The NRL has launched a tongue-in-cheek 'world champions of football' marketing campaign in the US, poking fun at the NFL Super Bowl.

The video posted to social media involves a street talk segment in Atlanta, Georgia where locals mock the Sydney Roosters being labelled'world champions.

Atlanta is set to host Monday's Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and LA Rams at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium (AEST)

It comes as the Roosters set up a giant billboard in Atlanta during the lead into the NFL decider, labelling themselves 'world champions of football'.

"Americans always claim their domestic league winners, whether it's NBA, MLB or NFL are the World Champions," NRL boss Todd Greenberg said in a statement.

"So, if they can make this claim, why can't we?

"It's a cheeky, fun way of kicking off our promotions for 2019."

The video signs off with: 'The battle for our next "world champion" starts March 14.


  1. What a joke this is.
    First we get a new logo and then this.
    Seriously what are these people thinking?
    And what the heck is with this American obsession they have? Guess what, it’s not happening.
    How about trying to first shore up the game in rugby league heartland. I Saw the other day the Roosters have 12thousand members. One of Sydney’s biggest most successful teams have a pathetic 12,000 members. The big AFL clubs have 50,000 to 100,000 members and we are trying to sell the game to the USA. First work out why so many fans are disenfranchised by this game and try to win them back!
    Secondly it’s called the NRL, try to expand to include all Australia before trying to chase some American dream.

  2. Yeah the second oldest team in the NRL and barely 12,000 fans, although i’m not sure if they have that many yet, Souths the oldest team of course have the most which when you consider their are one city teams thats incredible, Souths may have not played the most games but are the oldest, if Glebe were to come back then they would be the oldest.

  3. The NRL is obsessed with making traction in the US while the game at home is rotting away and barely pulls crowds anymore

  4. As one American put it, “fake advertising “, and he’d be quite right too.
    The current (NRL) world champions are The Storm.
    Roosters have still yet to earn that title.

  5. Roosters have been in the game more years then the rabbits, don’t you remember them few years where you had no team to support?

  6. Thats 100% correct. They are the newest team in the comp using the same name in a different district. And like Melbourne there juniors are miles away from their district. Souffths use a chunk of the Easts juniors while Melbourne have a chunk of Brisbanes juniors. Souffths even gave up their home ground and moved to the centre of Sydney in their new relocation. They should be called Homebush Bay or Olympic Park Rabbits, there is nothing South out west. AHAHAHAHAH

  7. In reality the Roosters took both belts off Melbourne in the ring on September 30 2018. Wigan has yet to challenge the dual belt holders. Which therefore enables the NRL to correctly name them as World Champions. The last time a dual belt champion lost both belts in the ring is when Penrith knocked over the Roosters in the 2003 grand final.

    I think it’s clever advertising in a fun manor during the lead up to the USA’s biggest sporting event.

  8. They had a National comp until the greedy idiot Super League destroyed it. All those backstabbing clubs like NQ, Brisbane, Canterbury, Penrith, Canberra, Cronulla, Warriors, etc. etc hang your greedy heads in shame.

  9. Russell Crowe’s obsession, I think France is Union mad and the English League are doing their bit by having French teams in their comps. Australian League has already said when it expands shortly the comp will have a 2nd Brisbane team and a Perth side. Plus on an international stand they are recognising Tonga as a top priority test team and a New Guinea side is showing what is can do in the Qld comp. Canada is an English push for expansion with a view to have them in their comp one day and to keep pushing to set their own comp up to a higher standard.

    Hundreds of gridiron players miss out on making it every year and if they have another sport to fall back on then rugby League can grow in the USA.

  10. I hate to say it but NZ is crazy of the inferior game of Union. Such a boring rubbish game. The Warriors will probably never ever win an NRL title. Poor old Roger Tooheysvasa-Shrek. If he ever wants to win another Premiership like he did at the Roosters6 years ago as a young man then he had better move away from Nz

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