TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 18: Manly coach Trent Barrett looks on at the post match media conference at the end of during the round three NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Manly Sea Eagles at 1300SMILES Stadium on March 18, 2017 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Former Manly coach Trent Barrett is considered the early favourite to replace Sharks mentor Shane Flanagan should he face suspension, as reported by Fairfax Media.

Flanagan could be rubbed out for communicating with the club during his 12-month ban in 2014, and despite having the club’s backing, Cronilla are making plans to replace him should be face suspension.

Barrett, who is currently on leave after being replaced by Des Hasler at Manly, tops the Sharks’ wish list of coaching candidates and is considered the favourite to land the job should it become available. Other names on Cronulla’s radar include St Helens coach Justin Holbrook and former Dragons mentor Steve Price.

Former premiership Shark Luke Lewis has tipped assistant coach John Morris to take over the reigns from Flanagan if he is forced out of the club.

“He knows the game like the back of his hand, he’s very smart and he knows the boys really well,” Lewis told the Herald.

“He knows the values we’re about, he knows the game plan, he’d be the perfect man for the job.

An investigation into the Sharks’ salary cap scandal found evidence of Flanagan contacting the club over issues such as recruitment and player retention.

Cronulla chief executive was not willing to speculate on the coaching situation.

“What I can say is that Shane Flanagan is our coach, he is contracted for 2019, he’s done a wonderful job and he will continue to coach the team,” Russell told the Herald.

“It will be training and business as usual for us.

“I’ve met with the players today, I’ve met with the staff today and I’ve relayed this same message. It’s important to stay focused on our preparation next year as a team and also importantly for us staff off the field to keep focused and work as hard as we can to secure major sponsors for our jersey.”


    • Oh that’s right all articles on Fox Sports as reported by Fairfax are 100% truth.
      Not even a Fox Sport columnist was brave enough to put their name to the report.

      • Yeah that’s what I said isn’t it, I was merely pointing out that Ben Cotton didn’t make the story up, what why the unnecessary attack?

        Do you have anything constructive to add?

      • Yeah but throw in that Barrett just bought a place down there, it may not be confirmed but it’s a fairly good educated guess.

      • I simply hate the off season and all the crap stories it brings out before the season kicks off.
        I’m over the who’s next to break their contract story’s, which player has been found drunk stories, which player has been found urinating in the street stories, which team might have breached their salary cap stories and guess who is having meetings to join another club stories.
        There are plenty of good stories that should be highlighted that no-one writes about because players visiting sick children in hospitals, feeding the homeless and assisting charity organizations don’t sell papers.
        Bring on the season opener.

      • Ok, that I can agree on. Unfortunately it is the bad news stories and the player movements that generate the “hits” though. There is so much good that players from all codes do, not just rugby league, that the media simply do not care about, which is quite sad really.

    • Not too many more one would hope. There’s only so many times you can screw the pooch before something has to be done. But hey, this is the nrl and the gummies have gotten away pretty much everything in the past.

      • Given your recent comments about Dylan Walker “prissy-drag-queen” (or should I call you Priscilla?) I wonder if you are “p!ssing yourself laughing” now that Jack De Belin has been arrested by police for sexually assaulting a 19 year old girl just out of school while his partner is at home 20 weeks pregnant with his child. Any thoughts motor mouth? Karma just shut your mouth didn’t it smart ass! LOL

    • You got that right, just like he was a wannabe player. Had talent but was too much of a sook and too soft. Then when the dragons of old called him on it and things got tough he threw all his toys out of the cot and left – just like he did at manly when (boohoo) the facilities weren’t as good as other clubs. Doesn’t have the spine to be a coach.

  1. Funny how the most self righteous on here think their club has never cheated or screwed up in any way, or not in any financial trouble themselves

    • Yeah I mean every club has been on the drugs on a club wide scale. Plenty of clubs have had minor crap, but drugnulla’s is as bad as it gets and they got off lightly unlike Essendon and Hird.

  2. As Gus would say NO NO NO NO NOO!!! Sharks already have a ready made replacement if necessary….. JOHN MORRIS!

  3. Barrett I doubt will ever get another crack at the NRL. England is a possibility or an assistant role would be his best chance to stay in the coaching game. But there is no way in the World any club would hire him as their head coach.🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

  4. I like Barrett. I think he is a nice bloke. I would love to have him and his missus over to dinner for good convo and intelligent insight. But if ever there was a mismatch between a club and coach then Trent over at a team of hard junkyard dogs (meant as a compliment) is the one. I reckon Ricky Stewart is the right fir for Cronullas style. And he seems to have gone stale in Canberra…but seriously who wouldnt

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