It’s always interesting finding out how some ex-Rugby League players are getting on with their lives these days after establishing fine careers in footy. This ‘Where are they now’ series will speak to a number of former rugby league stars, talk about their career in the sport and see how retirement has treated them. The first player I’ll be looking back on the career of is former Penrith and Canterbury winger, Glen Nissen.

Nissen was primarily a winger but he also spent some time at fullback or in the centres. He began his career in 1986 with the Penrith Panthers and went on to play 23 games for them in 1986-87 and again in 1992. However, it was his spell with the Bulldogs that was most successful, winning a Premiership in his maiden season there in 1988 and even scoring the final try of the match against Balmain. His Bulldogs career ended after 1991 with 68 games and 16 tries to their name.

Q: Your League Career was spent mainly at the Bulldogs and a few seasons at Penrith but you actually started off in Fulham, correct? What was your experience like playing league in England?

Glen: I was graded mid-1984 to Penrith from the Jersey Flegg u/18’s competition. This term ended in 1987 with a Reserve Grade Premiership in ‘87 and 12 first grade games. I also played 20 games for Fulham in ‘85-86 English competition. I loved and gained invaluable confidence playing in England. Penrith’s halfback Mick Davis – (may he) rest in peace - took me over. I’ll never forget it.

Q: You were a junior at Penrith but didn’t get many first grade chances at Penrith but made your name at Canterbury. Did Phil Gould have a big impact on your career trajectory?

Glen: I wouldn’t say I didn’t get many chances. I was just going through a development stage and with the 12 games, I was getting plenty of chances. Phil Gould coached me during my u/14s when he was playing at Penrith. He was also the Bulldogs Reserve Grade coach in ‘87 when we won the Reserve Grade Comp. Those factors, tied in with a contractual disagreement with Penrith, led me to the Dogs in 1988. Phil was definitely a big impact. He is a brilliant coach.

Q: With the Bulldogs, you won the Premiership and scored the final try of the match. Do you still watch the match every now and then, or watch your try on YouTube? Where’s this rank amongst the greatest days of your life?

Glen: We won the Premiership in my first year at the Dogs in ‘88. The preparation, the season, the Grand Final, its celebrations will forever be with me. I see bits of it at school, the kids and their devices ....well it’s just all there at their fingertips. The year and day absolutely rank up there with the greatest days of my life so far ... and there’ve definitely been others. I was blessed to be among so many legendary players that definitely made it possible for it to happen - without them it wouldn’t have been possible!!

Q:  It’s almost been 30 years since you last turned out in first grade, finishing up with Penrith. How has retirement treated you? Was it an easy transition?

Glen: It was not an easy transition. Everything you’ve known for ten years suddenly stops. I was freshly married, had multiple operations, was off work and I definitely struggled.

Q: What are you up to these days?

Glen: Now I have gorgeous, grown-up, independent kids Kiah & Zechariah. I’m a casual primary school teacher; have an online fruit & vegetable, plant protein, supplement business & I work casually for the NRL. Life is fantastic but of course with its challenges.

I’m designing a school-based program for 10-year-olds to instil self-confidence, the equality of others and inspiring them to be themselves with their own special ideas and concerns. I’m loving travel too.

You can check out Glen’s online business, Juice Plus+ in the link below.


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