Jason Demetriou

The coaching situation at Manly continues to be a hot topic on everyone’s lips, as now a new candidate has entered the race to gain the head coaching role.

It’s understood by 7 News Brisbane that the Broncos assistant coach Jason Demetriou is the newest named rumoured to be linked to the Brookvale club.

Despite being heavily favored, and backed by current coach Wayne Bennett, to take over from the supercoach at Brisbane, Demetriou is in serious discussions with Manly regarding the vacant head coaching role.

Demetriou has been tipped as the man to take over from Bennett at the Broncos, but it has now been understood that he has been interviewed multiple times by Sea Eagles officials.

The other contender to take over from Trent Barrett as Manly’s coach is former Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler.

Speaking with 7 News Brisbane, Hasler revealed nothing formal has been shown to him as of yet.

“No, no, no- I haven’t signed any deal,” Hasler said.

“I’ve just arrived back from overseas and obviously i have a desire and would like to coach in the NRL again.”

It’s believed Demetriou still wants to stay at the Broncos and replace Bennett as head coach come the end of the 2019 season.

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Demetriou will undergo the interviewing process with Brisbane for the position, but a formal offer from the Sea Eagles would be an offer which could be too hard to ignore.


      • Yeah the whole, that is parramatta stadium, that just cost 400 million to refurb and now eels won’t even play home games there…
        Ha ha ha talk about a joke of a club

        • Firstly, it was a rebuild, not a refurb.
          Secondly, they are yet to agree to terms to play there because they don’t want to get ripped off and make it too expensive for fans to go there which would have been the case if they accepted the first offer put forward by VenuesLive.
          More clubs should be looking after their stadium agreements this way to make sure the fans have an enjoyable and affordable experience at the game as well as not putting financial pressure on the club itself.
          Unfortunately, not all teams care about their grounds and their fans’ experience at the game in the same way.

        • Good on parramatta for looking out for the fans…at least that’s one thing manly don’t have to worry about I guess that’s why they leave there ground in such a poor state

        • Haha, good call Toddy. What few fans manly have aren’t really worth spending money to upgrade the dump that is Brookvale. Demetriou is too good a bloke to go to a hole like manly. He should have a crack at the broncos or wait for something else in Sydney. Tigers will need a coach and if Mary lets the dragons fade out after origin again we could do worse than to bring him home.

        • Thanks brissydragon completely agree with you about the manly measly fans and as for demetriou he’d be crazy to leave Brisbane I sure he’ll get his chance there in 2020

  1. Demetriou can replace Seibold at Souths if Seibold wants to replace Bennett in 2020. I know I don’t have a say in who coaches any team, but there’s not much out there that I would want to coach Souths.

    • IF Seibold goes then yes. Seibold is still my number one choice to coach the Rabbitohs but IF Seibold leaves then Demetriou would be my next choice.

    • would like to see that resolved asap.. very simple either stay or go, don’t let this drag into next season.

  2. No no no i want Des dammit and only Des i want that Manly feeling back enough of these outsiders des will bring in manly people hopefully toovs fits in there somewhere. Anyone know what barrett will do? LOL zoolander was a hack from day 1. Lets blake green go for croker 😶

  3. Barrett and green were good mates and Barrett didn’t want to see his mate waste he’s last years in nrl playing for a crap club like manly he knows there is no future there so he let his mate go

    • Barrett let Green go because he (foolishly) thought Mitchell Pearce would be dumb enough to go to a dump like manly. Obviously got outsmarted by his old coach in Browny who wouldn’t have had to try too hard to convince Pearce that going to the graveyard called manly would be the end of his career.

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