SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 08: Benji Marshall of the Tigers prepares for the start of the game during the round 18 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Wests Tigers at Parramatta Stadium on July 8, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Wests Tigers head coach Ivan Cleary has named five players to share captaincy role ahead of the 2018 season.

The players to lead the club this season include 2017 Wests Tigers vice-captain Chris Lawrence and fellow leadership group member Elijah Taylor, club Life Member Benji Marshall and new recruits Russell Packer and Josh Reynolds.

“When we started this preseason it was pretty obvious straight away that there was no real pecking order,” said Cleary.

“There was no set culture to adhere to. It was all new. That was what I wanted it to be like and that’s just how it panned out.

“With this particular team at this time, I think it’s going to work best to spread that role and allow those blokes to develop in their own way.”


  1. I think Chris Lawrence will be captain for 2018.
    But the big question is… who is going to give t rex a lift to training all year?

  2. Not the smartest move to have 5 co-captains. But if Benji is one of them you’d think he’d have to feature in first grade this season, possibly on the bench. Chris Lawrence would’ve been my captain, he’s been through it all at the Tigers. Good times, very tough times and he’s an former Australian rep.

    • WestTigersNation your answer to the Broncos & Cowboys buying players from NSW was a silly response from you that you only half answered. If you had known what you’re talking about, you’d know Korbin Sims is from the Broncos system who was born in NSW and played his juniors at Geringong before the Donkeys did a Greg Inglis on him and turned him into a Qld player Sims debut for the Knights and played over 70 NRL games before the Donks needed more props and purchased the bloke from Newcastle. You did not answer the other question about the eight players in North Queensland that are not Queenslanders. You missed the point completely about Queensland bragging about how they are the capital of Rugby League yet they, like everyone else still have to buy players from elsewhere.

      As for your ridiculous remark about having one of your 5 captains as a leader of the bench, well you just made yourself look like an idiot lol 🤣 😁 😂🎱

  3. Ridiculous, its stupid enough having co captains but to have five captains means the coach is a pacifier and not a leader. Sack Cleary if he cant make up his mind who the real leader of the team is.

  4. I don’t get the point of having 5 captains but in an era of leadership groups and so many support staff I think the captains role is minimal anyway.
    What is ridiculous is to suggest naming 5 captain is cause to sack the coach

    • Ok gegjm if a bloke like you runs the Western Suburbs Tigers and you hire five coaches. I recon the board would think your a nuter and give you the bullet. Get the picture.

    • How about a 1 captain and 1 vice captain. It worked for the first 105 years in rugby league. In the past 5 years the whole worlds gone mad two on field refs, 2 on field touch judges that don’t do any thing except raise the flags behind the post. Video ref who like the touch judges are useless. South’s banning cheer leaders, 5 captains. Roosters putting Tupou on their bench in a preliminary final and use him for 3 mins. 5 captains, no knockbacks, no run arounds, no chip over the tops, no play the balls, 5 captains.

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