BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 24: Jai Arrow of the Broncos looks to pass during the round four NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Canberra Raiders at Suncorp Stadium on March 24, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Jai Arrow has signed a four-year deal with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, starting in 2021.

The deal ties the 24-year old to the Rabbitohs until at least the end of the 2024 season.

Arrow has notched 62 NRL games after making his debut for the Brisbane Broncos in 2016 and has played four State of Origin matches for Queensland.

Rabbitohs general manager of football Shane Richardson was thrilled to see the rising star join the club at the end of next season.

“He has worked with Wayne (Bennett) previously at the Broncos and he has developed into a State of Origin player, but we see him being able to push for further honours in the green and gold in coming years and we couldn’t be happier that he will be pursuing those goals whilst playing his NRL football with Souths, he told 

“During our discussions with him about football and life outside of football he has shown great maturity and a willingness to live by The Rabbitoh Way.

“He was chased by a number of NRL clubs but he has made the Rabbitohs his club of choice from 2021.

“We wish him the best of luck with the Titans for the coming season and we’re looking forward to him joining us for 2021. I am sure all of our Members and supporters are as well.”



  1. So Jai Arrow will be in paper for bashing his Mrs and drink driving during his contract, the Rabbitoh way.

  2. You couldn’t blame Arrow when he gives his mrs a touch up for making him move down to that hole from beautiful gold coast QLD.

  3. Hahahaha…Hahahha…..Hahahaaaa
    Four forwards leave and no replacements. Souths will not qualify for the top eight. Walker who only passes the ball after all his individual options have expired and a rookie Fullback that even the great test and premiership winning captain Minichello said Mitchell is not suited to fullback, and a heap of duds signed up like Mundine, Johns, Goodwin. Etc.etc.etc…….. Did I mention Goodwin??? Hahahaha all 35yrs of him and his walking stick.

    Oh I forgot they have signed over priced overrated Arrow who will not play next season. This is the happiest day of this year for me now that all this news confirms the rabbits are dead and buried TwentyOne for twenty twenty.

    Hahahahahahah….hahahaha… hahaaaaaa

  4. Its looking worse for Mitchell finding a new home. Reckon he will end up either at the Titans or at home with his feet up. If he does the latter, watch his value drop next year. He won’t be worth 800 by then let alone a mil.

  5. Loving it.
    Some shell shocked wombats on here unable to deal with Latrell telling the sombreros where to go.
    Great entertainment.
    Gets better folks hang around.
    Fox to make it 4/4 soon.
    Let’s go for 5.
    My source tells me roosters will be stripped of last 2 premierships by Mid 2020.
    Big story to unfold before 2020 R1.
    This guy is on the money.
    Cant wait.

  6. 21, “Some shell shocked wombats on here”. That there is, and I’m not having a crack at you, merely agreeing with that part of the statement.
    “Latrell telling the sombreros where to go.” That’s a serious stretch, to say the very least, even allowing for the most biased media argument, surely? The way I see it, the Roosters have made it very clear they aren’t prepared to play silly little games. He wanted to test the market, he/his manager made a meal of that, with or without help from the media, and the Roosters have taken a stance. The offer’s gone, and I’ll bet they make him play reserves if he stays, so he needs a club for his career.
    “My source tells me roosters will be stripped of last 2 premierships by Mid 2020.” I can’t see that happening, but we’ll see.

  7. Love em’ or hate em ‘Souths along with the Cowboys will replace Roosters and Storm as the dominant teams this decade. If Penrith can sort themselves out they will also.

  8. LidcombeOval, I disagree with your comment on the Bunnies, at least at this stage.
    With Mitchell at FB, assuming he goes to the Bunnies, and assuming he takes to the position relatively smoothly, which I think he will, they will have a strong spine and attack, but an avaerage (at FG level) forward pack. Parra have been there/done that far too often, and for far too long, and it didn’t/hasn’t worked for us at least.

  9. Lidcombe I think the roosters can dominate for many years to come as long as uncle Nick remains alive and in charge of the NRL. The Storm no. Their dominance is just about over. Certainly once smith is gone next year and bellamy will follow shortly after, as he realises the game is up.

    I think the eels and raiders have a better chance of stepping up and dominating the next 10 years than cowboys and souths. Heck even the tigers may do better than those two

  10. Brisbane have so many good young players at that club. Both forwards & backs. They always easily replace a back with equally good back when they lose a player. They just need to find some halves that really click. Once they do that, they’ll be the club that dominates for a while. Just as they had done in the past.

  11. “The Storm no. Their dominance is just about over.” – Ropeable Rooster

    Ha ha ha – People have been saying that every year for about 20 years now and yet somehow they are still up there. Smithy will be a big loss but I reckon Bellamy will stay on a couple of years to transition to the rebuild. The loss of 1 player no matter how good a player will not drop Melbourne out of the top 8. Look at the last 10 years, how many great players have Melbourne lost and still been a top 4 side ? Every position bar 1 has had a fresh face or two. Yes there is a rebuild coming but don’t bank on the Storm not playing finals footy any time soon.

    So Melbourne lose Smithy and you think their dominance is over yet the Roosters lose Cronk and Mitchell and you think they will dominate the next 10 years. A bit of twisted logic there. Cronk was almost as influential for the Roosters as Smithy is for Melbourne. Mitchell may be a liability for the club but he is talented and he did contribute enormously in the chooks premierships. His loss will be felt.

    Like Melbourne, the Roosters will be up there for the coming decade, of that I have no doubt. They are a club with strong values and have developed a good culture and its those things that win out in the long term.

  12. Look here Brennan alleyway we back our team no matter what, YOU jump ship with the enemy bad mouthing your out team. Go have a look in the mirror. You’ll see red and blue. If we won a premiership you’d still have something to say 🙄. Go to moore park and go bad mouth the bunnies there with your mates and say gday to Crichton and Keary.

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