NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 06: Adam Blair of the Kiwis leads the Haka before the International Rugby League Trans Tasman Test match between the Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis at Hunter Stadium on May 6, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

New Zealand captain Adam Blair unleashed a scathing attack on Jason Taumalolo after he withdrew himself to join Tonga.

Blair spoke to NewstalkZB and his response wasn’t pretty.

“You’ve got to be a man and own up to what you want to do,” Blair told NewstalkZB.

“If you were man enough, you’d make the phone call and tell them.

“He could have told them a couple of weeks ago because I don’t think it was a last-minute decision.

“Obviously this was something he was thinking about doing.”

Blair also admitted trusting Taumalolo in the future won’t be easy.

“At this stage, it feels like we’ve been let down a lot,” he said.

“So do we let them back in the team?

“You’re going to have to find some way to be able to trust them again but does that cause issues and problems that we don’t need?”

The late withdrawal of Taumalolo has left the New Zealand World Cup bid in tatters, with the likes of Kieran Foran, Issac Luke, Tohu Harris, Kevin Proctor and Jesse Bromwich also missing.


  1. Adam Blair is a fwit and the biggest grub in NRL today. No one gives a toss what he thinks. Good on you JT, I wouldn’t want to play with Blair. Kidwell is a joke making this fool the Kiwi captain, what a way to disrespect the jersey.

  2. Is this bloke for real lol. I don’t think Taumalolo would care the slightest what this over the hill muppet has to say. Blair needs to worry about himself first, apart from having a good season in 2015 he’s done diddly squat since leaving the Storm.

  3. The Kiwis have been using the pacific nations players as there own , me thinks NZ is Stouffed , like a bag of Fush n Chuups

    • Just what I was thinking when I read the title post game headline will be “Jason Taumalolo unleashes on Adam Blair”. Unfortunately for JT it will be a race to see who hits who first. JT from his first charge or Blair on JT via a cannon ball from behind while he is held up and unprotected!

  4. Blair questioning someone else’s integrity is a bit of a joke wouldn’t you say? That said, it’s a bit rich these guys pulling out to protest Bromwich and Proctor getting done in for using cocaine. What’s next? Players protesting for the right to smoke meth at halftime.

  5. Can’t wait to see the Tongan and Italian teams in Cairns just 10 minute walk from home 🙂 Get to see Teddy and other NRL players in action live! I hope the world cup is a world cup and not a 2 horse race

  6. “So do we let them back in the team?

    Who would say no to the best forward in the game, and is by far your best player.
    Blair is lucky that he even made the squad let alone have the right to judge a player for a personal decision they made.

    Taumalalo gave up 50k to play for Tonga over NZ, that sends a strong message that Kidwell and NZ suck. I personally think that Tonga has a stronger squad than NZ so I can’t wait for them to win and then see the reactions of NZ.

    • “I personally think that Tonga has a stronger squad than NZ”

      Mate, I don’t think you are alone in that opinion. I think Tonga will go further than NZ as long as they have organisation and discipline. The question mark is over their spine and the lack of halves who can control a game or possess a decent kicking game. Also their options at hooker are not overly impressive. The rest they have covered.

  7. I’m amazed at some of the dead set brain dead I D I O T S on here
    Blair is right he abandoned his team mates and country
    Because his close mates are cocain heads
    All this crap about Taumalolo helping the little nations oh please
    He didn’t do it to help Tonga what a load
    He did it out of protest for the banning of Jesse Bromwhich and Proctor
    Who were stood down for a cocaine binge
    He said it himself he’s doing out of protest
    He’s standing up not for Tonga but for two fellow kiwis and his friends for using cocaine he had a dummy spit when kidwell made a strong descission and the right one and because kidwell wouldn’t back down and bring back the cocaine bros he went and joined Tonga but keep your delusions and believe he’s doing for Tonga
    Seriously pull your heads in

  8. Thank you guy’s for your opinion, I personally believe Adam Blair has every right to be angry, as the captain of the NZ team, and Taumalolo jeopardising the kiwis plan.

    • @ Adam Safi

      Well put from the other side of the argument without resorting to calling people names or carrying on like someone straight from centrelink in the pub on pay day.

      If I was a Kiwi I would be understandably upset as well. As others have articulated here there may also be other reasons for this about face that are not being expressed in press conferences (underlying reasons). Irrespective of this the game of RL needs to expand and attract the interest of other nations. For too long BOTH NZ and Australia have raided Polynesian and Fijian players who would have served the game better representing their own heritage.

      Truthfully though my feelings are you should represent where you were born (not where your parents were born) or at least where you learned to play football. For players like Kayln Ponga that is a hard line to define but for someone like Jason Taumalolo, who was born in Auckland, New Zealand and played football in NZ until he moved to Townsville at 14 it seems clear that he should represent NZ. I won’t dive into the quagmire of players who are naturalized and granted citizenship but in this case even though it does not best serve NZ’s interests it serves the development of the game.

      I do agree however that the timing was very bad and notice given way too late. JT should have revealed his intentions much earlier (which was also Cronk’s main objection to Fifita’s late withdrawal from the Australian team). As for David Fusitu’a, well that is even more difficult to understand how he is not representing NZ. I do sympathise in any case.

  9. Thank you guy’s for your opinion on my article, I personally believe Adam Blair has every right to be angry, as the captain of the NZ team, and Taumalolo jeopardising the kiwis plan.

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