during the round 10 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on May 13, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

Souths back-rower Angus Crichton has revealed that Blues coach Brad Fittler has requested access to his weekly NRL data as he schemes his Origin side.

The star Rabbitoh admits it is humbling to be on Fittler’s radar, but also brings pressure.

“It’s all well and good to be monitored by Freddie, but you don’t just want to be in the ballpark,” Crichton told The Daily Telegraph.

“I guess it is one thing to be talked about, but I think playing Origin is a whole different thing and you want to be in the team.

“You can’t get too excited about whispers and you’ve just to focus on playing your best footy here at club.

“But if I do get the call up, I’d be stoked and take it with both hands.”

The star Rabbitoh is not looking too far forward, with his sights firmly set on North Queensland this weekend, who he is not underestimating.

“We can’t forget that they were in a grand final last year,” Crichton said.

“They are capable of winning footy games and winning well.

“They’ve got a really classy side with the likes of JT and Gavin Cooper, who have played a lot of Origins together and won a grand final.

“We are going to have to be on top of our game to win.

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“But competition is always good and it pushes you to be the best.”

Crichton says he is excited about the opportunity to come up against the Cowboys’ big names.

“I love it — that is why you play the game,” he said.

“You get excited coming up against those big forwards and big game players like JT and Taumalolo. They are the games you want to play in.

“You get the opportunity to play against greatness and you can see where you are on the spectrum — it’s a test for yourself.

“It’s not every day you get to play someone like Johnathan Thurston.”

The 22-year old is set to join the Roosters on a three-year deal in 2019 and would like to finish his career at South Sydney off on a high.

“I want to leave here winning a premiership for Souths,” he said.

“That is where my mindset is.”

The Rabbitohs will meet the Cowboys on Saturday night in Townsville.


  1. I’m very disappointed the Roosters have signed up a day dreamer.

    “I want to leave here winning a premiership for Souths,” he said.
    “That is where my mindset is.”

      • I’m to flat out laughing my gizzards out at you over Souths flogging the fireless dragons from last week. The Raiders will be making me fall of my stool when they knock over those over achieved puffless Dragons this week.

      • I’m to flat out laughing my gizzards out at you over Souths thrashing the fireless dragons from last week. The Raiders will be making me fall of my stool when they knock over those over achieved puffless Dragons this week.

        • Laugh all you like Red V, I’m a realist and know the Roosters are not much chop this year. So they probably will finish 8th. But people like you make my day and I get a huge happy boost of laughter when one eyed nutcases like yourself only think that their team in your case the puffless dragons are on coarse to win the comp. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha🤣 ya clown🤡

        • About time you admit your team is playing like crap. You said roosters were going to put 30 on broncos and you said they would beat manly by 30 as well. You are just a flop of a bloke go back to afl.

      • Red V you really are a smoking T💩RD. Never did follow VFL and for the record if a team wins by 30 or 2 it is still a win. So that’s not a bad ratio getting two things wrong out of three for your stupid accusations. You did get the Broncos one right though thanks to an error from the refs for wrongly sending Napa off for a crime he did not commit.

        • You are having a shocker in the tips this week. Like every week.

          Every week you say roosters will win by 30 you fool

        • If you remember last week Red V the still Smoking T💩RD how accurate I was when tipping Souths To beat the Puffless Saint Illawarra Steelers. Ahahahahahahaha🤣💪✔

        • Any way young Red V the still Smoking T💩RD. I must leave you now so I can eat my din dins.

        • You also said raiders would win. Your laughing at the dragons because they lost to a team that you don’t support or like also roosters were pumped by both rabbits and dragons not long ago.

          Both the dragons and the rabbits will finish higher than the roosters this year you forward pack it pitiful.

  2. So what’s dreaming about that woody, he obviously realizes that after he leaves Souths his chances of winning a premiership goes down, big time, so he needs to get it done now, Easts are a good side, but they will not win the comp, lucky to make the top 4 to be honest.

    Woody be thankful he is coming to your club, but the mail i’m getting is that he would really like to get out of that contract and stay with Souths, can’t blame for that.

    • Word is he wanted out before June 30, but souths wouldn’t of course. Hanging on the notion he might stay. Desperate.

    • I’m already aware the Roosters have made no impact this season and with the halfway point approaching it seems like a lost cause this year. There is always hope of a late miracle but with the cowboys using up all the miracles last year then I think there are none to go around this year. ‘😉

  3. Woodchook doesn’t know much about league……ultimate aim for the 208 first grade players is to win a Grand Final !!!!

  4. Very true soucit4852, see I’m a realist. Crichton is a a dreamer like yourself mate. Simply because Souths have two chances to win this years comp Buckley’s and None. 🤣

    • Mate Woody, you talk good sometimes, but that last comment shows you really have no idea, at least admit that Souths are a threat to this years competition, Crichton will be your best forward next year and if you really look at your team , Cordner is playing terrible and seriously should not be considered for SOO.

      • Penso
        you have too much intelligence to waste your time with this Woodchook guy

    • I agree Penso. Cordner is having a quite year. I think he really is missing the combination he had with Pearce, On form he should not be considered. Souths are building well but I’m not convinced yet that they are premiership material. Its a good side and I think their forwards are big and tough enough to match it with the best. Time will tell but I think something’s missing, maybe a bit more spark from the wingers and fullback is required.

  5. Woodchook
    Read my post again….not talking about me or Angus being daydreamers…when you are playing first grade in the NRL you have an ultimate aim…to win the GF

    • You don’t know much about League soucit4852 do you. Each club has 30 players times that by 16 teams =480 players. you said there is 208 players . So your education starts there. Each year there is lucky to be 4 or 5 teams that are capable of winning the comp. Times that by 5 =150 players, so your wrong again. Now of those 30 players 17 of them are in the team whilst 13 of them are not thinking premiership they are thinking only about making the top 17. So your wrong again. Now of the other 11 teams there are dreamers who want to win a comp but lets be realistic players for eg who like Renoylds, Pearce, Woods, and all those players who have signed into a team rebuilding and they know it is impossible to win a comp are not thinking about premierships but getting the team higher up the ladder with the hope of making the semis. Souths are a team that has impressed lately but I really cant see them winning the comp. Hence my statement that Crichton, Souths and their fans are dreaming if they think this years side is more powerful than the 2014 side. A reality check should see the Wingers, Fullback & the bench are not up to the 2014 standard of strength.

        • Red V, I’ve watched and played more League than you’ve had hot dinners. Roosters will win this week by under 30.😁✔👍🎱🐓

  6. Woodchook
    I only joined this forum after seeing your comment about Angus…I didnt come on to be in a useless slanging match with you…Players and coaches will tell you that there not here to make up the numbers..Nothing wrong with my maths…I could talk figures all day….. I was talking about 13 players starting a game x 16 clubs..just a general equation,nothing else.
    Why do keep on talking about Souths…The ones talking about Souths being a better side than 2014, were some ex players (Greg Aleaxander being one of them)
    Easts finish top of the table a couple of times and supposed to win the big one (apart from Melbourne and Manly)….Souths put on over 100 points upto and including the GF.
    I think you should worry about your big buys (Cronk,Tedesco,Keary,) being upto 2018 strength to help “buy” the GF

    • We wont be winning this years grand final mate, but anyway stay on the site and enjoy the friendly banter. I just hope Crichton has that dream next season, because all the Sydney Rooster players have in 2018 is a dream to win a preliminary final after losing in 2014, 2015 and 2017

        • Woodchook
          Thanks for your realistic reply…
          I dont know how old you are,but just to let you know that I’ve been following league for about 55 years now.Being born on the mid north coast I got to play grade football against Graham and John Moran in late 60’s and if you know the Moran brothers, they eventually came to Sydne.Graham to Penrith and John to Parramatta.
          Fortunate enough to play against a young Ian “Shoey” Schubert (I was about 16 he was about 12).He eventually came to Easts to play along Russell Fairfax.
          After to coming Sydney I assisted a young music dj at Cant-Bankstown leagues club in early 80’s where some of the first grade boys would hang out,and became good mates with front rower Geoff ”Robbo” Robinson.
          My brother and I had our own retail stores, where Roy Asotasi and Willie Mason were regulars.
          (Roy and his family are close friends)
          Jim Dymock has been a long time mate of ours through our business and where my brother now works he has become good friends with some of the Easts and Souths boys.
          He introduced me (over a year or so) to Boyd Cordner down at Coogee one morning having breakfast on his own.We had a chat about our good old days back home on mid north coast
          and all the boys originally from up there..Danny Buderus,Latrell etc
          My late father was patron of Taree United (Graham Moran’s club).Boyd is a Taree Old Bar boy
          So as you can see,I’ve had a pretty good trot.

        • Yes mate, I remember all those players you mentioned, I think Robert “Rocky” Laurie came from up that way to near Timbertown country at Wauchope. About 45mins up the road. I always remember what Rex Mossop said about Geoff Robinson. He stated that the way he runs they must feed him raw meat before a game.🤣

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