The Monaro Colts have claimed their first premiership in the Laurie Daley Cup competition after defeating the Northern Tigers 28-18 at Cessnock Sportsground.

One year after losing the Grand Final, the Colts have made up for it 12 months later.

Mitchell Brophy scored 16 of 28 points in the encounter against the Tigers, Joseph Elton scored a double, and JJ Mau Pohiva also managed to cross the try-line.

For the Northern Tigers, Keandre Johnson-Vale scored two tries, and Oscar Atkin and Cooper Meldrum scored one try apiece - Dylan Keane would make one out of four conversions for goal.

“What's the old saying – you've got to lose one to win one,” Bradley said via

“We probably came a bit better prepared this year to be honest. I think we probably surprised ourselves last year and didn't realise how big a deal it was.

“To get so close and to look back on it and go, ‘Geez, it was probably one that got away.'”

Although Mitchell Brophy scored more than half of the club's points in the game, halfback Jonah Anderson was named man-of-the-match and earned the John 'Choc' Anderson award.

“This year's group was a completely new group and to lose Round One and then come back, and the improvement we've had over the past five or six weeks, is nothing short of outstanding,” Bradley added.

“To all my staff, there's a lot of work that goes into it, and I'm really proud of them, it feels a lot different to last year let me tell you.”