St George Illawarra premiership hero Trent Merrin has reportedly made contact with the club to make himself available as a replacement for the suspended Jack de Belin.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Merrin has made contact with Dragons officials to enquire about interest from the club in a left-field solution to de Belin’s absence.

It is understood that Merrin is disgruntled at English Super League club Leeds, who find themselves rooted to the foot of the Super League ladder with one win from the opening seven games.

St George Illawara are unwilling to rule out the possibility for his return to the NRL, as they apply for a salary cap exemption this week as part of the NRL’s new no-fault stand-down policy which led to de Belin’s unavailability.

Merrin began his career at the Dragons in 2009, where he spent seven seasons before moving to Penrith in 2016.


  1. Question for all

    If Dragons sign Merrin and De Bellin is cleared to play this year how does that work on the salary cap?
    Wouldn’t they be playing over?

  2. Todd and Peter couldn’t answer that themselves! maybe its a trap to catch a team over the salary cap again, and force them to relocate!

  3. This would be a nice signing but doesn’t mean much with there crappy hove and fullback situation. Could always try get him in some kind of deal to play while JDB is out but also have him next year as a full time player. With Widdop leaving they would have some coin to spend. Plus it would give them a beast of a forward back and bench.
    8. Graham
    9. McInnes
    10. Vaughan
    11. Frizell
    12. T Sims
    13. JDB

    14. Feild
    15. Merrin
    16. K Sims
    17. Host/Lawrie

  4. Give yourself a clap fool . 1st round we were 16 points behind when we did the spine change. Round 2 we were 18 points down by the time the spine changed . Now please answer why that is ? Hello , the middle . Enter Merrin but doesn’t mean much because of the crappy HOVE and fullback situation ayy ? The Friday fcwitt has come early .

  5. You can have the best forward pack in the NRL, however when you have a clueless coach like McGregor it all boils down to nothing except a bottom four position contesting the wooden spoon for St. George.

  6. The changes will happen around the 7 – 8th round after 6 losses. Mary will come to his senses and move Widdy into 5/8, Norman to the bench and Dufty to FB. By that time the season will be over in terms of + / – points.

  7. Merrin is out of shape – has been for the last few years. If it’s true the Broncos are shopping Alex Glen around, then that would be a better move IMO – if he got an immediate release.

  8. No thank you – not interested in Trent.

    He brushed Saints for a 4 year deal with the Panthers. Then left mid contract for another 4 year deal in the UK.

    Not wanted

  9. Everyone & blind Freddy know the changes are rubbish. All excluding supercoach McGregor.

    Now he is out actively trying to justify/defend the indefensible.

    That standard 2 year extension must be just around the corner

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