SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 08: Corey Norman of the Eels shows signs of dejection as he leaves the field following the round five NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers at ANZ Stadium on April 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Gold Coast Titans have decided against offering a big-money contract to Eels playmaker Corey Norman.

The 27-year old’s management had discussions with Titans coach Gareth Brennan about the possibility of bringing the troubled halfback to the Gold Coast, but the club has decided against it after considering his history of off-field issues.

In 2015, Norman was involved in the club’s cocaine scandal, and the following year was caught up in a sex tape controversy. Just two weeks ago, he was fined $20,000 for breaching a policy of drinking alcohol while injured.

The Titans were also reluctant to take on Norman’s reported $900,000-a-season contract to their already tied up 2019 payroll.

“Based on our current roster commitments and our recent acquisitions of players like Tyrone Peachey and Shannon Boyd, our cap and budget projections over the next few years don’t provide the capacity for a player like Corey to be part of our plans,” Titans boss Graham Annesley told the Courier Mail.

Brennan admitted to Norman’s talents but said he was unlikely to be on the Titans’ radar.

“Corey is a talented footballer, there’s no doubt about it, and if a guy of his ability becomes available, I would certainly want to discuss him with our committee,” he said.

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“But this is a call I can’t make on my own as Corey has a chequered history with his off-field behaviour.

“In terms of talent, he could add something to our team, but there are other considerations.

“At the moment, he has a contract with Parramatta so we can’t have formal talks anyway and we have some salary cap restrictions.”



  1. Hes been parrarized at the Broncos he had so much potential. It really is the player graveyard innit. Look at Michael Jennings the guy just gets worse every game in a parra Jersey. Then theres foran international half considered one of the best players in the game. Now hes retiring good ol BA played him injured and he stuffed his shoulder leading to his demise with drug problems. Hoppa was a prodigy at manly now hes floppa. Lussick was touted as a future rep player.. hes in the super league now like sandow. Ahhh yeah i could go in for days.
    BA the bottom 8 king
    Parra the player graveyard

      • I know right

        Beau champion
        Willie tonga
        Reni maiuta
        Corey norman
        Fuifui moi moi

        Hahahaha theres more i just cant recall them

        How bout the wonder years when they signed ben roberts carl webb hicks etc i think 5 of them retired in 1 year hahaha ah the eels the joke that keeps on giving gotta love em

        • Oh look.
          More dribble from the resident moron who has his IQ in his name.

          Even after all of that tripe you have posted Parra are still more popular than the shegulls.
          We have more members and get more people to the games than your grub club does.
          At least Parra have never had to merge with another club to survive. LOL
          Due to their pathetic membership and crowd figures, the shegulls would get kicked out of the comp before Parra ever would.
          Don’t know if you realise this genius but you are only 2 points ahead of us on the ladder.
          Not bad for a team with the 1 million dollar dud at halfback. LOL

        • @Kev tripe? Hahaha you mean facts. Tell me im wrong as for more members LOL parramatta is a much more populated area kevin with nothing much to do really we have the best beaches and women 😉 enjoy the minorities old sport 😉

        • Seriously54, or are we just fishing?

          Some of these guys were effectively already retired, some sustained career ending injuries (which happens at every club), some just didn’t live up to their potential etc, and for many Parra’s biggest mistake was signing them, especially for several years.

          But if we want to make an equally simplistic arguement as yours, well Lussick was Manly to SL. I know it was Manly / Parra / Manly / SL, but bottom line, “you touched him last”, and what about Lewis Brown? An “International” before joining Manly, and wouldn’t even get a run in SL now.

          Bottom line, you’ve proved you can cherry pick your “facts”.

        • @eels lussick was great at manly then he went to parra and he became very average then back to manly and never recovered. As for poo brown cmon are you telling me he was ever good? Because he wasnt look at taupau and walker beat years at manly walker dally m center and taupau best prop in the game.
          If you take out the retired players as you put it the list is still long buddy its ok come follow manly we will get bashed tomorrow and the next week but by God we will win at least 2 more games this year

        • Lussick couldn’t hold the ball whilst at Parra, and at Manly take 2. That’s the basics, and can only be blamed on him.

          I know Brown was a harsh example, but it’s a “fact”.

          But let’s look at another, for example. Hayne was origin / daly M etc at Parra, then went to NFL, the Titans (and he didn’t play well there), and has played a few games back at Parra. He’s played better in the few games he’s had this year back at Parra than he did in the whole time at the Titans, so you could argue we’re repairing him, and certainly can’t argue we damaged him.

          I could go on and cite examples for many others, but I’m sure you get the point, unless your “point” is just a fishing hook.

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