SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 23: Mitchell Moses of the Eels shakes hands with Luke Brooks of the Tigers following the round 20 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on July 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers and Parramatta Eels have both finalised their lineups for today’s match at ANZ Stadium.

Team list not yet available
Team list not yet available


  1. Alvaro, Mannah, Pritchard and Scott shouldn’t be in the team. To old or not 1st grade standard.
    This will be 4 in a row for my Eels.

      • It’s a pretty sad start of affairs when Mannah and Alvaro are our best props.
        as for who to put in there, that is the issue. We have no one else.
        We have been light on in the forwards for several years and the only thing the coach has done to rectify this is bring in old has beens or useless bums like Kane Evans.
        There were quite a few good props on the market at the end of last year and we end up with a two bit bum like Evans.
        Also we lost Semi who is one of, if not the best winger in the NRL and we replace him with a has been like Hayne who brings disharmony to every team he plays for.

        • I think it’s fair to say we have an avaerage forward pack. Brown is the standout, followed by Ma’u, in my book at least. I think Alvaro is a deserving starting prop, who does his job, and can add some flair (get the accosional line break, try etc).

          I also think it’s fair to say Mannah has to be a starting prop, as he brings nothing off the bench, and I think he’s reliable enough, doing the fundamentals/basics, to hold his position, but he’ll never surprise the defence. With him and Alvaro as starting props, we need impact off the bench, and that’s where we’re lacking.

          I thought Evans would go well in our squad, and have been disappointed to date, but it’s still early in the season. I think he’s got the skills to create in attack, but I’d agree we not only haven’t seen them yet, he hasn’t even been able to do the basics yet. The jury is out for me on Evans at his stage.

          Replacing Semi was never going to easy, obviously. I didn’t see Hayne as a “replacement” for Semi. The way I see it, we lost Semi, and have wing options. Hayne was a replacement for Taka’s in the centre, backup FB option etc. I still don’t know if we did the right thing picking up Hayne, but thus far it hasn’t worked.

          Im happy to keep Scott in the 17, even though he’s taking a bench spot and only doing limited minutes, because he can bring composure to the squad, although I could easily make the case to run Smith off the bench instead, and have a utility. This will be Scott’s last year.

          I take your point on both Pritchard’s. I didn’t see any upside in picking up Frank at his age, and was surprised we offered him another year. I think Kaysa is a good backup, but I’m not sure he’s a regular starting 9. If we’re throwing TRex in here, as an old forward, why not? He would be cheap, adds some size, and is worth a shot, but I’m not expecting too much.

  2. The eels are a total disgrace and the blame has to go on the coach.
    Pretty much the same team that made it to 4th spot last year will get the spoon this year as we are no 0 from 4.
    We need to ditch BA now and hope to get some credibility back.
    The way we are playing I don’t see us wining a single game this season.

        • Let’s not get too carried away.

          We’ve obviously had a horrendous start to the season, but we’re not getting another spoon this year.

          The players are letting themselves, and the team, down, especially with our defence. The players can’t keep making so many errors, giving away so many penalties, and leave gaps you could drive a truck through in our defensive line, and expect to win games.

          Kev, as you stated, this is virtually the same team that made the top 4 last year, with the most notable of exceptions being Semi. So last year under BA this team made it to the finals, and we go 0-4 this year and you want to sack him?

          BA will get them (the players) back on track. He got us (virtually our whole club) through 2016.

    • Don’t worry Kev, your a shoe in to win in round 12 against my Broncos. Parra have had the wood on us for the past couple of years, even when we were playing well but the reality is the Broncs should be 0-4 like your Eels. Not so sure BA needs to go but I think the game has past Wayne and I hope he calls stumps this year. I share your pain as both clubs have decent rosters and are playing like busted bums! Surely our seasons can’t get any worse, or can they?🙂🙂

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