SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: Robbie Farah of the Tigers shows his emotion during the round 24 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on August 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers are set to be penalised by the NRL integrity unit following a two-month investigation of Robbie Farah’s lucrative post-career ambassador deal, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The league will hand down it’s findings from the examination when the ARL Commission meets at League Central on Tuesday.

The same meeting will also determine whether or not Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan is penalised for allegedly making contact with the club during his one-year suspension in 2014.

The NRL has been investigating Farah’s arrangement with the Tigers worth approximately $400,000 for four years following his messy split from the club in 2016. It is believed that the ambassador role was offered to Farah as a show of good will for his contributions to the club.

Farah has reportedly not accepted the deal and therefore it has not been included in the Tigers’ salary cap, but breaches policy as it was not declared to the NRL.

The league made very club’s third-arty agreements public last week in a bid for greater transparency to eliminate further salary cup mishaps.


  1. So let’s get this straight.

    We offered Farah a job after he retires. This offer was done when Farah was leaving to South’s so it was even in relation to our cap. Farah rejected the offer and no contract was ever started. The money involved in this non existant contract would of fit into our salary cap anyway and not breached it.

    So why the hell is the NRL even investigating this? A non existant contract?

    Cameron Smith gets 200+k for a testimonial match which is outside the cap and the NRL doesn’t bat an eyelid?

    Players all over the NRL work with NRL sides straight after retirement every year?

    This has to be a gee up surely. Greenburg you are more incompetent than Donald Trump..

        • It’s obviously the west tigers as a club they corrupt players they turned lodge into a drunken idiot turned Tim simona into a crook and let’s not forget what they turned John Hopoate into a finger bum fiddler….
          Disgusting club

        • Toddy you don’t know anything hahaha! Lodge had attitude problems as a kid coming up, why do you think Panthers and Storms let him go before we even got him? Simona bet against his own teammates and what both players did, has nothing to do with the club, it’s the players decision and is out of the clubs hands.

  2. Told you so…..the NRL should not heavily fine the Tigers…they are a clean skin club when it comes to TPA and salary cap…..This Farah ambassador role was an offer by the club to Farah after he retires….he NEVER accepted it so why punish the Tigers!…go hard on the true Cheats

  3. Perth Tigers anyone?

    kidding (*but not really), but if anything, it shows that the NRL needs to review its rules around TPAs, contracts and Salary Cap as its clearly either not working, not being understood properly, or not being respected by the clubs.

    Even this case sounds confusing to me. Farah didn’t sign anything, and was promised a position AFTER he retired? what?

    • I understand why you cant offer players a job after football when trying to sign them, Its like offering an extra 400K to sign but surely the timing of this offer shows this wasnt done as a way to cheat the cap. It wasnt done to encourage him to sign with the tigers, it was done when he was leaving!!!
      If it was offered in lieu of the (reported) 750K being paid to Farah on the tigers 2017 cap when he was at souths, that would then be a breach as it frees up that cap space. But this doesnt seem to be the case, d.
      And when the offer in question was never actually signed off on, how is there a breach? You could question the integrity of the club trying to breach the cap but there was no actual breach.

  4. They need to do it the Nick Politis way. Take the player for a game of golf and bet him a couple of hundred grand that uncle Nick misses an easy put. When he misses he pays the bet out. Nothing to do with the salary cap as it was a bet on a game of golf.

  5. Wow, Farah involved in something dodgy, who would have thought that? That said this sounds like a massive storm in a teacup. If he never accepted or signed anything then what’s the problem?

    • How has Farah done anything dodgy here? Or even in the past?
      The only thing he has ever done wrong is not like a coach, not liking a coach is hardly dodgy!!! And the coaches he didnt like where are they now? One tried and failed at 3 different clubs before taking up an assistant role only to be dropped back to reserve grade and the other I havent heard from since. So he was probably right not to like them.

      • Dude, killing off the majority of the coaches you’ve ever played for is pretty dodgy. You’d think after the first one or two they would have figured out it was the players (specifically Farah and Benji). Then there was the sooky woe is me performance at Leichart when he sat on the scoreboard wanting everyone to feel sorry for him. Might not be in the Cronulla category of dodgy but he’s no saint either.

        • “The majority of coaches youve ever played for”…. it was 2 coaches Potter and Taylor. And as i said above where are they now. Sheens was sacked but i assure you (based on private conversations id had with some less well known players at the time) Farah had no part in this. Futher evidence of there being no feud there is Sheens’ push for Farah’s inclusion in the 2013 Australian side, the year after he was sacked by Tigers.

          You also have to consider that he was the club captain of a pretty young side at the time of the issues with Potter and Taylor. He would likely have been approaching the coaching staff and management on behalf of other players, not just with his own concerns. To his credit Potter apparently accepted and responded to these criticisms and improved as a coach to the point where the once strained relationship between Farah and Potter was now repaired and the felt they had a good working relationship, It wasnt until Tallis referenced an old (and private) conversation that the media blew up about the apparent feud and shortly after the new board got rid of Potter,
          Taylor came into the club and immediately put a target on Farah, On the one hand i can understand why, Farah had 2 years remaining on a back ended deal, meaning he was on a million a season for these 2 years, Taylor didnt want to spend that much a year on his hooker, particularly as his game plans didnt require a creative hooker but simply required the hooker to make his tackles and pass of the ground, But this was a dumb attitude from Taylor, it was always going to take a lot more than public criticism to make Farah (or anyone else) walk away from a million dollar contract and was always going to result in conflict between him and Farah, Secondly a good coach should adapt his game plan to fit the strength of his players which he failed to do (and not just with Farah).
          The whole scoreboard drama is something i could have done without. But do you think it was Farah approaching channel 9 saying this is how i would like to be interviewed or do you think the whole thing was set up by channel 9 to shoot the situation in the most dramatic way. I understand Farah very much contributed to it (and he is known as being a pretty emotional guy which was an exacerbating factor in all the above issues) but really that whole ordeal was orchestrated by 9,

  6. I feel like tigers should be removed from the nrl first of all they have dodgy players, and have dirty players so there isn’t that much good that happens in there club there have been amazing teams removed from The great sport and the nrl community decide to leave The tigers horrible mistake on my point of view.

  7. Now for the roosters to be uncovered. I’m holding my breath…….No Wait….. No i cant hold on any longer…..

  8. The Tigers need a better a team and sack a lot of players. Even though Farah is a club legend, they cant put up with stuff like this they need a nonsense attitude and sack him and anyone who does dodgy stuff at the Tigers

  9. ManWar78. Refering to me as jism is over the top mate.Or if you will excuse the pun under the belt. When i start to use words like that to you feel free to return serve with both barrels.Untill then keep it civil mate.

    • Well mate you started the below the belt stuff by referring to swallowing you know what. Hence return of serve buddy.

    • Sorry Jazz. swallowing was that other idiot prescilla dressed up as mindyourbackside. But you couldnt help yourself either. But i will try to be civil with you going forward.

  10. NO mate i am not woody. And your right i could not help myself. I guess its fair to say both of us couldnt help ourselves.
    Given the article was about the Tigers cap woes. No harm done.

  11. Oh gosh, here we go again …. NRL targeting the wrong club … again ! When will someone do something about the Elephant …. cough cough roosters ……. in the room?

    • Oh gosh here we go again ( as in chook bashing) I saw your post on another site alex saying the NRL were bullies to the little
      guys like the tigers and cronulla. And dont go after the untouchables easts brisbane and melbourne.
      I noticed you have cut those down to just one now. I would too. You copped a few serves for that post.
      But maybe you could switch those around. The untouchables have 18 breaches between them. Storm (8) broncos(6) chooks(4)
      Your little guys tigers(7) sharks(4) Perhaps the untouchables are the little guys and the little guys are the untouchables.
      Lowest breach clubs? warriors(2) cowboys(1) manly(1).

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