SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 17: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves of the Roosters attends the NRL judiciary at Rugby League Central on September 17, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Sydney Roosters forward Jared Waerea-Hargreaves has been unsuccessful in having his Grade 1 Tripping charge overturned at the NRL Judiciary.

The Roosters entered a not guilty plea for Waerea-Hargreaves following his charge from an incident in the 71st minute of the Roosters’ Qualifying Final match against the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Waerea-Hargreaves argued the alleged trip was an accident but the judiciary panel disagreed, suspending him for one match over the incident.

“I’m disappointed with the result, but have full faith in my team and look forward to helping them prepare as best as possible,” Waerea-Hargreaves said after the hearing.


  1. The judiciary have been finally given the riot act after the sham of his last 2 wrong escapes.
    All they had to do was pretend to believe his lies like those with Knight but would have been too hot, even for the roosters.
    The writing was on the wall with the dropping of Klein as well.

  2. A lot has to be said for karma.
    His absence no where near as bad as Sam Burgess, but losing their cheap shot king will have them sulking.

  3. Twentyone this is all a conspiracy to make South Sydney win their 22nd premiership.

    _____________________ NOT _____________________

    This is great news, JWH will be nice and fresh for the Grand Final after getting unfairly rubbed out for somthing so soft that a fine is the usual standard penalty, the Rooster plays 45min per game. With their fantastic depth. They can cover this Rooster for 45min with ease.

    Big Lindsay Collins has hit his straps and is making some big hits and huge runs.
    Last season Sydney won the Preliminary Final without Dylan Napa and Latrell Mitchell who both were suspended against South.
    Sydney also have Faamausuli who is a wrecking ball. Options galore for the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Premiers.

    Best player to cover JWH is Lindsay Collins in my opinion. But lets give thanks…………
    Just a big thank you to the NRL judiciary for confirming Sydney have the assurances that JWH can’t pick up another charge and miss the grand final. Which therefore means JWH will bash the opposition stupid like he did to Souths soft forwads the last two weeks and he can do it in the big one. You little Beauty.😁👍

  4. Souths have got a team of Dud forwards with no spark in the backs. When the dirty Sam Burgess got suspended Souths had no back up for him and they went down through the “S” Bend against the Premiers.

    Souths have got two match unfit Burgess Twins out of game time condition and a dud prop Knight, sacked by three clubs previously to go with a sacked coach for guidance. With a bloke named Sutton who is out of puff in his old age and can’t play for more than 20minutes.

    Sydney on the other hand have an abundance of self developed props to cover JWH in Giant Big toughie Lindsay Collins or the BIg wrecking ball Faamausili.

    To go with their exellent other two self developed props Taukeiaho who runs far more metres than JWH and Isaac Liu who clocks up a many metres also. Then throw in the hard man import Tetevano and its bring on the next team to get belted up like Souths.

  5. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 bring them on they will get belted up like Souths did the last two weeks straight. Just look at the replay and look at all the blood on Souths players face at the end of the game. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Must be a great feeling for the coach of the next team to play the roosters knowing there’s a less chance of one of his players getting his head knocked off , eye gouges or broken leg with this thug out.

  7. To all the Sam Burgess knockers on here have a rethink.
    Has come out in support of Hargreaves saying crazy should miss a semi for the trip.
    Good on you Sam.
    All class.

  8. If they said it’ll be a 10 week suspension & a $300,000 fine next time you turn up, no matter what you’re here for next time. To the repeat offenders , who turn up every week or 2. Instead of letting them off most of the time. There wouldn’t be a next time, ,as the players would make sure that they didn’t reoffend.

  9. All the usual Chook haters are coming out from beneath their rocks (for those who don’t have a clubhouse) to spit venom on the reigning PREMIERS …
    If your team has already fallen off the 2019 perch, you have nothing to brag about here, let alone throw stones at the clubs that are still in the race. Especially any club that has far superseded a club with 5 (correction) 9 year plan, and growing, run by a BBQ administration, (by that I mean these fat fools running a footy ‘club’ that turn over players and coaches like they’re flipping snags on a hot plate), that cooked up a failed coach that’s a proven liar….e.g. [“I’ll honour my contract Tigers”] LIE.. [“I did not speak to the referees at half time, …. Err…. I may have”] LIE
    So, unless you follow Storm, SeaDucks, Slimys or Souffs, who are just hanging on to that 2019 perch, there is no need for the losers to be passing comment … or ….. tell us all here on ZT about your wonderful achievements this year ….. cya losers

  10. chookfeed, you are obviously rattled with the shoe on the other foot now that this stain wont be there week 3 and played his last game for 2019 on top of your man Klein finally being held accountable for his diabolical biased errors.
    The message has finally been sent loud and clear by the NRL and the end of the current judicial panel was on the line Tuesday night but for the correct decision.
    Given it appears an even playing field has now been achieved, your roosters will have to accept that along with tripping, raised arms to players throats, smashing players without the ball, eye gouging (Hargreaves again), will no longer be a rooster luxury and therefore not much left in their armoury.
    Souths V Storm GF after Roosters knocked out week 3.
    Time for you to crawl back under your rock.

  11. He tripped him because he was “off balance”.

    Funny stuff – He is as deluded as Wood-duck & his 15 other login names……..

  12. Twentyone you must be rattled after what JWH did to your soft forwards two weeks running.

    Twentyone calling JWH “a thug” is the highest compliment you can give the Rooster enforcer. Even Souths fans are still shaking in their hole riddled jim boots after the enforcer brutalized those south softies.

    By the way The face book flasher is in huge trouble after mouthing off over the NRL Judiciary treatment for his girl like enforcer treatment of hair pulling. Ahahah
    The girl hair puller Souths enforcer🤣😂🤣
    Has been summoned to appear before Cadinal and Greenberger for a suspension.

  13. ChalkDuster, Everyone understood JWH did an accidental reflex trip and that he would get 1 week suspension.

    But with nothing to lose with a not guilty plea, it was always worth a try. Win = no suspension, lose = he still only gets one week. So in reality the bottom line was.
    _____Nothing To Lose______

  14. WillyWonka00 Sam’s comments have the support of all the NRL fans all over Australia except for the pampered, protected species roosters and understandably.
    Keep it up Sam you legend and keep these lightweights running for cover finally after the social media outcry demanding action after the Hargone let off last week and failing to charge Cornbread and Tetenus.
    Even Teddy Mercury looked embarrassed.

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