AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 27: Shaun Johnson of the Warriors looks on during the round 25 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Manly Sea Eagles at Mt Smart Stadium on August 27, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

The Warriors have granted halfback Shaun Johnson a release from the last year of his contract in 2019.

The release is effective immediately.

“Yesterday (head coach) Stephen Kearney, (recruitment manager) Peter O’Sullivan and I met with Shaun and his manager Peter Brown,” Warriors CEO Cameron George said on the club website.

“During the meeting Shaun clearly demonstrated to us that he didn’t want to be at the club in 2019.

“On the basis of what Shaun told us, we are not going to compromise our culture on and off the field with people who do not wish to represent our club, members and fans in the way we expect.

“Everything we do is about the club being first and what’s best for our future, our development and ultimately our results.

“While it’s disappointing it has come to this, we must acknowledge the contribution Shaun has made to the Vodafone Warriors. We’re proud of what he has achieved at the club and wish him the best for the future.”


  1. Breaking News!!!
    Widdop shocks Dragons with release request with three years left on deal
    28 November 2018 — 12:01am

    Where will it end? With 3 years left on his contract? It’ the beginning of the end for the game. It is now FAR TOO MERCENARY!

    I’m really over all this. I can’t imagine how Dragons fans feel.

    • If Widdop is requesting a deal, that means there is a club wooing him…

      The NRL needs a trade block running from November to February. That way clubs can get something for disgruntled players like SJ, Widdop and Klemmer rather than letting them walk away for nothing.

      • Good idea “Slammin Sam”. 👍🏻

        Jean-Luc Picard: “Make it so number 1”

        Dr Evil: “How about we as ask them to pay the NRL a realease fee number 2? How about one billion gagillion dollars? No? A little too much? I overshot the approach just a little bit? Then feed them to the freakin sharks with laser beams on their heads!

      • Latest rumor is if Bennett leaves Brisbane which looks likely, Then O’Sullivan has a get out clause at Brisbane and will sign on as the Warriors replacement halfback. Organised by his dad who works as the Warroirs talent scout💪🎱👊

        • Latest Rumor Cronulla are not interested in Johnston as he is only available for the 2019 season as he has signed on for the 2020-2022 seasons with the Roosters. Cronulla are now looking to sign Alex Johnston🤑💲💰🎱🎯

  2. “On the basis of what Shaun told us, we are not going to compromise our culture on and off the field with people who do not wish to represent our club, members and fans in the way we expect.”

    Wow, it was almost like the Warriors had publicly stated that SJ would not be resigned past 2019…

    I don’t blame Shaun for leaving. I would to if I was in his shoes. It will be interesting to see who he signs with. My money on Cronulla, but stranger things have happened.

  3. it wouldn’t surprise me to see norman go to dragons to replace widdop, who goes home to SL and Johnson to eels.
    Dragons were super keen on norman last time round.
    anything is possible.

    • I think SJ just jumped infront of Norman on the Dragon’s priority list.

      Which would you prefer? One who can elude defenders and zigzag all over the field or one who can “run a line”? 😂😂😂

        • Given that the Dragons have to fill a gaping hole fast I think that they will jump at Johnson who would be a better fit with Hunt than with Moses IMHO. If the Eels have a shot they will have to move fast and go high in terms of $$’s.

        • it could also be a merry go round again – start playing the music and when it stops, grab a seat and that’s where you stay….could include Townsend, Johnson, Widdop, Norman, Moses, Moylan, Benji, Reynolds A & J.
          Who knows these days…it could be interesting how it plays out

        • Adam Reynolds won’t be going anywhere mate unless Papa Smurf gives him a push. Josh Reynolds IMO does NOT belong in the halves and needs to go back to where he started, as a hooker. If Madge realises this then “grub” is the natural successor to Farah and the transition needs to begin in 2019. Benji would be a great addition to the Warriors to partner Blake Green during the Warriors present HB shortage but I think he and Farah plan to retire after 2019 at the Tigers where they started which is fitting.

          As for getting rid of Norman and Moses, well good luck with that one (“touch wood” so they don’t find their way to Redfern). That task will be like trying to sell ice to Eskimos IMO but the eels have little choice. IF the Sharks let Townsend go (highly doubtful I think) the Warriors should jump at the chance to get him back if Benji isn’t an option (or perhaps even if he is). Townsend and Green would work well together. Not exceptional but safe and productive and very capable of leading the Warriors forwards around the field. The Eels also could do far worse than recruit Townsend to Parramatta. Just a thought.

          I have to say though billy, this whole NRL merry-go-round experience is making my stomach turn. Time for the NRL to stop it before we ALL want to get off!

  4. St George maybe. Can`t get my head around Widdop getting home sick, didn`t he join Melbourne when he was 16 or so?

    Roosters, Cronk maybe retiring.

    Raiders may still be a outside chance

    • Early retirements for both Farah and Benji perhaps? In the current contract environment ANYTHING is possible. 😉

  5. Like I said well before I knew about Widdop, dragons should look at Johnson, now they should really look hard. Widdop to FB, Dufty to wing (maybe) Johnson to 5/8

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