SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 11: Tony Williams of the Bulldogs runs the ball during the round 23 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Manly Sea Eagles at ANZ Stadium on August 11, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Parramatta Eels forward Tony Williams has faced court regarding a drink driving incident that took place last month.

Williams rejoined the Eels in the offseason hoping to reinvigorate his career after unsuccessful stints with the Bulldogs and Sharks.

Parramatta has released a statement about the issue confirming that Williams informed the club about the situation immediately and that the NRL Integrity Unit was then informed.

Read the full statement below:

Parramatta National Rugby League Club (PNRL) player Tony Williams appeared in court yesterday regarding a drink driving incident that took place last month.

Tony did make the Club aware of the situation immediately and the NRL Integrity Unit was informed as per our normal process.

The matter was adjourned in court until February 14 to allow Tony to complete a safe driving course.

Once the legal process has been completed the Club will work with Tony and his management on the relevant next steps.

The Club will not make any further comment until the legal proceedings are concluded.


  1. So in another word, he will get a lesser sentence after the completion of this safe driving course. One would hope the courts deals with him harshly.

    • He has the same rights as any other citizen. Rightly or wrongly giving a discount for completing a safe driving course is standard practice.

      • Did Todd Carney get a discount when he mistook up for down at a public urinal? What about when Nate Myles thought he had made it safely to the toilet and dropped his bundle in a hotel hallway? Perhaps he thought he was just leaving a “tip” but the whole wallet came out instead! Or how about Mitchell Pearce when he took the term “dog grooming” to an unacceptable level? No, these players had to spend time away from the game as penance for their misdeeds and so should She-Rex irrespective of whether or not he can avoid a harsher penalty from the courts.

        Seriously though, drink driving can kill, the other infractions where minor by comparison and even the dog has forgotten all about it by now and no longer has a bone to pick with Pearce.

        • I realize that, tommyknocker, what I am saying is this should not be able to be used. Driving under the influence is dangerous.

        • @ panthers2017

          Bahahahahahahaha Oh, you have to laugh when one of the “Grammar n@zi’s and Spell Check police” trips up on their own red marker. Classic!

          “little man syndrome”

          So why is it politically correct or acceptable for a woman to attack a man’s gender and try to belittle them but sirens sound when the shoe is on the other foot? Are you trying to claim an advantage just because of your sex? Surely not? That hardly seems fair now does it? And those questions were NOT rhetorical. But keep it short I have no desire to engage in yet another drawn out set-to with you kitty cat.

        • Oh dear SSTID_1970, school goes back next week, that will cure your boredom. I asked the question, so I decide if my question was rhetorical.

        • Oh dear, SSTID_1970, taking offense at such a trivial matter. I see you can dish it out, but, you can not take it.

        • The same with you two. I see that you need back up, SSTID_1970. I find that hilarious. With that, I am gone.

  2. Silly behaviour from someone that should know better (being one of the senior players). Depending on the severity of the charge, this could be the end of his career. If so I can’t really say I’m disappointed. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  3. The reason that the T-Rex became extinct is due to their small brain that made them eat fermented berries which then caused them to become disoriented and to fall into tar pits and the rest is history. I guess history really does repeat itself. Now the Eels only have one dinosaur left… Jarryd Hayne! Bahahahahahahahahaha

  4. So the article in the paper today with Arthur about Williams was with the coach not knowing about his drink driving charge, you would hope so hey, otherwise Arthur is nothing more than a piece of crap!!

    • What about the “tip” that Nate Myles left outside his hotel suite at the Crowne Plaza at Terrigal? That was nothing more than a piece of crap!! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

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