The Warriors have begun preparations for life under Nathan Brown in 2021, with Stacey Jones and Tony Iro both being moved on from their coaching roles, per

Iro has been a member of the Warriors' coaching box since 2005, where he was caretaker coach for two games in 2012.

Jones, noted as one of the club's greatest ever players, has spent time as a junior recruitment and pathways coach, while having spells with the under-20s and NSW Cup sides.

The pair will both step down from their roles while the club looks to retain them in new positions.

Along with the coaching changes, the Warriors are believed to be looking to offloaded Agnatius Paasi, while Patrick Herbert won't be offered a contract for next season.

Isaiah Papali'i, Adam Keighran and Lachlan Burr will join Herbert in departing the club as Brown looks set to form his roster for 2021.

Paasi has been told by the Warriors that he is free to talk with rival clubs.

The Warriors will welcome Addin Fonua-Blake to Auckland, while Brown will bring in Craig Hodges into his coaches box while retaining Justin Morgan.


  1. Already liking the decisions of Brown. Iro has been at the club 15 years and achieved nothing. Stacey Jones I loved as a player and was decent as a coach but ultimately I think he’s better in a smaller role.

    Brown rebuilt Newcastle from wooden spooners for years into a top 8 side. At the Warriors we are a 8-12 kinda side and hopefully Brown can make us more of a 4-8 side. Consistently making the finals every year. I like the Addin signing and liking the cull so far. Herbert is unlucky he only had a couple opportunities but was decent but we have lots of good backs so it is what it is. Pupps was overrated, Keirghan is again just meh and Burr tries his hardest but just isn’t a difference maker.

  2. 2021 is looking good, can’t wait to see Blake & Masila run out….
    post contact metres should be off the ricta scale, RTS bringing the ball back, then Big Ken, then Masila, then Blake, Lawton and the backs running off that , hell yeahhh ,
    Get Paul Turner in their somewhere . Bit sad Herbert has to go, he was one of our best backs and finished off some amazing tries , he should get an opportunity somewhere…i thought maybe we could persist with Passi , he might pick his game up now that we have 2 big boppas to lead the way…

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