Sydney Roosters' Mitch Aubusson has declared he would rather retire than play for another NRL club.

He also ruled out a move to the English Super League when his contract expires at the end of 2019.

The 31-year old revealed he has opened talks with the Roosters about the possibility of playing on in 2020, but also discussed the prospect of retiring.

"We're in negotiations at the moment about where we stand for next year," Aubusson told

"We haven't made a call yet but I'm pretty confident something will get sorted. What I do know is I won't be playing for another club or going overseas.

"Early years I thought it might've been an option [overseas] but as I got older and have a younger family to uproot them and take them over is probably not ideal for us.

"I don't think it would suit me to go over there."

Aubusson is the longest-serving active player at the Tricolours and third on the club's all-time game list, trailing only 300-gamers Anthony Minichiello and Luke Ricketson.

But he is already looking into life after football, while admitting there would be a pull of returning to rugby league down the track.

"I want to see how my body feels before I dive into that," he said.

"I've got a few things lined up but want to make a call on my body and then transition.

"That might be an opportunity down the track."

The veteran thinks Sydney have the tools to become the first team in the NRL era of winning back-to-back premierships.

"When we do put it together I feel like we're really hard to stop," Aubusson said.

"But it's about that consistency and timing our defence with that as well. With all the troops coming back and Origin period done now it's time to put the foot down and see how far we can take it."


  1. Well thats understandable.
    Roosters still havent offered an extension for next year and after fruitless enquiries by his manager and with other clubs here and overseas, doesnt leave him much choice.
    has always been a make up the numbers man at the roosters never achieving anything notable outside club level.
    Playing alongside the best money can buy helped lift his so so ability.
    I hear when he retires he wants to pursue his passion as a scoot dancing teacher.
    Good luck Mitch.

  2. Frankfurter it could be on the cards they re sign him to reach 300 next year.
    I would presume a fair salary of around $50k given his ability.
    Not sure where you get champion from?
    Obviously thrown around lightly at that club.
    Champions are known for achieving a fair bit more than club level.

  3. The reason Mitch didn’t achieve anything beyond club level is when the team was dominating in games he was always part of the action and getting as much ball as he could but in games when the pressure was on with the game on the line he was one of the first to be found wanting.
    That was a big factor being overlooked for anything more.

  4. Speaking of champions on 360 tonight Billy Moore gave all the reasons why Cam Murray is a future immortal and made perfect sense.
    Is there no end to all the accolades coming this kid’s way?
    Absolute superstar.

  5. Cam Murray is so far proving to be better than Victor Radley. In Radley’s defence though, he has played in the foreign position of Hooker for most of the season. Next year we will probably have a better understanding of Radleys potential.

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