BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 13: Valentine Holmes poses for a photo during a Queensland Maroons State of Origin media session at the Rydges Hotel on June 13, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Ben Barba’s sensational sacking from North Queensland could open the door for Valentine Holmes to return to the NRL.

The former Dally M Medallist’s departure has left the Cowboys with ample salary cap space and in need of a marquee fullback.

North Queensland have long targeted the Townsville-local Holmes, who could be interested in joining the club should he backflip on his NFL quest.

However, the Sharks released Volmes on the final year of his contract on the provision that Cronulla is the only club he could play for should he return to the NRL in 2019.

But after signing Shaun Johnson, it is understood that the Sharks are capped out and would probably be unable to fit Holmes into there books.

Cronulla CEO Barry Russell said it would be “fair and reasonable” for Holmes to join North Queensland.

“As part of our release we have an agreement with him, which we would expect him to uphold,” Russell told The Sun-Herald.

“I don’t think his commitments will finish over there until at least August, so I don’t think he’s a chance of returning this season anyway.

“And by all reports he’s going extremely well. I really want him to be a great success over there.

“If the time comes and we had to have an honest and open discussion [about 2019], if we can accommodate him, we will; if we can’t, we’ll be fair and reasonable.

“We’re only worried about the Sharks, not any other club.”

Cowboys football manager Peter Parr told The Sun-Herald: “This has all happened really quickly, we’ll take a day or two to catch our breath, and then work out what we do moving forward.”


  1. Who honestly writes this stuff? Barbara was on 300k. So Holmes is going to go from 1mill to 300k? That’s if he decided to come home. Cowboys wouldn’t have much in the kitty after bringing Maguire in to an already rep pack.


  2. Which Manly 1st grader stole 20 bucks from the tip jar at a harbord pub ???
    How many sc*mbags do they have in that team ??

  3. While he is learning to become a NFL player like Hayne he will be on less than 100k, Then he has to make the 55 player cut off and because he is a rookie he will have little game time and little pay. If the best Rugby League player Hayne who was the current Dally M player of the Year could not make it then how is Holmes going to make it❓❔❓❔ I think he just might be back in the NRL before June 30 deadline. If Holmes was on 700k and Cronulla offer him 350k for half a season then he must take it because he still had a year of his contract to go before he went on his big time dream walkabout adventure.

  4. Exactly. In order to make big money in the NFL he will need to play the long game. Go though the training, make a roster, make the most of his limited game time and earn an upgrade etc.

    The only thing he has going for him that Hayne didn’t is that he is a bit younger. But he is up against guys a lot younger than him who have been playing the game since the day they could walk. Forget the comments coming from the coaches saying he is a special talent etc, they all said the same about Hayne too.

    I wish Val all the best and I really hope he sees it through, but if is about money he will be back in 2020 in a Cowboys jersey.

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