  8. All the talk is of ‘ Who will Bennett bring to South’s ‘?
    No talk of ‘ Who will Seibold bring to the Brocos ‘? If the players at South’s all like Seibold & it seems that they do, given the effort in 2018 by all there. How many players from South’s would the Broncos want & who may follow him North? Even if it’s some up & coming talented players at South’s , that may follow Seibold to Brisbane ? It most likely would not be a Win, Win situation for South’s .
    You all said Bennett is the ageing coach on a two year contract. So why not follow the younger Seibold to the Broncos ?

    • East of Divide
      The Broncos are short of Halves, aren’t they?
      They melt in the big games and go missing, aka the Dragons…
      The GF where they dropped the ball, lol

      I was talking about this situation in my Facebook Group.
      The Rabbitohs have 10 players of Contract from our Top 30 who will need to “Earn a New Deal”
      Also players in our 2nd tier and development players.

      They are…
      Burns, Hirotti, Gagan, Kennar, Tracey, McIlwrick, Britt, Sironen, Turner, Nicholls will all be playing for their futures

      2nd tier players Brittain, Koloamatang, Kennedy, Kaveinga also
      PLUS Youngsters Hawkins, Josh Cook, LK Taavale,

      Would Seibold take any of these players to Brisbane?

    • Parra did go after Bennett but he didn’t like How the Club was being run.
      The Dramas there were just way too much.

  9. If bennett goes to souffs in 2019, do you guys have any salary cap left to buy tpj, oates and lodge?
    All are off contract atm and maybe for a reason?

    • Oats, we are well stocked for wingers.
      Lodge, we are well stocked for front rowers.
      No Chance these 2 will be at Souths…

      How much is Pangai Junior worth?
      He has played 54 games and tests for Tonga so at least $600k you would imagine.

      Souths Cap…
      It is a good question as the Media are reporting we have no money left due to Jennings and Sutton. They both will be announced soon

      Souths will have only 1 position left in our Top 30 for 2019.
      Coincidently it is an Edge position yet to be filled.

      Shane Richardson is a smart man he always seems to leave $300k or $400k in the bank for such an occasion.
      Kyle Turner has been a player tipped to be moved on but I am not sure if there are any takers. He is on about $250k

      So in theory, Souths can afford Tevita Pangai Junior if we really wanted to get him.

      I have been discussing this issue in my group, I did an estimation and come up with that I think the Rabbitohs should have $305k left in our cap PLUS that extra $200k that can be used for Long Serving Players, i.e. Sutton.
      My estimations, on the whole, were pretty good.

      Quite a few Souths players come off contract at the end of this season so the deck chairs can be rearranged for 2020.

  10. I think this was a bad move from Souths. Bennett is clearly on his way to retirement home and he will offer nothing to this club but back ended deals. I guess Reynolds will be taking the two a lot πŸ˜‰

    • Every club seems to be taking the 2 a lot.

      In actual fact, as the Rabbitohs scored the most trys than any other club we didn’t need to take the two as the other clubs did, we backed our attack.
      The Dragons kicked more penalty goals than any other club.
      The Storm, Panthers did also.

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