SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 24: Josh McGuire of the Maroons watches the big screen after a Blues penalty try was awarded during game two of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The signing of Josh McGuire to the Cowboys shocked the rugby league community, but it undoubtedly is an amazing signing for the Cowboys. But the question still remains, what position will McGuire play in 2019?

Josh McGuire has established himself as one of the best forwards in the game. He has represented his state 10 times and his country eight, being a standout in all 18 of them.

McGuire will bring a total of 194 games of experience to his new club which is a very valuable thing to have.

There is one thing that did bug me about the signing, what position will McGuire play in 2019?

The Cowboys are one of the few clubs that have very good depth in the front rower position, which is only bolstered by the signing of McGuire.

McGuire plays at his best when he is playing at lock, but this is very unlikely to happen at the Cowboys with Jason Taumalolo already filling the number 13 jumper, this means McGuire will have to play as a front-rower.

With Matt Scott likely to take the No. 8 Jersey as it is his final year, this leaves only the No. 10 jumper free.

The favorites to fill this position are McGuire, Jordan McLean, and Scott Bolton, which have all proved themselves as worthy and capable front rowers to play in the starting squad.

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All three players are too good to be starting off the bench but sadly two will, leaving Cowboys have left themselves in a conundrum.

The most likely scenario is that McGuire partners Scott and McLean and Bolton occupy two of the four bench positions.

This is a very tempting option for Paul Green as it means that he is able to replace the two starting front rowers with two powerhouses in McLean and Bolton.

A big issue for the Cowboys in 2018 was when their starting forward pack came off they would often lose momentum and even sometimes the game.

Predicted starting 17 for 2019 is as followed:

  1. Ben Barba
  2. Gideon Gela-Mosby
  3. Nene Macdonald
  4. Justin O’Neil
  5. Kyle Feldt
  6. Jake Clifford
  7. Michael Morgan
  8. Scott Bolton
  9. Jake Granville
  10. Josh McGuire
  11. Gavin Cooper
  12. Coen Hess
  13. Jason Taumalolo
  14. Ben Hampton
  15. Jordan Mclean
  16. Ethan Lowe
  17. Scott Bolton


  1. I seriously can’t see Mclean coming off the bench. He is probably our best forward outside of Lolo. I think Scott will come off the bench and McGuire will start.

  2. Bolton will be fine on the bench, it’s not like he’s never played there before. I’m sure Scott, McLean and Mcguire will be gracious enough to see the competition as an opportunity to bring out the best in themselves. It’s a good problem to have, not a bad one.
    And I don’t think Macdonald and Enari Tuala are going to lose either positions. I’d say it’s more likely to be 2. Macdonald, 3. Tuala, 4. Opacic/O’Neill and 5. Feldt.

    • 1. Ben Barba
      2. Kyle Feldt
      3. Enari Tuala
      4. Nene MacDonald
      5. Gideon Gela-Mosby
      6. Jake Clifford
      7. Michael Morgan (vc)
      8. Matt Scott (c)
      9. Jake Granville
      10. Josh McGuire
      11. Gavin Cooper
      12. Coen Hess
      13. Jason Taumalolo
      14. Ben Hampton
      15. Jordan McLean
      16. Scott Bolton
      17. John Asiata

      • Whoops didn’t mean to be a reply but anyway forward depth still lacking with Jenson, Molo, Dunn and Pere Not being up to nrl quality replacements. Lowe could have been but he ran into a brick wall last year in his development.

        Te Marie Martin has been a disaster at cowboys so give Clifford the run also could see Hampton shift into centre and Baptiste slide into the utility/hooker bench spot

        That backline needed a reshuffle they were rubbish all year and seems like there going to do that, probably changing everyone bar Feldt as there regular starter

  3. Think it’s going to be McQuire 8 McLean 10 with Scott and Bolton on the bench. Scott has serve the cowboys greatly but I think even he knows he’s well last his best and this year will be his final year. Bolton has always been one of the first names on the team list, on the interchange bench. He could go off and get a starting job elsewhere but I think he’s happier also just contributing to a successful team and playing his role.

  4. Mclean and Maguire will start… bench will be Hampton Scott Asiata and Jensen….. Lowe and Bolton will won’t be seen unless there are a lot of injuries

  5. Is Te Maire Martin no longer in the picture? Hard to keep up in NZ sometimes – have I missed something around him?

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