SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 15: Tim Grant raises his hand during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL pre-season training session at Redfern Oval on January 15, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

Wests Tigers have today confirmed that Tim Grant has joined the Club for the coming two seasons.

Grant, 27, has played 144 NRL games since making his debut for the Penrith Panthers in 2007.

He joins Wests Tigers from the South Sydney Rabbitohs where he played 20 games during the 2015 season. Grant also played two State of Origin games for New South Wales in 2012.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe welcomed Grant to the Club ahead of the 2016 season.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Tim to Wests Tigers,” said Pascoe.

“It’s great to have a player of his experience join the Club and I’m sure he’s going to be an asset to us both on and off the field.

“I was fortunate enough to walk the Kokoda Track two years ago with Tim and see first-hand examples of what makes him such an outstanding young man.

“Tim brings a great attitude to this Club and I’m sure he’ll fit in well and will quickly become a favourite amongst Members and fans,” he said.


  1. He isn’t the worst forward but he isn’t as good as he used to be. The tigers must have got him cheap though cos there whole team is under 25 except Farah, Ballin and Halatau. And the guys who r just over 25 aren’t very good

    • The Tigers “didn’t get him cheap” at all, they paid top dollar for Grant!
      He is on more at the Tigers than at Souths!
      That is why he dug his heels in and didn’t go to the Eels or the Titans as their deals were substandard and they wanted Souths to pay most of it, in which Souths refused!
      Souths are paying ZERO for Grant.

      • I cant beleive out of all the stuff you screwed up on that you would even second think that people will believe your dribble. You may be right but like most i have my doubts.

    • Good signing for the tiger, will be a leader with Woods. Hope it is not to make way for Mason.
      Anyway he hates Souths

    • Which one would you walk barefoot over broken glass for? Thought so….except maybe Walker but he couldn’t hack the responsibility that goes with being a top-grade player. Good luck to Walker and all the others and good luck to every team for 2016.

    • Maguire should also continue the cutting dave tyrell. paul carter Jason clark these 3 are useless. they should of been released first.

        • sunnybill tyrell gets flogged by others his a tackling bag for other teams when you see your mate being smashed every week other players lose heart j.clark 3 good games from 26 no impact whatsoever so you don’t know anything about league they are not enforces no ben teo they should of got m.taupao or go after d.klemmer.

  2. A predicted signing, which may lead into a predicted poor season. However good luck to the Tigers and every other team.

  3. Can’t believe the personnel losses this season Tim Grant, Ben Lowe, Issac Luke, Chris McQueen, Darren Nicholls, Glenn Stewart, Dylan Walker, Joel Reddy, Daryl Millard, Ed Murphy. For Sam Bugess, Damien Cook, Hymel Hunt & Michael Oldfield! With no other news of any big names to come in & bolster the squad??

    Bully left big shoes in at hooker even Cook & Mcinnes together will struggle to fill them, something seems more afoot at the club 10 out 4 in….

    Really hope to see some decent players coming in or I can see this being a fustrating season ahead.

      • chalky any of these 3 guys can play centre, Hymel Hunt ( is a gun ), John Olive, Cody Walker but i do prefer Cody at 5/8. Then there are these guys fighting for a forward spot Angus Chrighton, Zane Musgrove, Cheyne Whitelaw, Nathan Brown. I think Cook will get the nod as hooker very good defender and a crafty hooker like Luke. So many good young players Madge knows what he is doing Souths fans as Chalky said have FAITH..

    • Musgrove/Grant
      Hughes / Ed Murphy
      Brock Gray promoted

      All we need is a top rate centre and we are looking better than last year

    • I will clear this up for you, cloudsurffer

      Players released:
      Walker: discipline and a bad attitude had 3 warning letters that the Public knew nothing about!
      Luke: discipline, attitude and on-field performance, mainly his passing from dummy half and his lazy tackling techniques! Too many suspensions.
      Stewart: complained to the media, leaked information. couldn’t hack the intense hard training.
      McQueen: lazy trainer and didn’t step up, we expect a lot more from an Origin Player. not worth the $300k.
      Ben Lowe: Retired due to persistent injury’s
      Grant: Poor Performance and taking up $350k, not worth the money.
      Reddy and Millard: released on LACK of performance.
      Nicholls: 2nd tier player was NEVER EVER going to play first grade.
      Ed Murphy: Is in the NORTH SYDNEY 2nd tier squad, has NOT left.

      We have some fantastic youngsters:
      Forwards: Nathan Brown, Jack Gosiewski, Brock Gray, Zane Musgrove, Cheyne Whitelaw. Cam Murray, Siosifa Talakai,
      Outside Backs: Aaron Gray, Tom Hughes, Hymel Hunt, Damon Goolagong, Josh Ellison, Tevita Cottrell, Irae Simone,
      Halves/Hookers: Riley Travers, Cody Walker, Liam Coleman,
      Utility’s: Paul Carter, Angus Crichton,
      Some are in our 20s squad
      Many of these players are in the “NSW pathways system” Chosen by Laurie Daley!
      THE FUTURE is very BRIGHT at Souths!
      and don’t you guys let anyone else tell you otherwise!

  4. bottom 4 could quite well look like this …13th rabbits ..14th titans..15th tigers 16th drags ..believe that

    • Why do you keep insisting that dragons with the wooden spoon they got a good side and will probably challenge for the 8 ..believe that

      • I think that there are 7 teams that can win the spoon, parra, Tigers, Souths, Knights, Titans, Roosters, dragons. But if I was betting on a team, money would be on the Knights.

  5. Got the faith Chalky been a fan & international member since 03 but it’s not looking good at the moment

      • I get the NRL NSWcup games and some NYC games, Jnr footy & NRL is a huge difference 3hats I’m not ill informed I’m just a stating my opinion

  6. Souths are really guna struggle this year. At best 9th. If burgess and reynalds go down they will be in the bottom 3. I cant see many points in them

  7. Man Souths fans have never been so annoying. Seems like these guys expect a salary cap like the Roosters… you guys are paying top dollar for Sam Burgess and you expect more big signings? Not all Souths fans (but alot) have made me dislike the club as they tend to speak alot of dribble.

    On a lighter note I think Damien Cook was a good signing for the Rabbits.

    • +1 also the fans who insist signing forwards are useless and should only sign try scoring outside backs.

    • basto, I wouldn’t worry about those Jennings comments, just wishful thinking by some Souths fans.
      Jennings WON’T be at Souths next season!
      Burgess is on $500k under the cap, the NRL has said so! The rest are TPAs, about $400k worth!
      NOT the $1.5M some IDIOT Journos are suggesting!

  8. The only south sydney fan on here that has any respect from other users is chalky. The guy can have a sensible conversation while the others just dribble.

      • Ha Ha! All I do is to try and respect others opinions and not get personal. I played on Redfern Oval when I went to Cleveland Street Boys High School, and have seen the good times and the bad.

        Oh, and I always keep the faith. Cheers.

    • doggiess, I have respect for other “users” as you say.
      BUT, those ones who abuse me for my opinions and there has been plenty of them over the last 3 months and/or my Rabbitohs and type utter Crap about me or the Rabbitohs then I will unload on them with both barrels!
      I have put up with plenty of abuse by these keyboard commandoes about Walker and Roberts, but I have been correct most of the time!

      • Sorry 3hats, but i have never seen you be right about anything yet. I think you went to hard to early and had the attitude of im right your wrong with no inbetween. Hope you prove me wrong mate but on past performance i cant see it happening lol

      • NO YOU DO NOT. You came on this site and started calling people idiots or ill-informed, because they dared question your “inside” info that ended up being wrong. Some of us on this site have been talking, arguing and mostly enjoying ourselves for years and don’t appreciate your attitude. Some of those you call idiots, myself included, have been following league for over 50 years and are by no means stupid. Your arrogance and belligerent posts are annoying. You talk as though you were the recruitment manager of Souths then make excuses when you get it wrong.

        The true keyboard commando here is you.

      • Hi 3 hats. I have a few questions for you

        1 Is Copley still guaranteed to be at Souths this year?
        2 Do you think Walker will be a success at 5/8 for Manly?
        3 Why do you call yourself 3 hats?
        4 Where do you think Souths will finish on the ladder this season? I have them finishing between 7th to 11th.

    • souths fans don’t appreciate they made the top 8 every year since Maguire took over we had a good year last year I was very happy we gave our best but we weren’t good enough it wasn’t our year.

  9. Souths are really going to struggle this year. We’ve lost too many players and put all our money on Burgess. Maguire has to be shown the door like every player at our club. He’s stuck in his military brain and only cares about intense training sessions. At best, I can see Souths finishing at 10th. We won’t make the finals unless we sign a few decent forwards

    • As I said, have faith. Just over 12 months ago Madge was the toast of the town now you want to sack him. Last year wasn’t great but we made the finals. You can’t win everything. The Roosters won a comp and didn’t win the last two, and lost a few good players eg SBW, RTS and Maloney but they are not calling for their coach to be sacked.

  10. Tigers should try get Lloyd Perret aswel before the season starts

    1. Tedesco
    2. Nofualuma
    3. Simona
    4. Lovett
    5. Naqaima
    6. Moses
    7. Brooks
    8. Woods
    9. Farrah
    10. Grant
    11. Sironen
    12. Edwards
    13. Ballin

    14. Cheerington
    15. Perret
    16. Liolevave
    17. Chee-kam

    • Dude, Lovett is not a centre. He got carved up there last year when he had to replace someone who was injured.

  11. I try to keep the faith too chalky mate. But when all the news that keeps coming is bad…it’s kind of hard. Funny about grant though his only good game last year was against the Tiger’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a stab at Jennings though.

  12. The way I see it is the salary cap negates success.
    Once we one the comp in 2014 we were always going to loose players.. Winning the Como does that and as soon as you do it’s time to rebuild immediately.
    Madge is not the problem.
    Ask St George Illawarra fans (2010)
    Manly had problems last year as a result of their success, they are rebuilding.
    Roosters are no different.
    You have to evolve as a club and take the hits.
    It’s not all doom and gloom fellow bunnies fans.
    We have a lot of young blokes ready to take their chance.
    While Cody Walker will be a shining light.
    We shouldn’t be whinging we do have Inglis and Sam Burgess.
    Most clubs supporters would give their left one for them two in their squad.

  13. Tim Grant deserves to start at front with tigers. Maguire failed with Tim grant and glen Stewart signing. Releasing Teo was wrong as too Isaac like and api korisau and Dylan walker.

    James Roberts done a u turn on the deal literally Monday morning when he was expected to be announce as a Rabbitoh.
    Marty Tapau also done uturn on deal last minute.

    Now we are in talks with Jennings and loud perret. Roosters need to let Jennings go 100 percent to us or parra before March. As Jarod Hayne is penning deal with roosters 100 percent., roosters are hoping parra take Jennings in return to let Hayne play at roosters, that’s the deal they hoping for otherwise going to get ugly with roosters and parra, and roosters will replace Copley cheap from Jennings too.

    • What a load of CRAP
      Grant was LAZY in 2015 as he was at Penrith.
      Te’o left for more cash, plus he couldn’t hack the training!
      Stewart was released due to MEDIA leaks, just like at Manly!
      You are CORRECT on Roberts
      Taupau was keen to come, but Souths withdrew our offer as we knew Sam was coming back, I knew in MID OCTOBER. the 9th!

      I can’t say too much on Hayne but he will still be in the NFL next season.
      He has NO plans to come back to the NRL!
      I have heard the rumours about Jennings, I doubt the RORTERS will allow him to come to SOUTHS! Parra maybe? but NOT SOUTHS!
      Will the Rorters put in and pay a part of his salary for 2016?
      I don’t think they will.

  14. Why the tigers would sign a guy who made no impact in a good team(souths),they couldve signed a younger fella in llyod perret for less coin,nothing against grant but wow,dumb ass tigers at it again.
    Although i hope for tigers fans he proves me wrong.

  15. Grant defiantly wasn’t in my starting 17 for South’s so I don’t understand why so many people are getting upset.

    All teams loose players and teams change however we are probably in a better position then last year.

    As stated by chalky Luke wanted to go home and his performances were dropping and cook is up and coming with Carter and possibly Mcinnes as backup.

    McQueen for Burgess not a problem and Grant really didn’t do much. Stewart was a good tackler but that was all and we have a few young guys that will do a better job.

    Walker is the main loss for his speed and skill but we have recruited 2 centres and have another ready to step up. Over all its looking pretty good at souths as long as we can get our Halfs working like they did in 2014!

    Rabbitohs top 8 and could easy go all the way with abit of luck 🙂

  16. I hate to say it but I think Souths might struggle this year I hope not but they let go a lot of players

      • But if you look at the team we got we won’t struggle we will only struggle if injuries come our way again look at this imp would be our best lineup
        1. DWZ
        2. Josh Mansour
        3. Dean Whare
        4. Peta Hiku
        5. George Jennings
        6. Moylan
        7. Soward
        8. Cambell Gillard
        9. Segyaro
        10. Merrin
        11. Taylor
        12. Cartwright
        13. Peachey
        14. Docker Clay or Martin
        15. Mcendry
        16. Latimore
        17. Matagi
        IMO That is a good lineup and should make the 8. I hope Souths make 8 I like Souths hopefully

        • I don’t do lists but yours looks quite good. If you look objectively Souths 2016 backline has five of the back seven that won the GF ( missing Walker and Lote), and only missing two forwards from the GF team (Luke and Teó).

          I have faith.

  17. Omfg the more I read the more I hate Souths fans (Chalky excepted). Now talks of signing Hayne or Jennings BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  18. At the end of the day both he and Mcqueen were standing in the way of some fine prospects that we have coming through that are ready for firstgrade.

    We have a great pack and strong bench and will be in the 8. If Burgess and GI are at their best top 4

      • Billy Smith and Graeme Langlands carried St George for years. 3 players are still carrying the Storm.

        • the storm have j. bromwich, procter, munster, chambers and a good young forward pack. They may have three star players like every team has but they have other good players

      • Yeah I agree but you need your best firing. JT and Matt Scott have been leading the Cowboys around for a while but it took a player like Morgan to really make them a gun side,
        The rest of the side lifted as well. A good pack great halves a steady full back a dynamic hooker and a steady backline without being chock full of superstars.

        Souths have a similar mix but the halves need to be better than last year.

  19. How many teams win a Grand Final with 5 first year rookies? Souths did in 2014. And will be top 4 this year, easy…way too easy. We are looking the goods.

      • Reynolds missed one game through suspension in his first 3 years and was pretty unlucky to get injured last year after being the player of the 9s and being one of the in form players in the comp. He struggled a bit last year but will be back to his best
        Burgess is a freak and is injured way less than Gallen, Bird, Lewis for example.

        • reynolds got injured in the anzac day match. Reynolds has good kicking game but his defence needs improvement. True though gallen and lewis r very injury prone but Burgess is like SBW always has little injuries that keep him out for a short period during the season and gallen is all that good with the roids. The only thing he offers to the sharks is leadership

    • manly did it with 6 in 2011.

      cheers. and we did it without the help of the nrl ie the refs penalizing the other team out of the comp and 2 sets of rules for the ruck. and no millionares influencing others ☺

    • Souths was the first club to win a Premiership with BOTH HALVES, as NON Rep players.
      Look back in History it Never happens yet the Rabbitohs did do it!
      YES, 5 Rookies, Johnston, Auva’a, McInnes, Turner and Koroisau

      • Not true at all.

        1989. Chris O’Sullivan and Ricky Stuart had not played rep at time of win
        1980. Gary Hughes and Steve Mortimer had not played rep football at time of win.

        • In fact they were not even the first Souths team to achieve that.

          Dennis Pittard and Bob Grant the halves of the 1968 South team had not played rep footy at the time of their grand final win.

          Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

        • Brilliant, I love actual facts, especially when they’re 1s I hadn’t learnt yet. That’s going in the brain that 1. Thank you.

  20. Tigers will get Grant back to his best. Playing with Woods and Farah will remind him that he once played Origin. It is the kick up the arse he needs, because you cannot deny when he is at his best he is a beast.
    Now, once he is back to his best he will obviously then be given a release from his contract for 2017 so he can sign with Manly/Sharks, but at least we will get a solid year out of him.

    • I don’t recall Sam being injury prone. Cook can play half…fancy a hooker with the speed of a fullback!!!!

      • Oldfield is a speed machine as well. We will be quicker this year I reckon. Younger fresher legs and the best forward in the World.

        • Michael Oldfield? wow haven’t seem hin since 2012. He was a good player what happened to him. He was the fastest at manly when he was there.

        • Michael Oldfield has been tearing up the Super League in England and has been a top try scorer.
          29 trys in 44 games, not too bad at all.

        • Mate he got a good offer to go to Super League and now he’s back to have a crack. I liked him at Manly and think he has all the attributes to be a prolific tryscorer.

  21. I think we could do a lot worse than Tim Grant. Now we have Sue, Ava, Woods and Grant as a possible rotation.

    • Yeah his name is Sammy Boyle. South back to the bottom 8 before they purchased there way to the top. believe that.

    • Did you read the article? In just about every stat they are equals other than rep footy. Hard to claim Lyon is better when Hodges has had an excellent rep career and Lyon and dodged competing in the hardest of arenas.

      They both have their merits and are IMO, along with Inglis, the best two centres of the last decade.

      • Wait are you saying Hodges is better than sir James? the article clearly states Lyon is better because he has been playing at the same high level consistently for the last 8 years. He has kicked many a goal and is all round the classiest player in the game. Hodges is good but he’s a filthy classless grub yeah he played origin in the best team Ever seen big woop so does darius Boyd lol. Lyon also lead us to a premiership as captain. His kicking game is also spot on close to the line. ie grubbers

        • No but IMO they are about equal as the article mentions. They gave the verdict to Lyon by “the slimmest of margins”. A verdict I can live with.

  22. I’m talking about the amount of player losses at Souths for 1 big one, Sam is a freak with off loads ball Carrying tackles line breaks etc I understand the cap fully but I think it’s a sad day when one player outweighs 7/8 players to fit in the cap, I love the young squad we have & gutted we lost Nichols as him & Cody where the gun Halfs of the NSW cup last season & could be a big replacement for Keary should he ask to be released

  23. Keary is heading up to Titians before season start. I was correct about Grant too.
    Grevsmuhl , working on releasing him before season starts too, Maguire not a fan of him at all. Should we confirm signing of Loyd Perret , Grevsmuhl gone 100 percent this season.

    That would free up

    300k McQueen
    350k walker
    400k keary
    450k grant
    500k Luke
    $10. Reddy
    $22 Millard
    200k B Lowe
    650k Stewart
    150k Grevsmuhl

    Surprise siging will be M Jennings. Should Hayne be confirmed at roosters , frees up 600k + RTS 600k
    Hayne 2016 – rooster
    SBW 2017 – roosters
    Unreal for the roosters , they will take title 2017

    • You certainly do come up with some interesting comments. Not a real Rabbitoh?What does that mean? Is it the same as me thinking that Inglis isn’t a real Rabbitoh? I still think of Inglis as a Storm player.

  24. Dale Copley to Titans
    Lloyd Perret to Rabbitohs
    Chris Grevsmuhl to Panthers
    James Gavet to Warriors

    All should be confirmed in the next week

      • Manly is not about pride, they are about winning premierships by poaching great players from struggling clubs. That’s how they started in the 70s, nearly destroying Souths and Wests. Thank goodness for the salary cap to protect the battlers and level out the tall poppies.

    • Hopefully that happens this year, broncos4eva. At first I wasn’t to happy, now that this signing has happened, bring him here asap.

  25. Parra to finish higher then manly shock sacking of trent barret when nicki webstar slaps him and is apointed coach of the schmeagles cause her balls are bigger

  26. I like this signing for the Tigers. I saw his highlights the other day on the news and he was a scary front rower he seems to have either lost a little aggression or a yard of pace has he suffered any injuries any panther fans know?

    Trent Robinson I know you read my posts DO NOT sign Dale Copely.

    Chalky and tommyknocker you 2 are the best posters on this site fair and knowledgle very impressive not as entertaing as others but the best.

    • You’re rught he use to be a great player for us, however I don’t know what happened, but one things for sure, sticking him in reserve grade in his last year didn’t help, I thought going to Souths would have revived he’s career but he was pretty average There as well, I hope he can turn it around at the Tigers.

      • I watched some of his highlights when he was at his best and he was a beast just bumping of tacklers and a scary man to tackle full stop I wondered if he had a injury since then? I couldnt recall one.

        Though he was average this year I dont think he was as bad as souths fans are claiming he was solid and in all honesty which forward performed for well for souths last season.

  27. Tigers 2016
    3.Timmy simona
    5.The Noff
    10.Tim Grant
    12.Joel Edwards
    13.Big Sue

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