Former NRL star Ben Barba has been cleared to return to rugby league this weekend, as reported by Fox Sports.

The 30-year old will take the field in the Kanaka Proud Cup nine months after he was sacked by the North Queensland Cowboys and banned by the NRL.

It is believed that he will line up for Mackay alongside his brother Marmin.

Barba was let go by the Cowboys over allegations of a violence in a Townsville casino on Australia Day.

He was charged with public nuisance and obstructing the police, charges he pleaded guilty in May and was made to participate in community service.

The former Dally M Medallist has since been playing football for Mackay Premier League side Mackay Rangers and working in a metal company.

When contacted by, organiser Marion Healy said: “The Kanaka Proud Cup is not an NRL sanctioned event, therefore Ben is free to play.

“Ben is representing his grandmother’s family, it is an event based on our community and our shared history of being blackbirded South Sea islanders in the area.”

The Kanaka Proud Cup is an event which celebrates and seeks to pay homage to Queensland’s history of blackbirding.


  1. He should give it a go cookeem, I heard Sam Burgess is going to be signed up as soon as Soufths pay out his 3.6mil retirement fund.

    Woodpack sent him down to Mexico for a fitness test. After lifting up half naked chicks in his crocodile dundee out fit, Sam Burgess proved beyond doubt, that he can use his shoulder quite well. Indeed he will join $BW on a 3.5 mil contract.

  2. Shadow (and aliases) “premiership” posts, 10 trillion, and 1.
    Readers care factor, ZERO.
    And yes, as a Parra supporter I’m fully aware of our 4, yes only 4 premierships, and our 30 odd year draught, and our 14 spoons.

  3. Oh come on, Barbie playing a game of park footy is hardly a return to League. The media really are a bunch of M upp e-ts sometimes.

    As for going to Toronto, well Toronto are in Superleague which banned him as well so unless he is going playing park footy there as well, he has no chance.

    Now if we want to really look at club performances as Shadow et al really want us to do then we should look at all clubs on an equal basis. We need to look not just at total premierships but at total premierships divided by the number of years in the comp.

    Do that and both Souths and the Roosters end up well and truely in the shadow of the Mighty Storm.

  4. Careful daffy, you’ll upset poor shadow and he will revert to his capital letter essays of dribble and informative rants.

    What did the poor fella do in 2000 and 2001 when Souths were non existent?? Jeez those razor blade sales at his local Coles would have went through the roof along with his silver pillows down at Elizabeth street…..

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