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The NRL could look into allegations of tampering against the New Zealand Warriors over their pursuit of Parramatta young gun Dylan Brown.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Warriors offered the talented 18-year-old, who is yet to make his NRL debut, a six-year deal believed to be worth around $3 million late last year.

The Warriors’ offer could come under NRL scrutiny as a potential breach of the league’s anti-tampering rules. Under these rules, rival clubs are not permitted to approach the bright halfback prospect or his representation until November 1 this year.

Warriors CEO Cameron George says any misconduct was accidental.

“We approached [Brown] on the understanding he was off contract at the end of 2019, which we’re entitled to do,” George told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It was later cleared up [by his agent] that he had a variation [in his Parramatta contract] that committed him until 2020 and that was it.”

The teenager is tipped to feature prominently for the Eels in 2019 as the nominal replacement for Corey Norman, who became a member of St George Illawarra over the off-season.

The Warriors open their 2019 season with a home game against the Bulldogs on March 16, while Parramatta plays away against the Panthers on March 17.


  1. Dylan Brown looks a very promising figure and the two clubs both see him as having a huge future. I went to high school with him while he was still in New Zealand. The same high school as James Fisher-Harris, who has gone on to great things and is doing amazing. But I must say that these two boys, if you saw them at school they didn’t stand out ad much as you’d think. On the feild they were obviously talented but I remember seeing people who could’ve gone on to do better.
    A lot of it must come down to attitude and determination and I’m gladly see Dylan replace Shaun at the Warriors but do I rate him so much to throw 500k per year at him to come back. Hmmmmm

  2. Throw the book at the warriors. It is against the anti poaching laws and They should be fined and stripped of points.
    Brown will be signed to a long term contract with Parra before the end of the season.

  3. I don’t care if they don’t punish the Warriors for this, and I’d probably go 1 step further, and say I hope they don’t, because I don’t think it’s ever actually been policed in the past.
    That said, this is the perfect opportunity to draw that line in the sand, and send the message to everyone (clubs, players, agents) that it is going to be policed going forward, and tell them what punishments that can expect.

  4. You’re right & who said that was a good decision? Not a good financial decision .
    Still ,there weren’t any rules in place about signing coaches to future contracts . Whether they had two years left to run on a coaching contract or five. . So what’s your point?

  5. The Anti-poaching laws are like the voluntary tackle – in the rule book but not enforced.

    Time for the NRL to wake up & act.

  6. NRL are hypocrites, they made this mess and have ignored it for years. If it were the rorters there’d not be a peep, heck they’d throw in some coin.

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