GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Ryan James of the Titans is tackled during the round five NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Penrith Panthers at Cbus Super Stadium on April 12, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Gold Coast Titans look set to be without Ryan James for 2020 after the star forward likely suffering an ACL injury at training on Friday.

Ryan’s 2019 season was cut short after injuring his knee in the Round 6 match against Newcastle Knights last year.

The Titans have now released a statement confirming the forward suffered a collision injury to the same knee while training this morning.

“Further scans and testing will be required to get a more accurate picture around Ryan’s process from here as far as treatment, recovery and rehabilitation,” said Titans Head of Performance and Culture Mal Meninga in a club statement.

“Everyone at the Titans shared Ryan’s pain today. He is obviously a hugely popular part of this Club, and earned even more respect with the positive way he applied himself to his recovery from the original injury last year, without ever once getting down or feeling sorry for himself.

“We all desperately wanted Ryan to be back on the field and back to his best this season – a goal he had set himself, and deserved to achieve. This news is obviously devastating to Ryan and his family, but also to his friends and colleagues here at the Titans.”

James will now be sent for further scans and the Titans won’t be making further comments until the results are known.


  1. I feel for him, the club, their supporters.
    That’s just seriously unlucky. I can only hope it’s not as bad as feared.

  2. The Titans continue to struggle despite being a good honest club. I feel for them and do hope there fortunes improve.

  3. testing times for sure. First of all to Ryan James, I feel bad for the bloke. Honestly speaking he’s a great humble man, has done a lot for the coast, in particular he gets out to schools and does a lot of work with the indigenous communities.
    As for this year now, gee it’s going to be tough. Let’s be realistic, anything above the spoon will be success. I’m going to rant on here a bit but there is such little hope for my club at the moment at sucks. It’s nearly impossible to compete with bigger clubs, the TPA figures released last year showed that (Titans had the lowest TPA’s.) What keeps supporters going is the hope that the club will turn things around, but we don’t have that. Despite all the idiots who continuously claim GC have no fans, we do. We are ready and waiting to cheer on a successful team. All the time I see people say “they have no supporters”. Have a look at 2009/2010, our only winning seasons. Specifically speaking watch the highlights for the finals game against the Broncos at Robina, the Stadium was packed like it was throughout those 2 years. 540,000 people live here. Supporters are here, ready and waiting for success, we just don’t have a team/management/administration that seem capable of delivering that to the coast.

  4. Just read an article this morning saying he was at a point he felt his knee was 100% and nearing when he didn’t even need to think about it and was back full training and was pushing to get fit for all stars match. Clearly this injury has been mismanaged and pushed too far too soon thanks I was looking forward to see James returning as a middle forward. This reocurrance is going to test Darks mental strength I hope he recovers well bad timing as I think he’s off contract this season this is going to destroy his earning capability he’s currently on 700k and 29 this year. I personally wouldn’t sign a 29 year old coming off 2 acls consecutively on the same knee. Or do a Bunnies Burgess resign him injured then medically retire him. We really need Tino early now but Bellamy is a smart operator and won’t allow that. Please Craig give us a bone.

  5. Off topic , but how average was George Burgess in his Wigan debut yesterday ?
    Looked like he wanted to be back at the bunnies.

  6. IsDon and Titans2012…this sucks fellas, know EXaCTLY how you guys feel..before a single tackle has even been effected in 2020. Hope RJ makes a speedy recovery…poor bugger

  7. Very unfortunate and hope can recover in time for a few end of season games and a solid off season for next year.
    An excellent forward with form good enough for more NRL beyond 2020.
    To those on the chookpen wishing Latrell an ACL, Billy Smith may have been your karma if there is such a thing so be careful what you wish for you pathetic bunch of nobodies.

  8. Brennan.Lane February 1, 2020 at 7:14 am
    “Anyway this misfortune will only make the Gold Coast Titans more determined not to release Arrow early from his contract to my beloved South Sydney”
    As I said Brennsy, be careful what you wish for but having said that Arrow this year would be nice but won’t be problem without him. Souths young forward pack is shaping up beautifully under a full off season with Wayne Bennett and R3 will see the Rabbitohs expose the sombreros like last year R1 and R25 until the MRC took care of business for them making sure Sam Burgess was out of the way and the only time the sombreros able to defeat Souths.

  9. Didn’t Roosters win the game that mattered 36 -6 while the South Sydney Sombreros chocked?

    Here are my tips for Souths Sydney Sombreros 2020

    Will start off really well until round 9

    Mitchell will be outed as the show pony he is by round 17… (you haven’t noticed it but Roosters and some media have)

    A schism will develop between indigenous and non indigenous players at Souths Sombreros causing unrest within the team.

    Bennet under pressure to win the comp with the new Nana Glen paper bag purchased roster will start to show signs of dementia and cranky old man syndrome… round 19

    Bennet and Richardson will have a falling out.. Round 20

    South Sydney Sombreros will make the finals but will fail in their bid to buy the comp thus making season 2020 another failure in their 50 year history of failures (other than the NRL gifted 2014)

    Little penis 21 will change his ZT profile in hiding after Souths Sombreros failure to win the comp and the embarrassment of another failure in a long history of failures

    It will be very difficult for anyone to match the greatest team of the decades 3 premierships in 6 years… quite simply Nana Glen cannot buy you heart, soul and the genius
    The corner stone of this great Roosters Club and it 3 premierships in 6 years

  10. Right on queue slops TheMole52 chips in straight after her Bipolar hubby Brennsy.
    Since champion Latrell has come back to his home at the Rabbitohs he has never been happier and sad to see the sombreros on here wishing him injuries in their chookpen forums. Classy lot.
    Good luck Ryan James hope a speedy recovery.

  11. TheslopsMole52
    “The corner stone of this great Roosters Club and it 3 premierships in 6 years”

    So what does it tell you about the credibility of this stat that has resulted in further declining memberships and players willing to sign elsewhere for less?
    1st club in history anywhere less popular every year despite success.
    Very sad organization.

  12. isdonisgood
    February 1, 2020 at 3:07 pm
    “Pi$$ off with your rooster rabbit complete and absolute utter dribble”

    Why is stating facts considered dribble by you?
    Can you offer an explanation as to how a club can deteriorate in status amongst fans despite success?
    Isnt this a fair question many are curious to have answered?

  13. 21 this is an article about Ryan James and you have been baited into an argument about easts and souths.
    Please give it a rest.

  14. With Ryan out, Arrow still a chance to Souths this year.
    Hey wombats, cheer up, I hear pensioner Josh Morris about to join his past it brother at the sombreros.
    Latrell making big inroads at training since coming home, great to see.

  15. Sidney
    February 1, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    “21 this is an article about Ryan James and you have been baited into an argument about easts and souths.
    Please give it a rest.”

    Not baited Sidney, just correcting some incorrect comments.
    Btw with the signing of twin Morris at the roosters they will celebrate their 35th birthday at the same club.
    Another 1st for the roosters.

  16. Highly unlikely almost impossible to see Arrow being released losing Dark I think cements that. I have a worry about a medical retirement would a shame to see him go out like that.

    I’ve not known a player to return from back to back acls on the same knee is it even possible. I would like an educated response which is highly unlikely on this site. I’ll probably just get an unwarranted history lesson that I’ve heard all before about Rabbits and Roosters.

  17. FFS now we have another alias for one of the rooster imbec!les polluting a story with idiotic drivel that has nothing to do about them.

    As for poor old James, tragic blow for the Titans, I hope this doesn’t derail the season. Would like to see a changing of the guard and some fresh faces in the eight.

  18. Brennan.Lane
    February 1, 2020 at 4:56 pm
    “Hewever talking about enforcers SBW was asked in England who was the toughest bloke he has played against”

    Many will remember the 2014 bashing and sendoff Sam Burgess gave SBW so much so was the last we saw of SBW in the NRL.
    Took off and kept going as the saying goes.
    Not to mention the ragdolling Sam handed the other last game loser Minichello who is still having SB nightmares
    Enter Billy Smith 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Yeah might be old Sid but still got a laugh I’m sure Cronks investment portfolio from shonky Storm and Roosters is quite impressive.

    “Salary cap what salary cap”

  20. @Don

    There have been players return from back to back acl injuries but the players that do are usually much younger and when they return they almost never hit the level people thought they would.

    Players like Jordan Kahu and Tautau Moga are names that jump to my head when it comes to young players who were touted as potential superstars that have had there careers cut down to your average NRL player from consistent knee injuries.

    The problem with Ryan James is that these injuries are in his prime and the time he returns is when most middles careers starting going down the hill instead of up. While Ryan James seems like a top guy and when in form a devastating forward, injuries like acl this late in his career are as close to career ending g as your going to get.

  21. Warriorsemg very true regarding RJ but can see him around 2-3 more years, hoping.
    Just an update, Josh Carr has turned his back on a very lucrative offer from the roosters last night who have conceded will miss out on him and now finalizing contract for 34 year old Josh Morris.
    The Fox heading home to the Rabbitohs for less.
    Why are the roosters on the nose now?
    Something brewing with cap breaches?
    Watch this space

  22. Yeah warriors I thought as much but I know Titans have there altitude training room that people travel from afar for injury recovery apparently depleting oxygen levels speeds up recovery.

  23. Brennan.Lane
    February 1, 2020 at 7:50 pm
    “Hey TwentyOne, why would our Arch Rivals the Sydney Premiers want Ado-Carr?”

    Premiership, Origin and Kangaroo winger reason enough?
    Not reach peak yet.
    100 mtres in 10.6
    Could be worse.
    I suppose when you have 36 yo Hall and 35 yo Morris you might have a point.

  24. Once 31yr old Hall is up and running he is built like a front rower, he will run over the top of Boney Moroney Ado-Bones-Carr any day of the week TwentyOne you numbnutter. I hope Souths sign the overrated dud. Can’t catch the high balls either. This non anthem zip mouth is a rabbit clasic flop dud signing, ticks all the boxes.

    Morris On the other hand is a proven genius after playing a blinder of a grand final last season. Proving beyond any doubt that age has no barrier for this champ.
    Morris could probably play until his 40 if Smith from the storm a forward is still playing.

  25. I thought RJ was younger than 29.
    Seeing as this is his 3 ACL I definitely see him retiring from the game.
    There is no way in hell that Souths will get Arrow this year now 🤜🤜🤜🤜👎

  26. Don’t buy the want to be an enforcer Liam knight. He got belted up like you couldn’t believe last season against the mighty Roosters with blood 🩸 pouring out everywhere From his ugly frankenstien looking melon. Totally hopeless enforcer A soft crappyy forward who has played about 30 NRL games for a 25yr old, which should tell a good judge he’s a flop.

  27. Adamhoward
    February 1, 2020 at 9:40 pm
    “Once 31yr old Hall is up and running he is built like a front rower, he will run over the top of Boney Moroney Ado-Bones-Carr any day of the week TwentyOne you numbnutter.”

    Maybe you should have pointed that out to the sombreros before they went all out for him and saved wasting their time.
    You obviously know better 🤣🤣🤣

  28. How does every story on this site get converted to Rabbitohs forum… maybe Souffs fans should spend less time on here and more time at the dentist 😉

  29. That’d be sooo funny Liam Knight going to the Titans….would weaken soufs already soft AF forward pack…soufs are gonna be SMASHED by every other team in the comp this year in the forwards….Given that forwards win games…looks like another year of CHOKING for the vermin 😂🤣😂🤣

  30. @titans2012
    It’s not a Souths supporter.
    It’s a schizophrenic feather duster supporter who has multiple accounts pretending to be a Souths supporter as well as a feather duster supporter.
    He likes talking to himself which I guess is the only social interaction he gets other than his psychiatrist.
    Personally I think they need to up his meds.

  31. Perfectly summed up Kev , I am imbrassed by the constant souths easts thing , I want it to go away, it appears that every post that zero tackle makes these guys turn it into an Easts souths thing, yet ZT tackle allow it , go figure

  32. Kev I think you may rethink the diagnosis to paranoid schizophrenic. He thinks everyone else posting on this site is the same person and his multiple personas hear you. Bit of a worry.

  33. The Great Northern Rooster
    February 1, 2020 at 10:30 pm
    “That’d be sooo funny Liam Knight going to the Titans”
    Would that be enough for you to start singing the national anthem?

  34. penso February 1, 2020 at 11:08 pm
    I am imbrassed by the constant souths easts thing ,

    Penso. It didn’t bother you when your keyboard bully 21 and Shadow were doing it…
    What you don’t like some of your own back.? That’s generally how bullies feel

    You guys are just jealous Of our success and our premierships ( that all of us were alive to see)

    You guys now have bought a team that should win you a comp
    You have paid big dollars to bring roosters culture to you club
    You have bought the greatest coach in history

  35. Hey Kev, you need to get with the program mate. All Rooster fans on here are not all the same bloke. Get your head in a better place.

    Mole52 we all know penso is a hypocrite. You are right on about all the rubbish this bloke has attacked Rooster fans with. He and his mate Tweny1 gang up then it becomes the soufths mob mentality that they all chime in with a stack of garbage reasoning. Last season they all convinced themselves that the old timer coach is the best in the game and that Souths have the best forwards in the comp. Falsely agreeing with one another that premiership 22 was a certainty in 2019.

    Then they all jump on the back of that big mouth want to be Mundine… Walker, believing he is the best 5/8 on the planet. Then the souths fans go on and on about Souths being the pride of the league back in 1967-71 when if anyone was ever the real pride of the league it would have been Saints massive crowd pulling abilities during their eleven year winning streak.

    Today the Roosters are the pride of the League out muscleing Souths last year with much bigger home ground attendance and smacking them around two years in a row during the semis, winning back to back for the first time in years. The record home crowd at the 2018 preliminary home Rooster final in the last game ever played in that stadium, where I will confirm was 60-40 in Roosters attendance, which again proves beyond doubt of the Roosters huge home crowd support. The Nrl will be even more prouder when/if the Roosters win back to back World Club Challenges.

    We know penso and his clown irabbit mates are fools. We also know Kev will not be watching the World Club Challang on Feb 22, cause Parra are not in it.

  36. The presure is right on Souths backline this season at attempting to win them a comp.
    But they will choke once more.
    Forwards are the big drama for this years chokers. Inexperienced and not tough enough, we will see the expectations of Souths be their undoing.

  37. TheMole52 February 1, 2020 at 6:44 am
    “Gee if JAC goes across to South Sydney Sombreros… they’d better win the Comp or it will definitely be a failure”

    Could be worse, with 2 very controversial premierships resulting in declining memberships, their club idol and best player signing elsewhere for less, other players signing elsewhere for less, no grass roots juniors, many would view view this as most definitely the biggest failure in the NRL.
    The roosters are currently at 3-4 last in the membership tally for 2020 and are tipped to be at around the very bottom before R1 by astute trend observers.

  38. Sam McKendry has three ACL injuries to the same knee.
    After being one of the clubs best props & most consistent. To having to give it up after coming back through the Canterbury Cup , at the end of last year.

  39. Mark.mygibber if you call making sure their leader Sam Burgess wasn’t there as choking then so be it.
    The 2 games Sam played Souths dominated and the roosters needed help in the form of there ex Norths player and MRC Chairman Michael Buettner.
    We all saw where he ended up so please put things into perspective.

  40. Kev and the other eels. Blokes
    Did you catch the daily telegraph little dig at parramatta. Basically it said the nrl are hypocrites, because they haven’t complained about the parramatta eels major sponsor alland ceo getting arrested and sent to a 8 month good behaviour bond. I for one thought it was a ridiculous article

  41. Both the tele and herald referred to Souths as “the pride of the league” a saying Easts will never enjoy, there trumped up league crowd figures is a load of crap, that first game against Souths , the commentators said at the time Souths supporters outnumbered Easts by 70-30, same as the Saints anzac clash which was full of saints supporters, this year those games will not be Easts home games so watch their fan numbers go down, these moron easts people here , all one of them, can’t get their head around the fact Mitchell signed with Souths for less money than Easts offered, this must be killing them, oh the embrassement, they simply can’t handle the fact that Easts are the most disrespected club in the game and with the least supporters, this is why these clowns continue to berate souths on every article that comes out, trying to convince all on this site that Easts are the good guys basically, but no one is buying it, no one, you guys made your bed many years ago and you have to live with it, what most people can’t understand is, WHY, have they no paid members when they are the most successful team of the last decade, wait when they go bad , and it will be this year, they will be an embrassement and thats when relocation will be on the cards, this club offers nothing to the NRL and the quicker they are relocated the better.

  42. penso, you have nailed exactly who the roosters are in a nutshell.
    Your very best post to date.
    Cant wait for the nothing comeback they always follow up with but to no avail.
    You are 100% on the money when you say losing Latrell is killing them.
    It’s not just losing him.
    It’s how they lost him.

  43. Yeh penso, it doesn’t look good when you say you are sick of the Easts/Souths thing yet post a whole ‘pride of the league’ Souths paragraph straight after. You’re part of the problem.

  44. Penso

    Just in case you forgot we are the current back to back premiers!
    Hahahahahah that is the reason you and 21 are so jealous

    Keep counting your members mate…. we’ll count the bling ✌️

  45. I thought this article was about Ryan James’ misfortune with a torn ACL?!?!
    Good luck with it dude….wishing you a speedy and hopefully painless recovery….good player and seems like a decent bloke.

  46. TwentyOne February 2, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Are you talking about the previous 50 years ?
    ahhh…. mate just in case you have woken from a long term coma…there hasn’t been too much glory in those 50 years bud..

    this link below shows how long ago Souths Sydney sombreros glory days were

    you keep living in the past and counting your members (that no one on here has ever seen) and we’ll keep counting the bling… hahahahhaha

  47. Great Utube clip Mole…..yep Latrell looked miserable to be there winning a premiership – NOT.

  48. True jior, I am the problem only cause they make you part of the problem, I was only highlighting the pride of the league thing to get up their noses, they infuriate me to the point where I have to respond, I don’t want this hate thing between Easts and Souths, friends of mine are Easts supporters and none go on like these clowns do, best that ZT take all of us out if thats what it takes to make this site what is supposed to be , an intellegent nrl with respecrful views thats all we want.

  49. TheRopeableRooster
    February 3, 2020 at 1:43 am
    “Please ZT. Ban this serial pest called penso”

    Why ban posters stating facts?
    This isnt the sookpen.

  50. Penso,
    You need to start in your own back yard with you know who. Then and only them will thing ease up.
    He is the prime jealous, envy monger

  51. I”ll pay that brennan, for once you said something half decent and funny, it proves your woody though, cause we had this conversation a few years ago, anyway i’m over all this crap we go on about , so , you guys back off and i’ll back off , simples, agree?

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