SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 29: Angus Crichton of the Rabbitohs is sent to the sin bin during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at ANZ Stadium on July 29, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Angus Crichton has informed the South Sydney Rabbitohs that 2018 will be his final season with the Club, having committed to a contract with another NRL club for 2019 and beyond.

The Rabbitohs made a strong three-year offer to Crichton for his services beyond 2018 however he has chosen to take up a more lucrative offer elsewhere. Crichton will be remaining with the Rabbitohs for the 2018 season.

Crichton has played 30 NRL matches to date, scoring eight tries since making his debut in 2016.

The Rabbitohs look forward to the 2018 season with Angus and wish him the best for the future beyond the end of next season.


  1. Noooooooooo!!

    Honestly it’s what I have been expecting. The Roosters need to have their salary cap audited IF theu still intend to re-sign both Friend and Cordner. I have heard some talk of Cordner to the Knights but it us more likely that the Roosters will remain 2-3 mill over the cap, not get investigated by the NRL and buy another premiership title in 2018 just like they did in 2013.

    The game is a joke and the NRL wonders why they are loosing fans to other codes like soccer.

      • SSTID might need to build a bridge or swallow that bitter pill, but for the growth of the game the NRL can’t continue to allow some teams to cherry pick other teams talent, so he has a point. If true fans and officials can’t see the ground the NRL is losing to other sports they need to take the blinkers off. It’s fact the current salary cap, poor admin decisions, crap crowds etc… are killing the game. We can now add it’s the same teams making the finals almost every year (with one surprise team).

        • There is not one single club that does not buy the better players at other clubs it is a business now a days , Angus was in our under 20โ€™s in 2014. Look how active Dragons- Dogs – Tigers have been just to mention a few

        • Angus Crichton is a Bondi United Junior that played for the Roosters in their SG Ball team…….. He was actually ‘cherry picked’ by South Sydney originally.

          Get your facts straight before posting dribble……

        • Bull$%^&, sorry Roosters fans but this is vomit worthy. Don’t think too many NRL supporters will be truly engaged next year while this sort of rubbish is happening.

        • East75, I’ve looked at those teams you mentioned for 2018 and they don’t have a patch on the rep players the Rooster have / retain / attract. As for Chricton being a Roosters U20, he played union all his juniors and played 4 games for Rooster U20…yeah some junior.

          I’ll give credit where it’s due, I actually believe the Roosters have developed juniors recently and they are quality but I’m also not naive to think because Rooster are ‘more’ professional that they have a bigger / better salary cap management. What you have is Nick Politis and his second salary cap (TPA).

        • Guys for me it’s about more than the Roosters taking one player from Souths, more than WHO first developed the player. It IS about tge credibility of the NRL salary cap and how the Roosters can be so over the cap without ramifications! The Roosters have just signed 2 players for $1 mill each on the cap, upgraded Keary by about $200K – $300K, are about to sign Crichton for upwards of $800K and are ablut to re-sign Friend and Cordner but have only lost Pearce, Guerra and Nikorima… are you kidding me? Where they $2 mill under the cap then for 2017? I doubt it!

        • Truth “you can’t handle the truth”.

          Do your reseach mate. Hevwas never a part of the Roosters junior development (juniors) except for playing 4 games (count them on 1 hand) for the Roosters SG Ball team. He didn’t even stay with the team when they got to the finals.

          I posted plenty of links from articles that proved this here on ZT a month or two ago discussing this with WoodChook who showed a lot more respect than you tr0ll boy.

          So while we are talking about the truth, tell us the TRUTH about the true state of the Roosters salary cap. Exactly how much are the Roosters over the cap by?

        • Having previously been part of the Tricolours system in 2014, the Bondi United junior played with the Roosters SG Ball side alongside Connor Watson, Latrell Mitchell and Joseph Manu.
          Welcome back Angus!

        • @SSTID interesting point about being $2mil under the cap because thatโ€™s actually the amount the cap goes up from this season to next season

        • “played with the Roosters SG Ball side alongside Connor Watson, Latrell Mitchell and Joseph Manu.”

          I notice that you did not include Angus Crichton. Were you out for the 4 games he played for the Roosters SG Ball team or did he replace you? LOL

    • Why are you surprised, we all know the NRL = National Roosters League.

      They would be happy to see a Roosters vs Storm/Bronc/Dogs GF for ever and ever

  2. I hate this stuff. Hunt going to Dragons announced this time last year along with a few others (Ponga etc). If you are going to go, make it immediate or mid season.

    NRL really needs to sort this rubbish asap.

    • Mate I’m obviously not happy about it but that’s life. Now if there was just transparency in the salary cap system so all NRL supporters can see HOW the Roosters are still under the cap (especially as they are yet to re-sign Friend and Cordner and were holding off doing so until after Crichton was signed), then I could live with it.

      “Show me the money Nicky!”

  3. Has been a done deal for a while, but yes agree roosters are a joke and need to be properly audited by someone who canโ€™t be bought off to falsify a report.

  4. Agree OwenGoal, Seriously NRL needs to look at this now! As for Angus, good luck to him. I think our halves made him look flasher than he really is. Not saying he is a bad player mind you but I don’t think he reproduce that form at the chooks. So let’s look to the future and hope we can find a ‘charger’ amongst the crop of newbies signed for next year. A guy that can hit like Ben Teo and run lines like Gus Crighton. Please Santa ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am devastated to hear that Angus is leaving. My first thought was to let him go now if he wants to leave, but then I realised that if he was sacked by Souths they would be paying half or more of his salary. Then I thought play him in reggies like Wests did to Farrah, but that would bring Souths down to the level that Taylor did at that club.

      After a few deep breaths I see Angus leaving Souths not as a negative but an opportunity to start looking NOW for a replacement. If his form drops, drop him from the team, although I think some injuries will be seen during the year.

      As for the Chooks salary cap, I am a strong believer in karma. How or when it will happen, I just hope that I am around to witness it. Have faith. Glory Glory.

      • chalky the Rabbits can’t afford to be in a hole for 2018 bu losing Crichton. It isn’t tge fault of the club or the team that he wants to move on it’s greed and ambition. If his career follows the same path as Chris Sandow and Dave Taylor that will be his own fault. Souths though need to be competitive for 2018 and cannot replace a player of Crichton’s calbre so late in the game.

        Sam Burgess and Issac Luke both had a big final season for the bunnies so will Gus.

        • Completely agree mate. My almost 20 year old son thinks Crichton should be dropped to NSW Cup for 2018 and let the Roosters start from scratch to develop him in 2019. I still believe Souths need all hands on deck. The Rabbitohs don’t have have every second player on $1 mill like the Roosters.

  5. thats a shame ๐Ÿ™‚ seriously its salary cap management just like souths 2011/12 for a premiership they won – im sure players will fall in 2019 to get Crichton – never assume whom will be resigned – but i agree on this players signing in advance is crap

  6. And all the Roosters supporters will come and out say they have let Pearce, SKD, Guerra, Evans, Nikorima etc etc etc go and have plenty of room under the salary sombrero.
    Yeah, they may have let those players go, but they were replaced by Tedesco, Cronk, etc and now Crichton
    So they must have only 17 players of their 30 member squad on the books???
    Do we all remember that Roosters and Sharks apologist, Buzz put out that list of players that “showed” that the roosters were under the cap and could afford Cronk….but funny enough only 21 players listed and 750 left over …
    #sham #salarysombrero

    • Good point billy, I see you have an eye for figures. All this speculating mud throwing and accusations could be avoided if a complete breakdown of players salaries on the cap and TPA’s were available for ALL clubs on the NRL website. Why is everyone so afraid about transparency? Come on Uncle Nick, I’ve been able to see through you for years mate now it’s time you let the rest of us a GOOD LOOK at your teams salary cap (for the full squad of 30 tier 1 players like billy said). Put up or shut up Roosters. If you are cheats you should have nothing to hide and should be falling over yourselves to prove it. Unless all is NOT as it seems?

  7. Easts really know how to F.CK loyalty in league , they started it and will continue to finish it, what a disgusting club they are, how Crichton can choose Easts over Souths is mind boggling, i mean Easts had him, got rid of him and signed Nat Butcher, go figure.

    Me thinks the Fittler factor is behind this, don’t tell me they weren’t in his ear about origin selection now that Fittler is the coach, Crichton even mentioned that SOO selection was important.

    i hope Souths play him in reserves this season, and groom another young player, Bennett did it with Hodges, couldn’t care less how good he goes, stick him on the bench in reggies for the season, man i’m filthy on this, feel like not supporting league anymore to be honest.

      • Where have you been Phoenix? Rising from the the ashes of yet another Roosters scandal to put a smile on my face. Cheers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Like you said mate the NRL are only too happy to turn the other way when the chooks are millions over the cap but take out their magnifying glass when others are $100K – $300K over. Seems fair. Hey, at least they are consistent.

        • All good SSTID – enjoying the ashes to be honest. Great viewing pleasure at present

          But never fear, I am always reading the articles & laughing at the odd inane comment.

          I especially love how some peanut above (easts75) grouped the Dragons in with clubs active in the player market. Saints sign Ben Hunt 12 months ago, do nothing for 11 months than sign an unwanted James Graham. Yeah massive predators poaching the leagues best players…….funny stuff.

    • DItto – I wouldn’t be starting him – let him sit out the year if he so choose to – no way would I assist in his development any further

      HE”S A GRAB IN MY BOOK.. all this BS about not knowing what he was doing.

        • Steady Rabbits! Steady! Think of your blood pressure mate. You know what chooks are like once you chop their heads off. Mark my words when Politis is gone the Roosters are finished! Likewise for Souths if Crowe and Packer ever cash in their chips. So it is a race to see who goes first and my money is the headless chooks! LOL

    • There a lot of jealous people on this site who consistently dribble about the roosters and have balls the size of peas. No two businesses are the same start with your board and who is on it and the level net working that these people bring to the set up there are about 4 clubs that are far superior to the others from the ground floor

      • For the record I’m 1 of the few that hasn’t had a crack at the roosters re their cap, mainly because I can see that they could conceivably remain under the cap, but only because their players have far greater access to TPA’s than most other clubs.

        So Id be very careful about crediting the board for that situation, or they aren’t TPA’s, and that would cause a salary cap blowout, to say the very least.

      • As almighty said, if it is the “networking” of the board that has allowed these signings, then that in itself is worthy of an investigation from the NRL into the Roosters salary cap. TPA’s must be at arms length from the club don’t forget.

      • @ mighty and eels47

        Forget TPA’s, what I want to see is the sum total of the Roosters 30 x tier 1 players ON THE CAP. I think the Roosters are over the cap without TPA under the table deals. Cronk, Tedesco, Keary and Crichton come to just short of $4 mill per season on their own and that is without the imminent re-signings over Friend and Cordner. Given the other rep players the chooks have in their 30 man squad I struggle to see how you could argue that the Roosters could possibly south of the salary cap libe.

        Can you please show me your figures on this one? For mine it is the old find the ball under the 3 cups parlour trick when the ball isn’t under ANY of the 3. They are playing us for suckers mighty.

        I would lije C3PO to calcilate the odds that the chooks AREN’T cheating the salary cap! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Agree with everyone here about the unlimited cap for Roosters, just incredible. NRL is just allowing some teams to cherry pick other teams best players and do nothing about it. While it is hard to go back to back in the NRL, it’s always the same teams that make finals, just like EPL, and its really getting boring. Bring back the draft or dispensation for junior development

    I agree with Penso, send Chricton to reserves. I’m all for playing the best players and team but usually that applies to backs not forwards. Get another kid in there, give him a run and see what happens.

  9. No audit of the Roosters is required. They are a better managed team and they know what they want and as we all know they get it.

    South’s are just plan dumb… why would any club let this talent be unsigned is beyond sensible thought. Once again the recruitment and retention of players at this club leaves a lot to be desired. Not to mention the treatment of players. The Management of the club need to get real about what they are doing and stop pussyfooting around. It has taken decades for this club to have real management, a real team and real success and it has lasted a very short time.

    Wake up South’s get the plan down and make some tough decisions that keeps the club and the team a raging success.
    This is a very disappointing outcome and I am filthy on Richardson and Co for this complete stuff up…….

      • So post your link (URL) that gives the breakdown of this $3.5 mill deal and your intention is to suggest that this is for just one season which it is not. Whatever Sam is on he is worth it no question but I doubt the twins would be on anything too embarrassing. I will wait for you to post your supporting reference before commenting further.

        • Just calling them on their BS, they never post links to support their crap assertions and some here might start to buy into their lies. But you are right I don’t usually waste my time with tr0lls. So Rabbits, how long do you think it will be until the chooks try to sign Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I think every comment from the Roosters supporters here must be tongue in cheek. Surely they’re not that naive.


  12. Swap him for Keary and be done with it.

    Sorry, just trying my hand at throwing a healthy option, being carrot sticks instead of chips.

    • I canโ€™t think of a single reason Keary would want to go back to Souths. Unless he thinks getting yelled at by that fool Crowe sounds like a blast.

      • These Wascally Wabbits are harder to catch than I thought. No wonder poor Elmer is still trying after all these years.

        I’m not sure Souths didn’t rate Keary, but I know Rusty didn’t.

        Anyway, jokes (an attempt at least) aside, I can understand Bunnies supporters being cheesed off, but in all honesty I wouldn’t be jumping for joy if I was a Rooster’s supporter. Signing “potential”, albeit with a great season under his belt, for something like $800k – $1mil p.a for 3 years, starting in 15 months time. That’s a big risk

        • “Iโ€™m not sure Souths didnโ€™t rate Keary, but I know Rusty didnโ€™t.”

          You are right mighty, Souths supporters had no beef with Keary, neither did the coach or players. It was strictly due to Russell Crowe overstepping the mark up in Coffs Harbour. He thought he could put a rocket up him but it back fired.

          I still maintain that Pearce and the back rowers running off him where the major contributors to Keary’s improved performance in 2017. Good luck to him for that even though his defence did not improve but next year he will be starting from scratch with a new halves partner who has enough pressure on his shoulders as it is without having to give Keary a leg up all season. All Keary showed this year is that he can be a good running 5/8. The Rabbitohs already knew that. The questions marks were over his kicking game, defence and his ability to lead a team around the field and create opportunities and organise players around him. Not much changed in that department in 2017 IMO.

        • Cody Walker was not at his best in 2017. He was unhappy about contract negotiations (by reports) and over being moved to FB. Now he will be back at 5/8 with Reynolds with a fully fit Inglis back at FB I think we will see the real Cody Walker in 2018. At least that’s the plan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Honestly can you blame him.with the Roosters he has a good shot at winning a premiership and is getting coached by one of the best. At the bunny rabbits he next to no chance of winning anything, they are back on their normal mediocre downward spiral.

    • “getting coached by one of the best”

      Like Bennett, Robinson has not been tested at a struggling club. He would not have been able to turn the fortunes of the Knights, the Tigers, the Titans or the Warriors around this year. Lucky for Robbo he has been head coach at a club that has been over the salary cap during his tenure. I would like to have seen how he would have gone if he had not.

      And THAT is about all I am ready to give someone who is clearly tr0lling.

  14. I’m not a roosters fan, eels man, but sometimes you actually have to analyse the situation.
    The roosters until Cronk signed had no Australian reps except cordiner.
    So that means less likely huge money. They didn’t have Thurston smith slater Inglis. No Scott, woods, klemmer, Bromwich, etc.
    Since they won they lost rts Maloney, Jennings, sbw.

    Yes this year they signed Tedesco and Cronk.
    But Gordon, guerra, Evans, skd, Pearce, Watson.
    6 first graders out, 2 origin, 1 nz test for two superstars in.
    Seems reasonable.

    They look effective managers and planners of their cap.

    Creighton is not a current origin player.
    If he does go there. Neither is aubusson, Mitchell, Keary, tupoa, manu, friend, materson.

    I think people protest too much

    • You obviously haven’t read “The Book of Feuds!” This is a Rabbitohs vs Roosters rivalry that goes back to 1908 when Souths smashed the Roosters in the first “title fight” to become undisputed champions and inaugural premiership winners. Ignore the rampant tribalism there is more here on offer than just a “Clash of Clans”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I do wish the powers that be at Souths had the balls to put him in reserves AKA Bennett style when Hodges he left for the chickens.

    • And put him on a McDonalds and KFC only diet! That would be fitting. All that would happen is that Crichton would seek an immediate release, the Roosters would dumb a couple of fringe first graders and Crichton would go there a year early. I still think he can make a big contribution to the team in 2018 just as Sam did in 2014 and hopefully with the same end result! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Called it too, on ya Crichton! Hope to see you in an Blues jersey and roos jersey in next season and the next 10 for sure!

  17. Am new to site. Some good insights posted, particularly from Souffs fans. Understandable given situation, but can’t help but agree with Easto78 and disagree with SSTID_1970. The sport has always been this way, after all it is how it was conceived. Still to this day, clubs have too much self interest in this country. Some just happen to use the system to their advantage. Wouldn’t you want to know how to get the lotto numbers? As much as we all yearn it to be the way it “was” (do we really know what that is) all clubs and players have realised it is a business, about time fans did the same and support their brand. Makes beating the clubs you “assume” are “dodgy” even sweeter. At least most of yours still exist in the competition. The mighty Bears are marching on!

    • ” The mighty Bears are marching on!”

      And still given an NRL presence through South Sydney, now if only they could be given a franchise on the Central Coast. Welcome aboard if you are truly a genuine new profile. Just remember the “turf war” between the Rabbitohs and the Roosters has been going on longer than any of us here have been alive. I’m not always this extreme, chooks do funny things to me. So which team do you support?

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