GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MAY 20: Jake Trbojevic of the Sea Eagles in action during the round 11 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Manly Sea Eagles at Cbus Super Stadium on May 20, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Updated Team Lists: Titans v Sea Eagles

The Gold Coast Titans and Manly Sea Eagles have both finalised their lineups for the match at Marley Brown Oval. Who are you tipping to win?

2018-04-08T04:00:00ZMarley Brown Oval
Second Row
Second Row

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  1. Yeah, they were blowing smoke up everyone’s arses. If there was an issue with turbo ankle, there is no way the medical staff would have let him walk around after the last game.

  2. We just wernt good enough today, Titans forwards played much better and the titans backline captialised. Manlys best really were excellent DCE continues to show he definitely deserves a qld halves spot, Koroisau has pretth much locked down the hooker spot for nsw and Kelly has really improved on 2017.

  3. Pretty ordinary Manly performance today. Obvious issues with depth and I won’t get any easier.
    Playing away from Brookvale should not change a team that much.
    Struggle for top8 in my view.

  4. Another we’re off on this game for sure, which isn’t a good sign at all.
    First game I thought taupau just didn’t look right, Dylan walker looks to be no where near ready to play mentally, Uate is going back to old Uate too often this year. We didn’t eat anywhere near enough out of Winterstein and Thompson on the edges, think sironen going to be way bigger loss then we realised…
    If I was coach, I would think bout playing walker in reserves couple weeks, or just let him train hard those few weeks.
    Move Uate to centre where he killed it at World Cup and less chance of dropping bombshell there. Parker to wing.
    Start lane at 12, bring in paseka to bench. Give Hastings a start at 6 amd drop Croker to reserves a few games for confidence.. api plays 80 easy, bit wouldn’t drop Croker if it meant he plays api at 6 and hasting 9 again..
    Think dce and Kelly had great games, Gosiewski had a good solid first game and Lane was strong

    • I didn’t understand what Barrett was trying to do , Croker has to go off so he brings on Hastings to play at 9 and api to play at 6 idk what he was trying to achieve by doing that

      • I dunno drives me crazy just thinking bout it, api atm is the best hooker getting around, and Hastings is a 5/8th, only HD to watch api e looks lost, dropped a sitter and threw a forward pass from just a couple touches, it’s just mind boggling…

        • Dce had a great game ? Bahaha he lost us the game several times man cmon
          Hes a dud and croker is a park footballer at best gives absolutely nothing and has no kicking game whatsoever.
          Dce kicking on tackle zero after we made a break shows hes got no clue just like his run on the last on half way lol meanwhile blake greens warriors are unbeaten

        • DCE on his day is a great player , at best he is top 3 best halfbacks in the game . But he has weeks where he plays like absolute sh!t , yesterday he had moments where he played great and moments where he made Dumb decisions . But 100% agree with u on Croker , hasting needs to be given ago cos this guy is clearly not up to it

        • I said from day 1 we should of never let go of green , I don’t think Barrett is gonna last much longer hopefully, we can’t make the 8 this year we are too inconsistent

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